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Directory: 10
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06-19-19 08:22 AM
Square Enix
UPC: 662248909011

Released: 9-29-09
Players: 1-4

Game Genre:
Action RPG

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $11.94
Complete:  $14.50
New:  $19.98
Rarity:  3/10

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Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days (DS) Game - DS Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days (DS)

Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days is an Action RPG game published by Square Enix in 2009 for the DS.

Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days

Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Title ScreenKingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Screenshot 1Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Box Art FrontKingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Box Art Back
Rating: 9.6 (4 votes)

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Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Screenshots

01-19-15 04:49 AM
Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days - Cut-Scene  - Sora - User Screenshot3/5 Edit Screenshot
01-19-15 04:46 AM
Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days - Level Day - Roxas on Day 7 - User Screenshot3/5 Edit Screenshot
Level: Day
Roxas on Day 7
01-19-15 04:45 AM
Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days - Cut-Scene  - Roxas talking about Day 255 - User Screenshot3/5 Edit Screenshot
Roxas talking about Day 255
01-19-15 04:45 AM
Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days - Cut-Scene  - Talking on the roof - User Screenshot3/5 Edit Screenshot
Talking on the roof
01-19-15 04:43 AM
Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days - Mode Select  - New Game - Standard Mode - User Screenshot3/5 Edit Screenshot
Mode Select:
New Game - Standard Mode
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Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Featured Review

Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Review by: Zlinqx - 8.5/10

Kingdom Hurts 358/2 days (Yay for amazingly bad puns).
Well so just when I finished this review, I tried to submit and for some reason it didn't work basically meaning I've had to rewrite the whole review causing it to probably turn out somewhat differently then the original... Yay.

So what can be said for this game... As you may or may not know (most likely the later) I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan having played almost all the games. The very first Kingdom Hearts game I played was Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days (as odd as that might be) and it was the game that got me into to the series. So I figured it was time I review a Kingdom Hearts game (also to try and make less of my reviews about Pokemon :P) So let's get into it.

Sound: 10

The soundtrack in this game is amazing, most of the music is pretty emotional (though there are some more light hearted tracks as well) and I feel they can often really help make a scene/battle that more emotional as well as always seemingly being fitting for the situation. The voice acting was also a great and I had no real complaints as far as the voices go. The sound effects most of the time were pretty good and fit the situation well.

Graphics: 9

For a DS game the 3d graphics are probably some of the best I've seen on the system. I was especially impressed by the detail shown in the cutscenes and the game in general looked really good. Though the graphics did glitch a few times and could be a bit blurry on ocassion this wasn't too much of a problem most of the time. With this said, part of me actually wished the game had been released on the PSP instead as I feel the DS was holding it back a bit graphics wise (but that would also mean that I'd need to get a PSP as there would now be 2 Kingdom Hearts game I can't play :/).

Ahem, anyways moving on.

Addictiveness: 7

This game sometimes kept me playing for the Story alone and I often found it very hard to put down, knowing this you might ask yourself: Well Zlinqx if the game kept you that addicted why did you only rate Addictiveness a 7? Well the gameplay while most of the time very good has some flaws. Firstly while I did like the panel system used for progressing the character, I feel that it was lacking a bit in skills to use for the character as there was mostly one generic spells such as thunder, fire and cure and some utility skills such as dodge roll, scan and flying. Secondly and what probably my biggest gripe with the game as a whole is, the recon missions... These "recon" missions are supposed to be about exploring new worlds once you discover them to find out intel about them however they're mostly just about finding objects that you can investigate and keeping on doing that until you've investigated enough to get a mission clear, they're very boring and actually makes the game worse as there are some which you must do in order to advance story. The platforming sections, while not bad are usually pretty dull as well and don't really add much to the game. I also feel that the game could use some more variety as you usually just go from mission to mission either doing an extremely boring recon mission or a mission where you defeat heartless which while usually fun, will get repetitive after a while. This makes me have to lower the overall rating a bit as I feel a lot of this is simply due to lazy game design. Despite this however I still did enjoy the majority of the gameplay outside the recon missions.

Story: 10

The story in this game is exceptional. Being one of the few games that has made me cry at a certain point, and that was without even playing the previous kingdom hearts games as intended by the developers. I feel this might've partly been as it is easier to relate to Roxas if you're going into this game while being almost completely blind to the series. As he's trying to find out more about who he is and not knowing who he was before he became a nobody, while at the same time there is chaos within the organization. As an added note for those who have played the previous games, it's nice to play from the perspective of Organization XIII and finding out that some of the members aren't as bad as you first thought, though there are still some that are (I hate you Larxene, so much). Without a doubt the story will not disappoint, and it will keep you engaged when you're playing through the game.

Depth: 8

There is a lot to do in this game as there are often a lot of optional goals you can complete in missions to earn more rewards, there's also some missions that are completely optional. Besides this there's also a mission mode where you can take on certain missions to earn tokens which can be redeemed for rewards. When redeeming items you also don't lose tokens instead you keep gathering them and you're able to get better rewards the higher your amount gets. Mission mode also allows some multiplayer as you can take missions with up to 3 friends through wireless play which can be fun if you have friends who own the game.

Difficulty: 7

I'm mainly judging this based on the normal mode as there's also an easy mode and a proud mode available to choose from when you start the game. The game has it's fair share of frustrating moments, however most of the time never to the point where you'll get stuck for days not being able to complete a mission (unless you're playing on proud mode). Also many of the harder parts of the game are also optional such as being optional bosses in a mission that you can defeat for better rewards or optional missions entirely. However if you're trying to 100% complete this game on proud mode, get ready to rage... A lot.

Overall: 8.5

This is a great game, and I would've probably rated it higher if it weren't for some of the problems when it comes to the gameplay but that shouldn't discourage you to get this game if you're a Kingdom Hearts fan. If you're completely new to the series, you could probably play the game and enjoy it however, starting with the original Kingdom Hearts then coming back to this game would probably be a better decision.

Got it memorized? #overusedkingdomheartsreferences

As always don't forget to rate my review, tell me if you agree or not and why, suggest ways I can improve my reviews until next time and I hope you read the next one!
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 7   Depth 8   Story 10   Difficulty 7

Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Game Description

Uncover the events that took place during the year Sora was asleep regaining his lost memories.

In KINGDOM HEARTS, Sora turned the Keyblade on himself in order to release Kairi’s heart, but his heart was also released in the process. This brought about the creation of Roxas, Sora’s Nobody. Unlike most Nobodies, however, Roxas has no memories of his past. He joins Organization XIII and slowly begins to discover the truth behind his existence and the Organization itself. He meets and befriends the fourteenth member of the Organization, who also has no recollection of her past. What will Roxas see during his time

in the Organization? What is the connection between him, Sora and the fourteenth member? And what becomes of them? Dive into the heart of the KINGDOM HEARTS storyline’s biggest secrets.

Uncover the events that took place during the year Sora was asleep regaining his lost memories. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days revolves around Roxas, the "other" hero from KINGDOM HEARTS II, and his days as a member of Organization XIII. Follow Roxas and the rest of Organization XIII across the various Disney Worlds, and discover the connection between him, Sora, and the mysterious 14th member, and the reasons behind his eventual departure from the organization. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days also features a multiplayer mode for the first time, allowing players to control their favorite Organization XIII members!


• Familiar action-packed KINGDOM HEARTS gameplay that has captivated fans worldwide
• “Panel System” – a brand new system that allows you to customize Roxas’ arsenal by placing abilities, items, and weapon parts into allotted slots
• A series-first multiplayer mode, allowing up to 4 players to control any Organization XIII member
• Learn about the origins of the “Organization XIII” name
• Get to know the members of Organization XIII, including the mysterious fourteenth member
• Finally experience the KINGDOM HEARTS storyline’s missing chapter

Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Reviews

Overall 9.6    Graphics 8.5    Sound 10    Addictive 8    Story 9.5    Depth 8.5    Difficulty 7.5

Kingdom Hurts 358/2 days (Yay for amazingly bad puns).   Zlinqx
Well so just when I finished this review, I tried to submit and for some reason it didn't work basic...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 7   Story 10   Depth 8   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 07-28-14     Updated: 08-06-14     Review Replies: 2

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days review   deggle
this game is a stray off the Kingdom Hearts series character wise and everything about it' about a d...
  Graphics 8   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Story 9   Depth 9   Difficulty 8

      Review Rating: 4.8/5     Submitted: 02-03-14     Review Replies: 1

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