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10-23-18 01:09 PM

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01-03-18 05:33 PM
01-29-18 08:32 PM

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What do you think about vaccines?


01-03-18 05:33 PM
Fancdew is Offline
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Pro- or Anti-vax?

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Registered: 05-03-11
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01-03-18 05:44 PM
Fancdew is Offline
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Forgot to add my opinion, so here it is. They are safe and help you to not die. Worried about the aluminum in there?

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,
Antacids have 300–600 mg aluminum hydroxide (approximately 104–208 mg of aluminum) per tablet, capsule, or 5 milliliter (mL) liquid dose. Little of this form of aluminum is taken up into the bloodstream.
Buffered aspirin may contain 10–20 mg of aluminum per tablet
Vaccines may contain small amounts of aluminum compounds, no greater than 0.85 mg/dose.

According to Medscape:
“In healthy subjects, only 0.3% of orally administered aluminum is absorbed via the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and the kidneys effectively eliminate aluminum from the human body.”

Let’s take the DTaP/inactivated polio/Hep B vaccine as an example. This vaccine has 0.85 mg of aluminum compounds. Antacids have approx. 104-208 mg of aluminum per tablet. Only 0.3% of this is absorbed. 104 mg X 0.3% is 0.312 mg. At best, for every 3 tablets of antacids, you are harming your body more than you would’ve with vaccines. On the bottle of Equate Antacids, the dose is 2-4 tablets.

Now, let’s take buffered aspirin. They may contain 10-20 mg of aluminum per tablet. Again, only 0.3% of this is absorbed. 10 mg X 0.3% is 0.03. 0.85 / 0.03 is 28.3333333. At best, for every 29 tablets of aspirin, you have harmed your body more than you would’ve with vaccines.

According to the December 2007 Idaho Observer, “The total amount of aluminum in the average ‘healthy’ adult today is from 50 to 150 mg.”

50 mg (healthy amount in adult) / 0.85 mg (aluminum in DTaP/inactivated polio/Hep B vaccine) is ~ 58.824. If we go by the Idaho Observer’s safe amount minimum of 50 mg, then you would have to have at least 59 vaccines containing 0.85 mg of aluminum, which most have less than that, have 161 tablets of aspirin (50 mg / 0.312 mg is ~ 160.257), and have 1,667 antacid tablets (50 mg / 0.03 mg is ~1666.667) to, at least, have a chance at aluminum toxicity in a healthy adult.

I've yet to do the research on how much of that goes to the brain, but I might soon.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-03-11
Last Post: 260 days
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01-03-18 06:40 PM
Sanspai is Offline
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Definitely Pro vaccine, and the bad things you might find in vaccines isn't even as bad as the toxins you'll encounter daily :P

Plus fun fact, if a certain percent of a population is immune to a certain disease, (like i think high 90s?) then even the people within the population that aren't are protected, which is great for people who can't get a vaccine due to health reasons.
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01-03-18 07:22 PM
EX Palen is Offline
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EX Palen
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Pro vaccine, always and forever.

Zeetee pretty much nailed it: viruses are worse than what vaccines have, for the simple reason that they can be transferred by lots of means, so even if you think vaccines damage you all viruses can damage those around you.

I personally don't believe vaccines are dangerous, at least not where I live. I've always had a complete vaccine diary since I was a toddler, which eventually translated in not missing a single day of school for 15 years due to being perfectly healthy no matter what. Even to this day, my health record is perfect against everything you can be cured or protected from.

Besides, if we worry about the bad things a vaccine has, we should keep in mind vaccines are injected very rarely, at most being annual for mutating viruses like the flu, so whatever bad they may have our body has lots of time to process and/or eliminate it before any further injection happens.
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(edited by EX Palen on 01-03-18 07:23 PM)    

01-03-18 09:21 PM
thing1 is Offline
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I'm totally pro vaccines. I just find it extremely humorous ( while also even more extremely embarrassing to share the same species as these people ) that people think that vaccines cause autism. Up until a few years ago, hardly anybody knew what autism is. It's the new was of calling somebody retarded online. People used to think that ridalen gave people ADD. 

I just wish that some people would use their brain sometimes, and do some research. If I knew that my kid was in school with somebody that was not vaccinated, I would be taking them out of that school, if I could, or do everything in my power to get my child to a safe place. I don't want my child catching smallpox because some crazy lady thinks that giving her kid a shot is going to give her kid autism. 
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01-11-18 03:51 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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Personally I think they suck, and I hate getting them, but I know that getting them is much more beneficial than not, it's best to be safe than have to deal with getting something.
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01-12-18 09:38 PM
tornadocam is Offline
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Okay here is my take on this 

I am pro vaccine as vaccines save lives. Thanks to vaccines we do not have to worry about the Polio Virus and others. It also helps communities esp people like me who cannot have certain vaccines due to a medical reason we have to rely on what is called herd immunity. 

Now with that being said I also support Parents rights who do not vaccinated their kids for religious reasons or reasons of fear. I support and think it should be a parents right. But I also think Parents need to know the risks. 

One vaccine I am against is the HPV Vaccine. Some people have had serious complications from that vaccine a few people have even died after getting that vaccine. So I can see why parents are skeptical of that one. What made the HPV vaccine so bad was they did not do trials on it that long it was like oh we got a vaccine for HPV now so lets recommend giving it to teens. That is where complications and even death came into play. 

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01-29-18 08:32 PM
Ghostbear1111 is Offline
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I'm pro vaccine because science shows people live when they're vaccinated.

And I'm anti-choice.  I don't want my kids, even with a vaccine, around other kids who are carriers of diseases that wipe out entire populations of humanity.  That makes no sense at all.  If someone's religion says they need to carry guns and knives, they don't just get to carry guns and knives.  There's no different between a kid armed with a gun and a kid armed with measles, except the kid with measles can kill many more people.

Get your kid vaccinated or get out.  There is no discussion here.
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