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07-18-18 05:30 PM

Sketch83-54's Profile -

Sketch83-54 is Offline

  The Shadow
Real Name: Ryan
Location: Picayune, MS United States
Age: 24 (10-12-93)  Gender: Male
Registered: 04-04-12 11:55 AM (2296 days ago)
Posts: 51  Threads: 5
Post Words: 1,926 (38 word avg)
Viz: 11,123    Contribution Points: 9
Post Rating: 1   Trust Points: 0
Level: 16    Experience: 17452
Next Level: +2804 Exp    Per Post: 513 Exp
Last Activity: 09-11-14 02:58 PM
  Viewing /playonlinegames/play.php?id=8546
Last Post: 01-15-13 06:12 PM
  New Mega Man


I like: Drawing, Megaman X , Sonic the Hedgehog , Mario , Zelda , and Final Fantasy. I have a Playstation Network account if anyone would like to add me as a friend my ID is RLEE603 and that is also my Minecraft ID on PC. Enough of games. I mostly like to draw, listen to music and some game music. I mean come on some of these game levels have good soundtracks like Blaster Master Area 1 . Anyone wishing to know any additional info may message me. Thanks! and this site RULES!!!!!!!

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