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Play Grand Theft Auto Advance online - Game Boy Advance game rom
Filesize: 5,936kb
Rating: 8.5 (333 votes)
Plays: 85,891 M:98% F:2%
Viz Refund Today: /3
Grand Theft Auto Advance Title Screen Grand Theft Auto Advance Screenshot 2 Grand Theft Auto Advance Screenshot 3
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Warning: Mature PLAY GAME
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Grand Theft Auto Advance Box Description:
The Grand Theft Auto series finally makes its way to the Game Boy Advance. You play as a member of the Mob looking for a way out of your vicious lifestyle. The murder of your mentor, however, sets you off on a search for those responsible. To track down the killers, you must complete all-new missions while avoiding every cop in the city. As in previous installments in the Grand Theft Auto series, you can jack cars, explore the city, and wield a variety of weapons.

Grand Theft Auto Advance Description: Today is your last job, your last day working for the mob. After this, you could escape the seedy undergrowth of Liberty City and have a good life, with all the money you could ever want. But something went wrong on this last day. Now, with your best friend Vinney murdered in a car explosion and you pinned for the crime, you must return to the underground and find the truth. To save your skin and find Vinney's killer, you'll have to work a few more days.

Liberty City makes an appearance in Grand Theft Auto Advance, the handheld exclusive based on the award winning console franchise. A combination of the gameplay and challenges that made that 3D rendition so successful, and the 2D style of the original GTA series comes together here, where you must drive to survive and use all the weapons available to you to complete each of the missions, in order to find Vinney's true murderer and save yourself in the process.
Grand Theft Auto Advance Boxart

UPC: 710425253775

Release Date:
M: Blood, Sexual Themes, Violence

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:

Loose Value: (beta)
Complete Value: (beta)
New Value: (beta)
Rarity: (beta)
6/10 Rare

Grand Theft Auto Advance User Submitted videos
03-29-13 11:45 PM
02:00:35  Views: 65
Grand Theft Auto Advance - Portland - User video4.5/5
03-12-15 02:22 PM
00:31:17  Views: 11
Grand Theft Auto Advance - Grand Theft Auto Advance First Time Trying - User video3/5
Grand Theft Auto Advance First Time Trying

Grand Theft Auto Advance User Submitted Screenshots
06-24-11 06:06 PM
Grand Theft Auto Advance - Awesome Tank!! - User Screenshot4.5/5 Edit Screenshot
Awesome Tank!!
07-03-14 12:21 AM
Grand Theft Auto Advance - Level  - more recognizable ambulance than the GBC GTA - User Screenshot4.5/5 Edit Screenshot
more recognizable ambulance than the GBC GTA
03-10-13 12:18 AM
Grand Theft Auto Advance - I do a Slamunk - User Screenshot4.2/5 Edit Screenshot
I do a Slamunk
08-14-13 02:25 PM
Grand Theft Auto Advance - Misc  - my tank - User Screenshot4.2/5 Edit Screenshot
my tank
01-02-11 07:49 AM
Grand Theft Auto Advance - six stars wanted level - User Screenshot4.1/5 Edit Screenshot
six stars wanted level
04-12-11 05:28 PM
Grand Theft Auto Advance - :O i killed Lil Wayne - User Screenshot3.9/5 Edit Screenshot
:O i killed Lil Wayne

Grand Theft Auto Advance Highscores Table
     There are no submitted highscores for this game.

Grand Theft Auto Advance Cheats and Codes
Grand Theft Auto Advance Cheats, Codes and Tips:
To Enter Cheat Mode:
Press A+B+Start in game (Not on the menu). This also shows your coordinates on the map.

100% health restored:

100% Armor (Gained or restored)

Increase wanted level by one star:

Decrease wanted level by one star:

Increase wanted level from 0 to 6:

Decrease wanted level from 6 to 0:

All weapons equipped:

Instant $15,000

Toggle gang hostility:

Grand Theft Auto Advance User Reviews
8.5    Graphics 7.8    Sound 8.2    Addictive 8.8    Story 9    Depth 8.3    Difficulty 5.2

8.5 - GTA Advance review - Charlie506
Okay, this is my first *successful* review. My real first one was locked, because it had less than 100 words. My favorite Grand ...
  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 7   Story 8   Depth 9   Difficulty 4
      Review Rating: 4.5/5     Submitted: 05-17-14     Review Replies: 1     Reply to this Review

10 - Gta - Agoron
Ah Grand Theft Auto advanced a good game from a good Franchise not the best but really good game. The graphics are good for a gb...
  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Story 9   Depth 9   Difficulty 6
      Review Rating: 4.2/5     Submitted: 12-06-13     Review Replies: 1     Reply to this Review

9.3 - GTA Advance - supercool22
Grand Theft Auto Advance is a great game. The missions are hard that is why the difficulty is 10 and the camera is just like GTA...
  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 6   Story 10   Depth 9   Difficulty 10
      Review Rating: 2.9/5     Submitted: 12-23-12     Updated: 12-23-12     Review Replies: 1     Reply to this Review

10 - cool game - thebossman
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 1
      Review Rating: 1.6/5     Submitted: 06-18-11     Review Replies: 1     Reply to this Review

Grand Theft Auto Advance Forum Threads
    Threads and posts on this game:
    cool game creator: thebossman last post: 08-11-11 - 09:11 AM
    gtaa kick ass creator: thebossman last post: 06-26-11 - 10:44 PM
    A good game,In my thinking,is creator: Bruh__ last post: 06-15-11 - 09:20 PM

Grand Theft Auto Advance Strategy Guides, Walkthroughs and FAQs
    Strategy Guides, Walkthroughs and FAQs on this game:
    Currently no strategy guides for this game, Click here to be the first to make one

Grand Theft Auto Advance Game Owners
    Users who own this game:
    Game Owner Name Completeness Condition B T S Play Online
    RichardMAuchamp..  Loose                
B = Borrow --- T = Trade --- S = Sell

Grand Theft Auto Advance User Comments
dude15551555 03-03-14 - 07:02 PM
 Im not a faker, your just doing it wrong.
SpaceCore 02-28-14 - 07:54 PM
 i legitimately bought my copy at gamestop for 20 $. my friends had about 20 copies of gta 2/advance, but they started selling them for 5 $ when they started running out of copies. they got them of the internet and ported them to cartridges.
SpaceCore 02-28-14 - 07:50 PM
 believe it or not, back when rockstar made this buy able,my friends started selling/trading copies for 5 $,one night my friends got 50 $,they started selling GTA 2 gbc for 10$ and about 2 weeks later they all got total 200 bucks! they bought an xbox.
samone666 12-15-13 - 06:14 AM
 i can't cheat faker!
Ryroe 10-02-13 - 05:40 PM
 If these cheats are real, add them to the game's page by clicking on "Add or Edit Game's Content. Earn CP + Viz" on the top right. That's better than flooding the comments about it in CAPS.
dude15551555 08-24-13 - 12:08 PM
 cheats: A + B Buttons are held down and the START to activate.Wanted level 0-6:LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, R, R.Decrease Wanted Level: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, A, R.15,000 Dollars: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, L, L.Toggle gang hostility: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, B, R.
dude15551555 08-24-13 - 12:04 PM
 CHEATS 2:Cheat mode is activated when A + B Buttons are held down and the START Button is pushed.Increase Wanted Level: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, R, A .All weapons are given to the player: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, A, A
dude15551555 08-24-13 - 11:59 AM
 CHEATS: ---------------------------------------- Cheat mode is activated when A + B Buttons are held down and the START Button is pushed. 100% Health: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, B,B. 100% Armor:LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, A, L
KHZ86 05-28-13 - 10:18 AM
 Cheats are for poor gamers.. period!
sourman 05-27-13 - 09:52 PM
 @Bluecrew22 you do realize that this a GBA game
sonikku 03-16-13 - 03:56 PM know the physics in a game are terrible when you ram into the side of an ambulance with a tiny car at 170mph and the ambulance flips over twice.
tako gt 12-26-12 - 11:24 AM
 left , right , up , down ,r , r is the cheat of six stars
supercool22 12-22-12 - 10:28 PM
 to do cheats press A,B,and START
victordaniel88 11-15-12 - 11:10 AM
 rated macher.
Jacob123 10-07-12 - 08:58 AM
 GTA is cool
PioPark1 10-01-12 - 03:26 PM
 how do i add items to hideout?
zeldaisepic 08-11-12 - 02:20 PM
 wtf i restarted comp but plugin still not found
bestcoolawsomed.. 08-04-12 - 02:34 PM
 i own this for the xbox
hodow100 07-22-12 - 08:13 PM
Jonah96 07-16-12 - 07:57 AM
 rockstar north is still making gat 5
Jonah96 07-16-12 - 07:57 AM
 gta 5 coming soon
Jonah96 07-16-12 - 07:56 AM
 gta san adress is the best on ps2.
l1212 06-30-12 - 07:24 AM
 i like apple pie
supersaiyensoni.. 06-29-12 - 02:42 PM
muaaz123 06-28-12 - 06:13 AM
 finally it works

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