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10-26-20 09:34 PM
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DARKANINE is Offline

  Come along with me, to the butterflies and bees...
Trusted Member
Real Name: Jordan DeHart
Location: North Carolina
Age: 23 (08-06-97)  Gender: Male
Registered: 12-01-10 07:04 PM (3617 days ago)
Posts: 2,060  Threads: 104
Post Words: 54,319 (26 word avg)
Viz: 17,233    Contribution Points: 654
Post Rating: 26   Trust Points: 11   Chat: 167
Level: 84    Experience: 5623139
Next Level: +38813 Exp    Per Post: 4094 Exp
Last Activity: 03-21-17 03:01 AM
Last Post: 03-20-17 05:47 PM
  What is the next animation you want to watch?


Hey there. The name's Jordan, but I typically go by "Darkanine" (often shortened to: Dark, Anine, or D.A). I've been an on and off user of Vizz since I was 13 or so, I'm 19 now. I'm a huge fan of cartoons, anime, manga, Digimon, Pokemon, The Loud House, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, among other things. I like to write in my spare time (fanfic and original stuff) and I love fantasy...anything! I'm also a lover of animals of all kinds and I own two dogs, two parakeets and a cat.

The stuff below is stuff I wrote when I was very young. I would remove it as it's pretty cringey, but it reminds me of a simpler time of my life that I don't have the gut to remove.

-Quote wall-
Neo Darkanine (J.DEHART): Ok i'm not cool
Cristada (Amywong): you're cool
Cristada (Amywong): :3
Neo Darkanine (J.DEHART): I'm super amazing ultra sexy time awesome
Cristada (Amywong): ^
Ellineina746 has connected.
Cristada (Amywong): that too
Rosa (Xuel): When I see darkanine It makes me love arcanine more<3
Rosa (Xuel): Ayieee~~<3
Matt (Matezoide): lol
Neo Darkanine (J.DEHART): does that mean you like me?
Rosa (Xuel): Hell no.
(00:42:07) +Dyro: MMO hur I cum
(00:42:22) +[BB]Darkanine: O.O
(00:42:25) +[BB]Darkanine: DUDE
(00:42:27) +[BB]Darkanine: TMI
(00:42:33) +Dyro: :l
(00:42:37) +Dyro: I'm sorry
(00:42:48) +Dyro: my Mind doesn't think dirty like the rest of you pervs.
(00:42:55) +Dyro: as far as I care.
(00:42:56) +[BB]Darkanine: We dont need to know you orgasim to MMO's
(00:43:00) +Dyro: ....
Swag (Reaper123456789): continueoish episodes
Neo Darkanine (J.DEHART): Oh ok
Swag (Reaper123456789): 5-10 min long
Neo Darkanine (J.DEHART): I getcha
Swag (Reaper123456789): can you help me
Auto-Save: Your game data has been auto-saved.
Neo Darkanine (J.DEHART): Sure
Swag (Reaper123456789): omg awesome thank you
Neo Darkanine (J.DEHART): But I can't do good voice acting till I get a new mic
Neo Darkanine (J.DEHART): I can edit for you though
Swag (Reaper123456789): what you mean by edit
[Lunar] Alan: My dick wasnt hard yet
[Lunar] Alan: dumbass
[Lunar]Determination: Tis true
[Lunar]Determination: His dick is 90 inches
[Lunar] Alan: NORMALLY.
[Lunar]Determination: Imagine when its hard

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