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10-15-19 12:45 PM

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06-03-14 06:25 AM
09-03-14 07:16 PM

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07-25-14 01:19 PM
Cradily is love is Offline
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Why? Why is knocking on my door at 7 AM to sell me something or "bring the good news" ok? That bothers me, swearing is just words, I don't get people knocking on my door at 7 AM just to swear at me... but OK I do admit excessive swearing does get annoying, but there's nothing wrong with dropping an F-Bomb when your strongest Pokémon faints in a nuzlocke .
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07-25-14 01:25 PM
MattyIce is Offline
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I'm not going to say that I don't swear because everybody does. You don't have to say a swear word to be swearing. All you have to be doing is thinking it. I think its safe to say that we all have at least "thought" something towards someone. I rarely swear in public. I run a pro shop, so I need to keep my appearance as professional as possible. If somebody else hears me talking trash to a friend, even if its for fun, they won't come in to my shop...I mean would you? If you've never met me before and you heard me swearing with every other word, would YOU come in my shop? Probably not.

And another thing, you definitely should NOT swear when there is a child present, even if it isn't yours. You don't say those things in front of them because you could be corrupting their mindset. I mean, if you swear, then they'll think its okay to. Its as simple as that.
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07-25-14 02:31 PM
Singelli is Offline
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Why do I feel like very thread I read recently, is just a repeat of an old thread?  lol

When I visited my mother and youngest sibling yesterday, we actually had a conversation about this.  He loves to use the word 'crap', but I won't use it and consider it to be a curse word.  Naturally, I consider it a very 'minor' curse word and I've probably uttered it a few times in my life, myself.  However, my brother views my opinion as incredibly stupid.  I tried to explain to him that growing up... our mother always taught us not to say the word, and hence... I view it as a curse word.

Curse words are just very profane and tactless, from what I figure. I mean, I would got outside and start talking about my intimate bits, now would I?  They are just words, and they are very biological and full of science... but that doesn't make it appropriate for a public audience.  However, it's more about perception, really.  If everyone viewed ... I don't know.... 'vizzed' to be a crass word, I wouldn't use it.  I want to be perceived as someone with clean thoughts, a gentle spirit, and a lack of disdain for others.  

I'm not sure how else to explain it, but respect is something defined by our actions and words. If society views something as being disrespectful, than by all means, I want to make a good impression by avoiding it.
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09-03-14 06:47 PM
a-sassy-black-lady is Offline
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i agree i hate the fact we cant use swear words in public it makes me angry that i have to censor my self for other people its the way i talk i cant help myself i dont even know why people get so bent out of shape about these words
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09-03-14 07:16 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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People that swear too much tend to lack a great vocabularly oranalytical skill.
People that dont swear at all tend to be prudes or detached from reality.
Like any other word in the English language, there is a place to use them.
Some people swear twice in every sentence and I find it annoying,the same as I would if they were using multiple adjectives in each sentence. Its not necessary and adds nothing of value to the conversation.
I think I know 2 people that dont swear. I dont get annoyed by that, but I find it very weird. Especially if someone else conversing is swearing.
Its like if someone déliberately avoided using a word such as... well, "as".
Granted, as is more integral. But I dont see a lot of rationality in treating words like lepers.
Or talked to you without looking in your eye. Try talking tosomeone who continually looks out across yourshouoder, even when they respond to you. Its strange.

Swear words can add emotion and context, same as your tone of voice or body language.

Dont cut off the nose to spite the face.
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Bleeding Heart Liberal

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