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07-21-19 08:15 AM

VizzedGuy111's Profile -

VizzedGuy111 is Offline

  An Awesome Guy
Location: Somewhere in the world?
Age: 15 (11-03-03)  Gender: Male
Registered: 12-14-14 06:42 PM (1679 days ago)
Posts: 231  Threads: 40
Post Words: 19,619 (85 word avg)
Viz: 33,615    Contribution Points: 2,308
Post Rating: 29   Trust Points: 0   Chat: 1
Level: 29    Experience: 143883
Next Level: +4002 Exp    Per Post: 934 Exp
Last Activity: 06-08-19 04:37 PM
Last Post: 07-09-18 12:33 PM
  Spyro The Dragon or Crash Bandicoot?


Just a guy who plays video games for practically most of his life (pretty sad to be honest :/), watching television, and do all sorts of stuff. So um, welcome to my profile I guess?
Named VizzedGuy111
Joined 12-14-2014
Likes playing Mario, Mega Man, and maybe Donkey Kong.
VizzedGuy's accomplishments:
Join Vizzed: Check!
Make at least 1 post: Check!
Reach Member: Check!
Make at least 25 posts: Check!
Make at least 50 posts: Check!
Make at least 75 posts: Check!

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