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04-19-19 09:40 PM

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02-08-18 04:15 AM
05-04-18 09:26 PM

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What are you up to now?


02-08-18 04:15 AM
Ultrajeff is Offline
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2018 has been going quite quickly. I've yet to make some significant progress, but I'm still in the planning stages of how to accomplish this. I truly hope I can get employed as soon as possible. What have you guys been up to recently? I would like to see your progress too.
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02-11-18 08:35 AM
Zlinqx is Offline
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The main thing I've been doing is working on graduating. I only have a few months left then I'll apply to university.  Most of the people I know aren't looking forward to university and are going to take a break after graduating (it's a common thing to do in Sweden) but I personally am really hyped. It feels like my studies are finally about to start for real and I can focus on the areas that I'm actually most interested in. What's more, since I have gotten pretty good grades I should be able to just directly apply to university without having to take an exam so that feels quite nice. I'm very glad that I live in Sweden where there is a pretty good support net for students and that I have a supportive family because otherwise just getting into a university would likely have been much more of a challenge.

Other than that I have various minor goals. I turned 18, a little over 2 months ago so I've been slowly adjusting to the fact that I'm now legally an adult. I'm trying to become more independent which has included getting an actual permanent part time job and I seem to be doing relatively well for myself on that front. I have only been working 2 shifts a week trying to get used to it, but I hope to be able to increase my workload slightly going forward. Other than that I'm just trying to be more productive in general in my free time. A week ago, I had the idea of starting a social commentary blog where I post an article weekly, which I'm hoping will turn out to be a useful experience.

Learning Japanese is another goal I've been working on and off on for almost 1 and a half years now, mainly due my own interest but also because it should hopefully give me an edge when applying for jobs in the future. I'm progressing slowly but I'm getting better nonetheless and I'm hoping after university starts I'll be able to dedicate a lot more time to it alongside working towards my major. I'll be visiting the country for the first time after graduating so that should give me the chance to test out my knowledge.

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02-18-18 06:15 PM
Ghostbear1111 is Offline
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I'm working on figuring out what to do next in my life.  I'm 36 and I just got laid off  because the gym I run was sold to another business.  That new business isn't inviting us back to run their place for them so now I'm looking around, trying to figure out what next.

I've been with this company for six years and I've had a blast.  it'll be a change for sure because my wife, who can *almost* support the whole family, is wondering where money will come from next.  I'm wondering what I'll be doing in the next six months.  We're also having kid number three in April, so add that stress on to what's already happening.  Three kids, one parent working, one not working just yet, and that's going to keep a person up at night.

I'm qualified and I'm sure I'll go get something without any issue when i really start hunting but I'm going to take a break first and enjoy being a dad for a while. I love parenting my kids and I have fun with them.  But now I have no professional responsibilities outside of finding something new.  I don't even know what else I like besides wellness center operations and there's unfortunately not a whole ton of that available where I live.

I'm sure I'll figure it out.  But I need some sleep in between while I'm waiting to land a few job.  I'm not doing so well with the rest right now and I need to figure that out too.
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02-18-18 08:36 PM
EX Palen is Offline
Link | 510 Words

EX Palen
Spanish Davideo7
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University is starting next week, but I could care less because I decided not to continue there some three months ago.

I turned 25 last November, and like any other minor milestone age-wise it got me thinking about my life. I realized I was getting nowhere in university (still a few years to clear it), and with the advice of a friend of mine I decided to go for a change. I started a short-term course to be a voice actor, which I'll have cleared by December and it will give me the first big title to add to my portfolio, as well as my first real chance of landing a long-lasting job in a world I could perfectly fit in.

However, my main goal it's not just that. I have another course in mind, which also lasts for one year, and it revolves around the job I'd always wanted. I'm not yet doing that course for reasons, but I'll surely start it and clear it way before I would have finished university, and that's what matters for me. Besides, the course I'm taking right now serves as the perfect add-on to strengthen my portfolio, which is the main reason why I started it in the first place.

With these two courses I'll get enough to rival what a university degree could have given me. The advantages are that I'll get them in a shorter span, I'll be able to secure jobs way sooner and the courses themselves have several practice hours so you fully know how to do your job once you graduate, which add up as experience in the job. May not be as important as a university degree, but time is not on my side anymore.

I also have in mind the 1st of March. I'll be visiting my doctor to see how I'm faring health-wise, and if she says I have to continue taking my current medication I'll demand to have it lowered. Currently, the numbers say that my medication knocks me out one out of every six weeks, which translates into two full months every year, and that's just too much for me to secure a decent job given the hard times we're currently experiencing. Not only that, but I'm tired of feeling destroyed every time I have to take it. I know how I felt when my medication wasn't high enough, and it was better than what I'm feeling right now, maybe because I've been feeling this for a long while now.

I could probably state a few other things, but those two are my main and will totally shape my world not only for this year but maybe the next two as well. Depending on their failure or success I may be up to more things if I see myself confident enough to tackle them, so I have high expectations on the positive final outcome. I won't fall down if they don't go as planned, I'll simply work on a way so the next time I attempt them they do go as planned.
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02-18-18 09:06 PM
Boured is Offline
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I am existing, trying to get good grades in school. Not to mention hopefully winning enough scholarships to make the almost certain loan much more bearable.
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03-25-18 06:28 PM
Momo Aria is Offline
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Momo Aria
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I'm up to trying to finish the semester without dying or wanting to shoot my brains off. I'm also chilling on the site for once. 

I'm also trying to not succumb to my tired state since I want to do a bit of school work for tomorrow.
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04-15-18 05:10 PM
HeavyMetalGamer is Offline
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Currently I am just watching a live stream on Youtube about some Internet ridiculousness. I am also working on some notes for an upcoming Youtube game review, and just enjoying my Sunday before I have to go to work tomorrow. Might make some dinner here in a few hours or something.
Heavy Metal Gamer

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04-18-18 04:11 PM
Ston Wall is Offline
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Ston Wall
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Solomon O'Donnell for President
for a New Age of Man in a Perfect Society
as president of the united states of america, i vow to care about all of our people, to loyally serve the interests of We the People not the wealthy man, to protect the environment, and to create prosperity for all our people.
Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind. John F. Kennedy
today the animals and'st plants are dying in hopes that'n one day love will'st to come'th into the heart of Man
                and'n tear down the walls of black corruption and'n evil sin of the rich man who so'eth destroy of all'a this'n world
this is just a "suggestion": how about we HEAL THE EARTH instead of having armageddon?

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-26-16
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05-04-18 09:26 PM
HeavyMetalGamer is Offline
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Well currently, I am sitting here at my computer, working on my 666th video, and watching Warski Live on Youtube. If you know about Internet Bloodsports and all of that, you will know who Andy Warski is.
Heavy Metal Gamer

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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