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04-20-21 01:58 PM
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SonicOlmstead is Offline

  Ore wa Tokoton Tomaranai!!
Registration Name: Sonicolmstead
Previous Name: SonicOlmstead14
  User Manager, Mod Manager, Minecraft Admin
Real Name: Clayton
Location: Ohio
Age: 19 (10-17-01)  Gender: Male
Registered: 02-08-14 09:13 AM (2628 days ago)
Posts: 1,914  Threads: 87
Post Words: 126,331 (66 word avg)
Viz: 539,755    Contribution Points: 9,499
Post Rating: 187   Trust Points: 12   Chat: 6
Level: 78    Experience: 4292778
Next Level: +89448 Exp    Per Post: 3364 Exp
Last Activity: 04-20-21 01:23 PM
  Viewing Vizzed Board
Last Post: 04-18-21 01:19 PM
  7 Years of Vizzed MC


Heyo people of Vizzed welcome to my profile I guess I'll start with some info about me I am a type 1 diabetic and have been since I was 6, I love a ton of game series, and I cherish this site for all of the memories and friends that I have met that will last a life time and it's why I often consider the site my home.

Goals and Accomplishments:
Mc Admin 9/27/16 - 12/16/16 - Stepped Down
2/1/19 - 8/12/19 - Promoted
Head MC Admin 8/12/19 - Current
Local Mod 7/10/19 - 1/6/20 - Promoted
Global Mod 1/6/20 - Current
Admin: Currently serving a term
1000 Posts: 1/31/20
2000 Posts: give me another year or 5
#1 at radio trivia May 2017 - Current
2020 Winter TDV Rainbow, Green, and Yellow Champ
2020 Summer TDV Runner up + Green and Blue Champ
2021 Winter TDV Runner up + Green and Blue Champ

I was honored to to hold rainbow along with yellow and green while two of my closest friends I met because of Vizzed held white and grey and the other 2 jerseys, it always will be one of my favorite memories on the site

Quote Wall
Ima just shorten my name to sonic in these.

Mc Server:


NeoRay: *I* crashed the server every log in as well. And mrfe who was stupid enough go there. Despite me telling him not to.
geeogree: and me
Sonic: I was smart
NeoRay: I said not to go and you went! xP
NeoRay: yea
NeoRay: Sonic is the smart one, and he's not even an admin
geeogree: I went slowly
NeoRay: We're failures D:




Sonic: Why are you hyped for the nether?
FurretX: nvm it doesn't work
Snowdeath: what
FurretX: all of this time for nothing
FurretX: portal doesn't work
Snowdeath: wow
geeogree: the nether is good when you can die and lose all your stuff
geeogree: good!


NeoRay: We're being mature admins :v
geeogree: ^
Sonic: the admins can be mature?
Sonic: jk
NeoRay: Geeo, I'm thinking of banning sonic
SonicOlmstead fell out of the world
geeogree: oh no
NeoRay: That also works
geeogree: what happened?
NeoRay: Retribution


NeoRay: Woohoo!
Sonic: what?
NeoRay: It's working!
Sonic: What is?
NeoRay fell from a high place
NeoRay: Gravity
Sonic: Gravity?
NeoRay: Zing *High five*
Sonic: great minds think alike except my mind ain't great
NeoRay: Don't leave me hanging D:
Sonic: oh right
Sonic: *high fives back*


NeoRay: Sonic made this parkour game
NeoRay: He claimed it was "really easy"
Pokefreak219: Pssh
NeoRay: That's why he will go to hell for lying :p

Pokefreak219: where the heck is the portal
Sonic: lol
Pokefreak219: halp
Sonic: beat DN
Pokefreak219: Haaalp
Sonic: coming
Dave_1217: aww
Dave_1217: Sonic The Hero to the rescue
Sonic: That is pretty much all I do anymore


Pokefreak219: And here, we can observe the Sonicolmstead. Rarely seen in the wild, but even more commonly roaming around the server. This sonicolmstead has a weird marking on his body
Sonic: xD


ZircronSwift: okay
ZircronSwift: What happened?
Sonic: it uhh blew up
ZircronSwift: All my secrets
ZircronSwift: All of my secrets within secrets
ZircronSwift: my baby

ZircronSwift: omg
ZircronSwift: t to talk
ZircronSwift: where have you been?
ZircronSwift: all this time I have used the "/" to open chat
FurretX: omg dark really?
Sonic: omg
ZircronSwift: I could have saved so much time what am I even doing with my life?
DragonSlayer22: Zircrosoft what the/
Sonic: Ima cry from laughing
Sonic: I'm dying how did you not know this
FurretX: omg this is amazing
ZircronSwift: I legit thought / was the only way


Fyredove I swear, people
Zircron Swift: yeah, people
Fyredove this is why I have people issues because people
Zircron Swift: especially people
Fyredove Yes, especially people
Fyredove: but also don't forget about people
Zircron Swift: Please don't mention people
Zircron Swift: it people me
Fyredove: I'm sorry man I won't people you anymore
Zircron Swift: thank people
Fyredove: peopleist
Zircron Swift: It's the way I was peopled :c
Fyredove: But you can't just go around peopleing people
Zircron Swift: Sure I can it's my people given people
Fyredove: no its against people
Zircron Swift: you're a people
Fyredove: :o
Zircron Swift: God, people
Fyredove: How dare people!
Zircron Swift: Thats right! I peopled it
Fyredove: I cant believe people
Zircron Swift: How do you think I people?
Fyredove: I don't know :c I just thought people peopled the peopleof the people
Zircron Swift: it dosen't have to people
Fyredove: But it people
Zircron Swift: we can stop the people
Fyredove: but the people have knives
Zircron Swift: then we kill the people
Zircron Swift: "NO John, we are the people!"
Fyredove: we killl the people with guns? PEOPLE GUNS?
Zircron Swift: Of people
Fyredove: I see my people
Zircron Swift: how peopleing
Fyredove: I know people?
Zircron Swift: not as much as people know you
Fyredove: Really? I thought people knew the people of ther people
Zircron Swift: Apparenteople
Fyredove: who will people the last people
Zircron Swift: people
Fyredove: People!
Zircron Swift: peep
Fyredove peepole
Zircron Swift: walpole
Fyredove: walpole o:
Zircron Swift: omg it was walpole all along :o
Fyredove: #ALwaysWalpoleing
Zircron Swift: #hashtag
Zircron Swift: #itwaswalpole
Zircron Swift: #walpoleapproves


Sonic: Djinn wanna tp geeo to galrya? xD
*few min pause*
geeogree: Everyone hates me.
geeogree: That's okay.
geeogree: I'll just make a carpet tower.


Sonic: In other news my sign from outside my house is missing lol.
Zircron Swift: Oh, that.
Zircron Swift: How did that happen?
Sonic: I blame someone who didn't like me as a admin so the suspects are, scar, geeo, bombchu, and walpole.
Sonic: and anyone else I pranked.
Zircron Swift: And it's likely the other three are just walpole in disguise.
Sonic: True, true.
Sonic: Wait!
Sonic: It's got to be chickens in boats that did it.
Zircron Swift: Haha.
Sonic: While listening to Seven Rings In Hand.


LuckyCharms: I hate these fish I swear to god **** these suicidal fish!


Furret: You don't know the history between me and this badge, there isn't any because they wouldn't let there be any.



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