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01-16-19 03:03 PM

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02-10-18 01:31 AM
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Doomed 64 Review

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02-10-18 01:31 AM
cooldragon1990 is Offline
Link | 1155 Words

Level: 25

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{The Doom 64 EX source port was used for this review. This is a PC port modernizing the game from its original version and has been formatted to fix the original and make it easier to control and play. It is an accurate PC port and thus it was used when making this review}

Doom 64 follows the events of Final Doom (which at the time of this review, I still need to play) and tries for a horror based environment. Music, sounds, atmosphere, and colors combine for a scary time. At the time of its release, it was the odd ball out compared to the science fiction and vaguely unsettling setting of the original series.

Fast forward to Source ports and modded games and people discovered its hidden potential and atmosphere often comparing it and preferring it over Doom 3 (another game that has taken me three years to get through and I still need to finish it. I just have so much to play)

Now this wasn't the first attempt at a scary Doom, as the Playstation port of Doom had a darker atmosphere and soundtrack, but Doom 64 wasn't a port. It's an original Doom game so to speak. I had this on the N64 in 2006-2008 and played through half of it. Amusingly enough, despite being quite terrifying, I didn't remember any part of where I left off except vague feelings of familiarity.

Playing this EX version made me appreciate this game for the experience it was. Some of the game is terrifying and unsettling and nothing whatsoever happens.


Graphics: There are new sprites for this game. The game, for the N64 look amazing and everything, even the med packs it seems are bigger than you. They went for the desolate, abandoned, and something is watching you moods and they succeeded.

Sound: The soundtrack to this game is pretty darn eerie. It can at times unsettle. It isn't catchy like the original game can at times be. Here it is designed to unsettle and unnerve the player and they succeeded. I have my favorite tunes of the game. At one point in the game, the music fails to loop properly, and eventually... just...stops, and for the rest of your time in that level everything (outside of normal video game sounds) is silent. Which is arguably the scariest part!

Addictiveness: I owned this game at some point, got fed up with where the secrets kept hiding cause I was using an official guide of sorts, and quit the game for 12 years or so before I came back to it using the source port I mentioned and a video guide to see where I was going. I see myself playing the game again.

Story: The story isn't quite obvious at first unless you have a manual. Most of the story takes place to some extent every time you enter a secret level. It's not there for the most part, but neither is it missing completely in order to rate the game low for story.

Depth: The game offers 32 levels. 4 of which are secret maps, 25 are required, and 3 optional hiddenish maps not obtained through normal means. It offers quite a bit to do. Like Doom, you begin the map with the sole purpose of completing it. Optionally you can find the secrets and kill and obtain all the items and enemies respectfully. If you are playing Doom 64 EX, some kills and secrets do not like registering making 100% somewhat impossible even if you trigger/kill the secret and enemy.

Difficulty: For me personally, the game isn't that hard. Yes, the controls make the game frustrating unless you are playing the source port. I also find two levels annoying or hard and thus consider them the hardest part of the game compared to everything else. There is no Nightmare mode so you can theoretically play it on Watch Me Die and be safe to some extent if you don't like regen enemy spawns.

Hectic which is level 32 and can be found in the first level (shoot all the barrels) is probably the hardest level in the game for reasons best described as trollish ones. There are 7 enemies. 4 Hell Knights and 3 Arachnotrons but they are in really nasty areas and there are a lot of kill traps with health and powerups (except two and only if you are playing the source port can you get maybe, the 2nd one)

Beat this map and you get access to the features menu which allow you access to cheats! As well as those three hidden maps I mentioned earlier. If you are playing Doom 64 EX, you also unlock Hardcore mode as a difficulty, which presumably is Nightmare Mode from the original game.

There is another map I consider annoying, but Hectic is far FAR worse than this secondary map. Outside of this, the game is your basic Doom difficulty.

This game introduces a new weapon (and enemies... The Nightmare Imp which is a faster fireball throwing, darker colored imp and final boss... the Mother Demon) called the Unmaker. Every secret level you find, you get access to 3 total demon keys which power this normally jokeish weapon up to insane degrees to where it can save you in a pinch against some of the game's nastier enemy placements. This includes turning the final boss into a complete joke.

In short, Doom 64 is a hidden gem of a classic. Originally hated because it was different to normal Doom, it grew to be a surprise classic. If you hated Doom 3 for failing to creep you out, try Doom 64. It may not be Dead Space levels of scary or whatever, but it does have atmosphere. A rom of Doom 64 is needed to run the source port, and it is possible to take data from the cartridge if you don't like emulation but I don't know how to do this or have Doom 64 for the N64 anymore and while I do have a N64 now, I don't have any games for it.

The soundtrack, atmosphere, mood, and enemies are all well done and it promises a unique experience. Namely, Doom as a survival horror! Doom 3 I actually enjoyed my time with, but I heard it wasn't the best so if that didn't do anything for you, try Doom 64. One of the songs (Map 12) is probably my favorite in terms of scary songs. Especially if you like the sound of demonic cats (they are supposed to be babies, but it honestly sounds like cats to me. Some of the mewls do sound like crying babies, but for the most part it sounds like cats)

Map 08 also has a good soundtrack that reminds me heavily of Giygas from Earthbound. You will know why if you listen to it!

I award this game a 9/10.
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02-12-18 08:20 AM
On3On is Offline
Link | 123 Words

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Awwwwww yeeeeeeeah, Doom 64!

Starts top spook, controls clunky on everything except the fan pc port which allows sweet freedom. To anyone dipping their metaphorical meat-stilts into this oldschool nastiness, the horror ride experience holds up a dozen levels before becoming insane for the last half of the game. The lower difficulty settings ("Be Gentle!") tones down the monsters and cranks up the ammo.
Hard to recommend, personally. Not for baby gamers.

Yo noob, blessing a Pro Tip on your diggable review. I heard you like reviews on your reviews, dawg.
It's = "it is"
Its = possessive form of the "it" pronoun.

That's all I got for now.
These are starting to become usable reviews, good job!!!!
I'm proud of you.
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