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    Light Knight
    The Internet
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    26 / 04-21-88

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    517,792     Male

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    Chat Manager

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Dark Blue

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LK, unsheathing.


Light Knight protecting Elf

Light Knight with Elf (500px)

Light Knight with Elf (500px)

Light Knight with Elf 600px

Light Knight's Profile Comments (Show 100 Comments)
pokemon x
(3-3-2015 4:53 PM)
Oops sorry it didn't show up for some reason. Should really check them more than like once a week incase that happens...
(3-3-2015 12:33 AM)
Its alright I was just really confused. As far as chat goes i'm very active but I suppose me staying or going might lay with Jordan. He chose me as a extra mod for the chat after the big switches and all that. If something goes on just let me know, if not, thats okay. You guys are in charge, not me. :P
(3-2-2015 4:43 PM)
Excuse me, Light? Apparently im demoted from chat mod? What's going on?
(2-26-2015 11:21 AM)
Did you draw your layout and avatar?
(2-9-2015 12:45 PM)
Oh. Woops. Wrong person. Sorry about the trouble.
(2-9-2015 12:40 PM)
Not reviews, game articles.
(2-9-2015 10:09 AM)
So, I have been reading some of your game articles lately, and I have to say, very job well done. They have actually inspired me to type up some articles of my own. I wanted to ask if this is okay with you first, though.
(1-30-2015 2:00 PM)
thank you for moving my thread :)
(1-28-2015 9:43 AM)
ooooh should I take it as a sign of... *cough* you got "chosen" instead of that other employee?
(1-27-2015 1:34 PM)
Thanks for your donation :)
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Light Knight's Biography

As Knight of Vizzed, it is my duty to protect it, its king Davideo7, and every member of this site with every strength in my being. I have vowed to make a stand for Vizzed and attempt to make it a better place.

To that end, I endeavor to become one of the most powerful users of Vizzed, and use my power to conquer the evil with the light; here are my Goals:

[x]Local Moderator (Reached in 2004)
[x]Chat Moderator (Reached in 2013)
[x]Global Moderator (Reached in 2013)

[]5,000 Posts
[]10,000 Posts
[]20,000 Posts
[]50,000 Posts

[]Top 5 on the memberlist

[]Level 100
[]Level 200
[]Level 500

[]50 Trust Points
[]100 Trust Point

[]10,000 CP
[]20,000 CP
[]100,000 CP

[]500,000 Viz
[]1,000,000 Viz
[]2,000,000 Viz

[x]Trooperness A+ (Unknown Date)
[]Official Posting Spree Syndrome
[]Ravering Syndrome

[]User of the Year Award
[]Best Mod Award

[]Top 10 Donator
[]Top 5 Donator
[]Highest Donator - Profile Counters

^ since July 2013

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