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Play Metal Gear online for free! - Nintendo NES game rom
Filesize: 80kb
Rating: 7.8 (70 votes)
Plays: 10,867 M:99% F:1%
Viz Refund Today: /3
Metal Gear Title Screen Metal Gear Screenshot 2 Metal Gear Screenshot 3
Using NESCafe Java Emulator
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Recommended: Using VNES Java Emulator
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Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin
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Metal Gear Description: Outer Heaven leader CaTaffy has activated the ultimate super weapon: Metal Gear! Responding to the crisis, covert unit "Fox Hound" is called into action, and that's where you come into play. Trained in hand-to-hand combat and skilled in every weapon known to man, you're Fox Hound's lethal fighting machine, code named "Solid Snake". But on this mission you better be sly as well, to surprise heavily-armed enemies, busting 'em up quietly and rescuing their hostages before alarms are triggered. Plus you gotta maintain radio contact with Commander South, who'll feed you crucial info on Metal Gear's whereabouts. To survive, capture sub-machine guns, Barettas, grenade launchers, and plastic explosives, until you find and destroy Metal Gear, ending CaTaffy's reign of terror!
Metal Gear Boxart

UPC: 83717120018

Release Date:
Country Origin:

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Genre Sport:
Genre Non-Sport:

Loose Value: (beta)
Complete Value: (beta)
New Value: (beta)
Rarity: (beta)
3/10 Common

Metal Gear User Submitted videos
action man 3000
10-05-13 10:14 AM
00:00:46  Views: 17
Metal Gear - Play - User video5/5 Play
01-01-15 04:42 PM
00:09:54  Views: 8
Metal Gear - GamePlay - User video3/5 GamePlay

Metal Gear User Submitted Screenshots
04-18-11 08:21 PM
Metal Gear -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
09-13-12 11:11 AM
Metal Gear - Ending  - Success! - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
04-11-11 02:45 PM
Metal Gear -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
05-26-10 10:54 PM
Metal Gear -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
11-24-09 05:19 PM
Metal Gear -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
06-25-10 08:15 PM
Metal Gear - Final Battle with Big Boss - User Screenshot4/5 Edit Screenshot
Final Battle with Big Boss

Metal Gear Highscores Table
     There are no submitted highscores for this game.

Metal Gear User Reviews
7.8    Graphics 5    Sound 4    Addictive 1    Story 4    Depth 3    Difficulty 9

0.4 - The enemies respawn WAY too fast. - totaldramaman2
Oh crap, THIS game. Metal Gear... wait, that game is awesome! Wait... that's the MSX game. What I have here is the NES version. ...
  Graphics 5   Sound 4   Addictive 1   Story 4   Depth 3   Difficulty 9
      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 11-12-11     Review Replies: 4     Reply to this Review

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Metal Gear Game Owners
    Users who own this game:
    Game Owner Name Completeness Condition B T S Play Online
    BiroZombie  Loose   Very Good             
    Davideo7  Loose   Very Good             
    Epuslso  Loose   Good             
    Lieutenant Vick..  Loose                
    medieval zombie  Loose   Good             
    SuperToads  Loose   Very Good             
    uberkoopa  Complete   Very Good             
    vanelan  Loose   Very Good             
B = Borrow --- T = Trade --- S = Sell

Metal Gear User Comments
jonathanzygorodi 10-25-14 - 03:14 AM
 hope they make a remake for it on steam
chahanik 07-06-13 - 10:57 AM
 This = Horrible MSX Version = Amazing!!!
pka 12-22-12 - 08:54 PM
 really good game but man its hard
jetfly31 06-22-12 - 01:22 PM
 i like how kyle reese from termanator is on the front cover of this game
Obi-Josh 05-15-12 - 03:36 PM
 what are the buttons for this game?
dwightnaruto 05-15-12 - 06:48 AM
 this game is total awesome!
Excelsior2000 04-10-12 - 02:01 PM
Fightning 03-17-12 - 03:05 PM
Blooper1337 01-10-12 - 10:21 PM
mikey78108 12-15-11 - 10:03 PM
 Sieshiro, if you had played it back when it released then you wouldn't feel the same lol. the Nes port of the game definitely didn't do the original justice though
mikey78108 12-15-11 - 09:52 PM
 i'm glad i found this site lol, haven't played metal gear since i was probably 3(played MGS1 when i was 5 on the PS1)
Seishiro Leonha.. 12-04-11 - 05:25 PM
 This game is poorly made, but I still like this game.
sargent hawk one 10-10-11 - 05:31 PM
 i cant belive how much i loved this game
brianwood 08-20-11 - 12:14 PM
 gosh darn dogs!
brianwood 08-20-11 - 12:14 PM
 I HATE METAL GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
brianwood 08-20-11 - 12:13 PM
 you shut the hell up this game almost made me kill myself when i was young AVGN was right its so bad!
Redxsparrow 07-28-11 - 05:58 PM
 It took me hours to finish this game.
dazzsheil 03-11-11 - 02:47 AM
 Possilbly the best NES Game ever?
dazzsheil 02-17-11 - 10:24 AM
 too bad the Theme of Tara aint in this version
dazzsheil 02-16-11 - 01:13 PM
 Stop Listening to AVGN......
kenn92 01-07-11 - 02:30 PM
panzer22667 12-21-10 - 05:14 PM
 you should see the original version witch was even worse than this! see the Angry Video Game Nerd's review.
infernal-aeon 10-10-10 - 06:55 PM
 it was not a terrible game! it started a whole new genre of gaming.
riddick56 06-21-10 - 10:31 AM
 this isnt the true metal gear
maceikobrandon 06-15-10 - 08:35 AM
 it was a good game for its time. I remember spending hours on this game when i was younger. It may be terrible now, but it still laid the groundwork for future greats like Tenchu, MGS, and many other stealth mission games.

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