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07-04-20 08:06 PM

wormelytyrese's Profile -

wormelytyrese is Offline

Real Name: Tyrese Wormely
Location: Birmingham, AL
Age: 21 (07-02-99)  Gender: Male
Registered: 03-10-12 01:15 PM (3038 days ago)
Posts: 307  Threads: 32
Post Words: 9,196 (30 word avg)
Viz: 144,806    Contribution Points: 1,814
Post Rating: 12   Trust Points: 4
Level: 36    Experience: 296496
Next Level: +11614 Exp    Per Post: 1448 Exp
Last Activity: 12-18-19 05:16 PM
  Viewing /user/wormelytyrese-178072-profile
Last Post: 01-27-20 05:58 PM
  The person below me


*Bio Updated*

Hello, I'm a Vizzed member (sorry, I'm not a newbie anymore) living in Centerpoint, AL. I was born on 7/2/99. For those who own a PlayStation device, my PSN name is TWormely99. I graduated from high school as of 5/25/17 & as of 8/20/18, I’m currently attending a community college. I'm a Sonic the Hedgehog fan as well. I'm also a great reader.

1st post ever: 2/7/14

10 posts total: 5/18/14

20: 5/23/14 (the day I went into sophomore status)

30: 5/27/14

40: 6/8/14

50: 6/14/14

60: 6/18/14

70: 6/24/14

80: Birthday Eve (7/1/14)

90: 7/7/14

100: 9/20/14

150: 11/27/14

200: 6/4/15

250: 12/15/15

300: 4/26/18

1st user ever who added me on his/her friend list: Ddog282

5th: Kramer4077

10th: Destifen (3rd friend that lives outside NA, whereas Juuldude is the 2nd)

1st user who added me on their FL & has a YouTube account: DarkPower508 (also the 1st user who added me to their friend list that resides outside North America)

2nd who have a YT account: G@meHe@d

1st Alabamian friend: SuperNerd117 (Lives in Pinson)

I'm also a sports fan.

Favorite sport: NFL football
Favorite football team: Seattle Seahawks
Basketball: Chicago Bulls
Baseball: N/A
Soccer: Real Madrid, Manchester

Oh, & did I mention I one of the best TEKKEN gamers ever on Vizzed?


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