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07-08-20 09:18 PM

darthyoda's Profile - Join the Dark Side!

darthyoda is Offline

  The most active Sith on Vizzed!
Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Judson
Location: Texas
Age: 23 (11-16-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 06-02-12 02:24 AM (2958 days ago)
Posts: 3,729  Threads: 260
Post Words: 217,130 (58 word avg)
Viz: 354,203    Contribution Points: 14,088
Post Rating: 229   Trust Points: 14
Level: 106    Experience: 12386409
Next Level: +285534 Exp    Per Post: 4982 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests. Log in to see it.
Last Activity: 07-21-18 01:15 PM
  Viewing Buy Stuff
Last Post: 07-21-18 01:08 PM
  What was the last game you played?

Goals, and slight info... I guess.

I have a steam account and am really excited about gaming there. I do 80% of all my gaming on there.
Feel free to send a message if you have any questions... I can't help you, I will do my best to find the answer!

New goals:
Rent a Forum []
I want to make 1000 posts! [x]
Make 2,000 Posts [x]
Make 3,000 Posts [x]
Make 4,000 Posts []
Make 5,000 Posts []
Reach 100,000 Words [x]
Reach 200,000 Words [x]
Reach 300,000 Words []
Reach 400,000 Words []
Get 1,000 CP [x]
Get 5,000 CP [x]
Get 10,000 CP [x]
Reach 15,000 CP []
Reach 20,000 CP
Become Trusted [x]
Become Elite [x]
Become Staff []
Become Mod [x]
Become Global[]

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