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Vizzed Elite

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The IB, that is it.

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1469 days ago
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08-31-16 09:51 PM

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   Zoroark is love, Zoroark is life.
Vizzed Elite
Registration Name: IgorBird122
Real Name: The IB, that is it.
Location: N'awlins
Age: 23 (04-27-93)  Gender: Male
Registered: 01-07-13 11:02 PM (1469 days ago)
Posts: 5,569  Threads: 304
Post Words: 428,392 (77 word avg)
Viz: 1,109,805    Contribution Points: 29,791
Post Rating: 505   Trust Points: 16   Chat: 554
Level: 114    Experience: 15933945
Next Level: +375622 Exp    Per Post: 4291 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests.
Last Activity: 08-31-16 09:51 PM
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Last Post: 08-22-16 08:17 PM
  A Pikachu statue built in my hometown


Note, my profile is still under construction, everything should be done soon.


Time chances you'll catch me playing on my 3DS online (Central United States time):
All week, 1 A.M - 8 A.M. 5% chance
Sun-Wed, 8 A.M. - 10 A.M. 25% chance
Sun-Wed, 10 A.M. - 10 P.M. 0% chance
Sun-Wed, 10 P.M. - 1 A.M. 50% chance
Thu-Sat, 8 A.M. - 1 A.M. 75% chance


PlayStation trophies and info:
Note, if I'm not on Vizzed or the 3DS but you want to contact me (neither if it's because the site is down, or I'm just not on Vizzed), then contact me on PSN, because I'll mostly be playing Grand Theft Auto V or Minecraft on the PS3.

-------- - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters


Vizzed Accomplishments:


Newbie: 1/7/13 - 5/20/13 (got promoted to a Regular Member)
Regular Member: 5/20/13 - 6/5/13 (got promoted to a Trusted Member)
Trusted Member: 6/5/13 - 11/27/13 (got promoted to a Local Moderator)
Local Moderator: 11/27/13 - 9/21/15 (retired due to The September 21st Event)
Elite: 9/21/15 - Present



Minecraft Server Manager:
4/18/14 - 9/15/14 (retired due to being mad at Mojang)
10/22/14 - 4/1/15 (retired due to high amount of stress)

Price Guide Manager
6/20/15 - 9/21/15 (retired due to The September 21st Event)


[X] Win Tour de Vizzed (Winter 2015's TdV)
[X] TdV Yellow Jersey champ (Winter 2015's TdV)
[] TdV Blue Jersey champ
[X] TdV Red Jersey champ (Winter 2015's TdV)
[X] TdV Green Jersey champ (Autumn 2013's TdV)


Post count:
[X] 100+ Posts (Gotten date: 5/21/13)
[X] 250+ Posts (Gotten date: 5/24/13)
[X] 500+ Posts (Gotten date: 5/31/13)
[X] 750+ Posts (Gotten date: 7/1/13)
[X] 1,000+ Posts (Gotten date: 7/5/13)
[X] 2,500+ Posts (Gotten date: 12/14/13)
[X] 5,000+ Posts (Gotten date: 7/13/15)
[] 7,500+ Posts
[] 10,000+ Posts
[] 25,000+ Posts
[] 50,000+ Posts


Contribution Points:
[X] 1,000+ CPs (Gotten date: unknown)
[X] 2,500+ CPs (Gotten date: September 2013)
[X] 5,000+ CPs (Gotten date: October 2013)
[X] 7,500+ CPs (Gotten date: unknown)
[X] 10,000+ CPs (Gotten date: 10/9/14)
[X] 25,000+ CPs (Gotten date: 4/27/15)
[] 50,000+ CPs
[] 75,000+ CPs
[] 100,000+ CPs


[X] "Laziness" (Gotten date: January 7th, 2013)
[X] "Carpal Tunnel" (Gotten date: May 17th, 2013)
[X] "Trooperness" (Gotten date: May 19th, 2013)
[X] "1/35th Vizzed" (Gotten date: May 20th, 2013)
[X] "Trooperness A+" (Gotten date: May 20th, 2013)
[X] "OPS" (Gotten date: July 5th, 2013)
[] "Ravering"
[] "Ravering+"
[] "Veneeval"
[] "Veneeval+"


July 2013's TdV = 10th place overall.
October 2013's TdV = Green Jersey winner and 4th place overall.

Bronze award for best staff

January 2015's TdV = Yellow Jersey winner, Red Jersey winner, and TdV winner. Broke the TdV record for most points scored in a single TdV with 335 points, held the record for 450 days until the record was broken by Geeogree on April 25, 2016.


Random Chat Stuff

IgorBird122: Some days I can type, some days I can't, some days, well, I'm this: ohutehsitohjsoirhgaoergjiureoghargpoiathoaperihjeapihea


Frodlex: Which TdV team am I anyway?
pacman1755: Team 7 Frod
play4fun: you're team 7
pacman1755: ninja'd
play4fun: jerk
Gingercream1: we don't use that language here, plaaaaaay
play4fun: fine ginger
play4fun: you big meaniepoo


IgorBird122: The IB122 is here to steal all of y'all cabbage
*IgorBird122 has been muted by play4fun for breaking the rules in General Chat*
play4fun: no, bad ib122, we don't steal people's cabbages.


Mecha Leo: I wish McDavid's would finish so I could get a job and have free processed burgers.


cnw64: Pacs is that you?
IgorBird122: Nope, he's just an illusion, a part of your imagination.
pacman1755: mhm
IgorBird122: Ok, Pacman is here


IgorBird122: My mind just cabbages itself
play4fun: cabbage is his censor
play4fun: makes more sense
IgorBird122: I have my own private censor
IgorBird122: So, cabbages the other censor


(Multiple chats about "Moist")
play4fun: how bout moist
shanezer: You son of a moist
LunarDarkness2: I PICK MOIST
LunarDarkness2: I am a moist head
shanezer: moist you
ZeroTails: You are a moist
*small moist enter the chat room*
IgorBird122: How ironic
play4fun: that was not planned
deg2000: dang that is ironic
IgorBird122: We are talking about Moist and Small Moist showed up
IgorBird122: See what happened when we said "Moist" too many times. We summoned Small Moist.


bostonblokhed1: Blunt, shut up.
bostonblokhed1: *blurb
bostonblokhed1: *blub
play4fun: two staight typos
play4fun: straight
play4fun:'s contagious
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