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04-02-20 11:33 PM

big fat cat's Profile -

big fat cat is Offline

Location: fukken wales
Age: 23 (06-10-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 04-30-10 02:40 PM (3625 days ago)
Posts: 3,427  Threads: 77
Post Words: 84,865 (25 word avg)
Viz: -7,059    Contribution Points: 1,154
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Level: 105    Experience: 12079454
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<01:32 kiosk their another gay ass poem nobody will care about


6:52 PM] SunflowerGaming: I'm not being c***Y, AND LOOK WHOS TALKING, YOU SAID A DIRTY WORD BUT W/E

04:00 the_casualty- get your parents to give you money or something lol
04:01 Shana- right, I JUST asked
Shana- she said who the f*** is jacob anderson
Shana- and why does he want my money
the_casualty- YOU ASKED IN LIKE 10 SECONDS
the_casualty- WHY DID YOU SAY THAT

Dante- Tell me something I don't know
geeogree- Dante: just one thing?
04:27 geeogree- Sonic sucks.... that is something you don't know

[5:45 PM] The Red Snifit: Yeah, man, I always wanted to play pokemon again after I lost my game carts.
[5:46 PM] The Red Snifit: I mean, clearly there is no better way to play Pokemon now that I have full access to the internet!

[4:54 PM] Shana: they should make a sex olympics


geeogree- the_casualSotC: do I give you a hard-on or something? you've been talking about me a lot today

the_casualSotC hard-on. I like that word

[3:05 PM] UserMike: uhh balls out fun shooter

04:14 Diem Viagara is creaming for you
Diem *screaming
04:15 Diem i swear to god that typo was unintentional

[6:42 PM] Sephitard9001: Silver: They're slightly autistic wizardwomen

[1:24 PM] Morsalbus: Big is the best non-mors person here
1:24 PM] Morsalbus: I won't have you talking to him like that.

[3:30 PM] crazycatpup: I'MM EATING MUFF

[04/20 5:40 PM] Morsalbus: It's not a question of legality
[04/20 5:40 PM] Morsalbus: I'm just saying you're a creep.

<~the_casualty> You sign up to Vizzed for whatever reason. You probably saw some s*** about POKEMON (tm) or MARIO (tm) and signed up just to suck Davideo7's cock play games. After installing the plug-in to INTERNET EXPLORER (tm), you decide to go to... [chat/RGR/forums]

<~the_casualty> choose now

[07/27 7:33 PM] D1998: You're sonic's #1 tool!!!!

[04:33] <+RedSnifitJr> Between this and ED links, I think it's agood idea to just not click anything diem links to.

[10/21 7:32 PM] jlh: tell jazz i will rape him faster then he can say pedo haha

[11/01 3:25 PM] jlh: Even i haven't got reported for sexually harasing newbies
[11/01 3:25 PM] silverthundr: That's proof of just how lax this shlt is.

[11/18 4:02 PM] Q: I don't think Snifit-kun would fall in love with a rapist.

[11/19 4:24 PM] Jih02: I f**king love cockane (not really)

<+crazycatpup> pfft guys pee too loud
<+JazzRat> Girls give birth too loud.
<+JazzRat> GUYS:1 GIRLS: 0

Something you should know, I'm terrible at summing things up especially when it comes to, say, my forum posts.
So if you're wondering why they're so terrible, 'das my excuse reason.

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