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07-07-20 11:31 PM

spectergaj's Profile -

spectergaj is Offline

  "Wishes can come true. But not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves. Here, and now."-Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)
Trusted Member
Real Name: Chris Rummler
Age: 26 (02-18-94)  Gender: Male
Registered: 11-23-10 08:00 PM (3514 days ago)
Posts: 1,252  Threads: 133
Post Words: 40,517 (32 word avg)
Viz: 24,602    Contribution Points: 185
Post Rating: 4   Trust Points: 10
Level: 68    Experience: 2626115
Next Level: +102685 Exp    Per Post: 3146 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests. Log in to see it.
Last Activity: 01-08-15 10:28 AM
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Last Post: 01-07-15 01:45 PM
  osted anything to the board, but


See my YouTube Account for all of that bio junk.
But if you want to see some stuff, here you go:
My favorite quotes-
1. You have to do what you have to do no matter what happens~
Sean Casey (Discovery Channel's Stormchasers, Tiv team leader)
2. I reject your reality and substitute my own~
Adam Savage (Mythbusters, Co-Host)
3. "They say home is where your heart is, but what a shame, 'cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same.~
Green Day (Jesus of Suburbia [City of the Damned], American Idiot, 2004)
4. We're a rock group. We're noisy, rowdy, sensational and weird. ~ Angus Young
5. You should hear me on my own. It’s horrendous. I saw Deep Purple live once and I paid money for it and I thought, Geez, this is ridiculous.~ Angus Young
6.Wishes can come true. But not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves. Here, and now.~ Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)
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The History of SpecterGaj-
Joined vizzed at the NEWBIE rank
Applied to join Klown's Krazy Skultulaz Gang
Reached 50 posts
Was accepted into KKSG
Applied to be an Invincible Knight
Reached Rank of member only 4 days after joining vizzed
Reached 100 posts
Reached 125 posts
Applied for Vizzed Board Swagger Club
Accepted as MegaRevolution1's 13th Invincible Knight
Affected by 'Trooperness A+ Syndrome'
Reached Level 10
Rank #244 on page 5
Accepted into VBSC
Became a Tusted Member - thanks to Robert7, SilverMaestro, and alexanyways-- you guys are great!!!
Reached 200 posts
Recieved 2 Trust Points from septembern.
Reached 250 posts
Became inactive for almost a week
makes first post in six days
officially makes Christmas Giveaway Thread
Applied to join The Droog Embassy
Accepted as part of The Droog Embassy
Edits music playlist (listen away!)
Applied for Awesome Club
Awesome Club Membership Pending
Reached 300 posts
Starts The Vizzed Pokemon Fan Club
Reached 350 posts
Officially starts the Vizzed Pokemon Adventures RP
Makes it to page 3 in the member list
Affected by 'Official Post Spree Syndrome'
hl54322 joins The VPFC (Vizzed Pokemon Fan Club) as the first member of the club
Reached 400 posts
alexanyways joins VPFC
Reached 450 posts
begis the ninety-nine night thread
more join VPFC
99N has 4 members
Reached 500 posts!
Uploads promotional video to youtube.
Makes it into the top 100 posters.
Earns enough money for the VPFC Forum
PM's David the Forum Info
Removes Music Playlist
Finally gets the VPFC Forum!!!!!!
The VPFC Forum rapidly expands with threads and posts.
Legacyme3 and Alexanyways becom VPFC forum mods.
Hits 666 posts
Affected by 'Official Post Spree Syndrome' a second time!
Reached 700 posts
The VPFC Forum eliminates ALL threads about video games do to the Pokemon Sub-Forum
Hits 777 posts
Dark Hyren eliminates ALL shreds.
Countdown to Christmas begins
Merry Christmas Vizzed
Countdown to Christmas Ends. Winners are posted.
Reaches 800 posts
A long period of inactivity is gone
reaches 900 posts
The Droog Embassy is gone...
Spectergaj's 17th birthday
REACHES 1,000 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This thread is my most controversial and cherished thread:
Creates the Official VPFC YouTube Channel!
Officially leaves vizzed for good.
This hereby marks the day I return as an active member of this board!
Relize that the date above this was a lie because today I HAVE RETURNED!!! *evil laugh here*

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