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10-13-19 08:28 PM

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Can't change controls
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease help!
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02-17-16 10:39 PM
EX Palen
02-18-16 04:50 AM

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Can't change controls


02-17-16 10:39 PM
thehedgehogsonic is Offline
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Whenever I try to change the controls on the Visual Boy Advance Emulator, it doesn't work. I press the key I want to change the button to, it doesn't do anything. I've already tried to use the delete key on a button to get the default out of the text box, and then copying and pasting the key I want to make that button into the text box. It seemed to change the text, but when I clicked OK, it simply reverts back to the default buttons. Can somebody fix this bug? I'm begging you!

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02-18-16 04:50 AM
EX Palen is Offline
Link | ID: 1246328 | 31 Words

EX Palen
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Please refrain from creating duplicate threads, even if they don't get any replies.

Your original thread has been moved to the correct forum. Please be patient, answers will come in time.
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