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08-20-09 11:22 PM
08-25-11 10:23 AM

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The Nintendo Wii Scam

Do you think the Nintendo Wii is a rip off for its price?
44.0%, 37 votes
56.0%, 47 votes
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09-01-10 02:04 AM
catutie1 is Offline
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im going to have to disagree. love my wii. nintendo has always come out with things that are way ahead of the competition. (dont get me started on sony) other companies stick with a regular controler and better graphics thats it. nothing new is ever brought to the table except with nintendo. the wii isnt about graphics its about gaming experience. there are alot of good games on the wii. punch out, SSBB, Mario kart, Mario anything, Legend of zelda (it got game of the year so dont say its bad). the reason for so many bad ones is that nintendo has ALOT of third party support. so the third party games try and cash in on the motion controls and forget about making the game fun or making the controls...not broken. some third party games do work though like de blob, and boom blox. nintendo was never about having the best graphics or the better hardware. they were always about the experience
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09-04-10 02:41 PM
billythekidmonster is Offline
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the games on their own should be worth the price of a wii.
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09-04-10 06:16 PM
Jumpman12 is Offline
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To be honest, I sort of forced myself to like the system. I only played the real gems like zelda and galaxy and brawl, but besides that I am sort of dissapointed and hope they focus on gamers over familys next time.

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Registered: 06-27-10
Location: USA
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09-04-10 11:01 PM
Zamiel is Offline
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Jumpman12 : Likely not. The market is bigger for family rather than gamer and Nintendo is a business they'll go for what will make them more money.
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09-05-10 02:27 PM
MegaRevolution1 is Offline
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its definitely a rip off, i like the system and its games and all, but the prices are just to much. its not a HD type of game system unlike the ps3, and most games are just boring carnival games or ones that nobody has heard of. its more worth a Nintendo DSi's price instead of around $200/ $250. its worth $150 at least, but it doesn't easily break like the Xbox 360. and that, and all the the other good games/ old games are the only good things about it.
Vizzed Elite
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09-05-10 03:22 PM
Paladin619 is Offline
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Ill say this. I have 2 xbox 360'that broke down on me, plus my original xbox broke down on me. However, my Nintendo wii and Ps2 has not broke down on me and I am enjoying games like Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Other M, Okami and Zelda. In terms of longevity the nintendo wii is worth the price because the xbox 360 dies so quickly. I had the first xbox 360 for a year and it died, and then I bought a second one and it died in about 3 months.
My nintendo Wii so far has been working for about 3 years straight, and most of the time I was playing the wii.

Also, the xbox 360 scratched a couple of my xbox discs.


Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-19-10
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10-23-10 09:47 AM
supernerd117 is Offline
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Its graphical system wouldn't be worth it for $250, but at its price right now ($150), it's definitely worth it for the technology and certain games (like Super Mario Galaxy). Also, my family's Wii has been through all sorts of use and abuse, and it's still working fine. Also, it has compatibility with Netflix, which we use a lot. On those points, I'd say it's worth it.
Vizzed Elite

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10-23-10 03:26 PM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
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For the most popularly known case of motion control being done well, it's worth the price. I mean, this technology is expensive, and imagine how much worse the price would be if Nintendo had decided not to skimp on the graphical abilities, and all that good stuff. Notice how the consoles without motion control out of the box are more expensive? Well... It's not because the company is greedy, even though they are anyway, it's because the company knows that the guts make the price justified.

I'll just use the PS3 as an example, as it is notorious for the original price back when it came out. People moaned and whined about how it, and claimed they may as well just get a computer for the price it was. These people didn't realize why it was so costly. Let me list the reasons.

1. It had a new media format called Blu-Ray, and used Blu-Ray discs. This format boasts extremely high quality in visuals and maybe more compared to all forms of DVDs. This was just some attempt at making Sony's new format kill off DVDs, obviously, but it also uses the format's strengths for making games have more powerful graphics.

Now, just to put this out there. If it weren't for the PS2, DVDs would probably not have killed off VHS. Oddly enough, the PS3 being able to play Blu-Ray discs didn't do a thing for the format's popularity. This will seem odd when you look back at what the PS2's DVD playing abilities did for the format.

2. The system has what was all the current stuff at the time in the guts. It was pretty up to date. It could play games from three different systems, as well. A system that could play Playstation, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3 games isn't going to be getting a cheap price.

3. With all that power in everything, how much more needs to be justified? The PS3 was worth the high price. It would be stupid to price it lower due to the advanced technology it boasted.

Now, compare this with the Wii's original release price. It's just like that. Only, very much more deferred. It is backwards in the guts. It has the older technology for graphics, and the like. The motion controls are nothing new, but the ones the Wii boasted were the most well-done by that time. It was the biggest part of the reason it was $250.

The games a system has doesn't ever justify the retail price. It doesn't even justify the price on old consoles. If that were so, then PS2s would be priced as high as the PS3's original price possibly. The Atari 2600 had tons of great games, but it is dirt cheap. Why? It's so common, for one. The technology is so outdated now, too.

About the Xbox 360's longevity, the first shipping and maybe a few other early shippings of them had notoriously short lifetimes in most cases due to some issues in the hardware. This was Microsoft's fault, but they fixed the early issues as time went on. If a system dies, and it isn't because of issues early shippings of them have, it's the user's fault. My PS2 is 10 years old, and it works like it's new. The system shows no sign of dying still. What does this say about my unit? I was careful with it.

If you don't treat a piece of computer hardware or video game console hardware right, you're gonna get slapped on the cheek like a bad boyfriend. Why? The console is like a girlfriend. It needs to be treated good, or it'll bit back or give you the silent treatment.
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02-03-11 08:56 PM
BNuge is Offline
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This thread is old, but the info still applies.

I think that the lack of supply could be a scam, but the price is reasonable. You left out in your original post that they have the Wii Shop Channel. If you've ever visited there, they charge $5 for a lot of the games. Those same games can still be bought as cartridges on Ebay, but they are around $20 or more nowadays. There is hidden value behind the lack of top rated games.

I know Kinect and Move weren't around when this thread was started, but they are now and they definitely matter. Once Sony and Microsoft try to shove themselves into the motion gaming business they will either fail or they will have the same number of high rated games as Wii (either PS3 and Xbox go down or Wii goes up).
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02-03-11 10:33 PM
WarpStarFerret is Offline
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I half a year ago I might have voted differently, but as far as I can see the Wii is turning things around. I don't think it's a waste anymore.
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02-03-11 10:37 PM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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Wii is too expensive. Not only is the console expensive but so are the games....a game costs more than an outfit. That is insane and ridiculous. There's nothing different about Wii than any other system except movement. That's not a good enough reason to charge ridiculous prices. If you want to spend a lot of money on a worthy a PS3. :)
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02-03-11 11:57 PM
CelticUprising is Offline
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I was looking forward to getting a Wii for nostalgia purposes when I found out about the list of retro games. Then I got one and realized that internal memory is next to zilch, and to get a significant number of those old-school games, I'd have to spend MORE money to pump up the memory. And I hate that almost every Wii game REQUIRES the Wii-mote and Nunchuck. I hated playing Twilight Princess because of it, and actually went out and bought Game Cube controllers so I could enjoy Smash Bros. I ended up selling my Wii to a co-worker and don't really have any regrets about it.
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02-04-11 03:35 PM
unclepie924 is Offline
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There are a lot of great wii games out there. and those games themselves are pretty awesome. the wii needs to get more better selling games. i think half the wii games are just sequels to previous best selling games. theres no new series out with the new concept. either way, it IS getting old, but it does provide some entertainment for a person with a bored mind like me

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02-10-11 11:55 PM
Sephitard9001 is Offline
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I agree with pretty much David said, if it still applies. As for the old PC vs. Console controls: I prefer to use my PS3 controller on PC games that allow that option.
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07-08-11 07:45 AM
dazzsheil is Offline
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Its Very simple Mr. Davideo7, look at IGN Right now and you'll see That 3 games exclusively on Wii( For the moment) have 10's,Super Mario Galaxy 2,Ocarina of Time and Chrono Trigger.The Xbox 360 also has 3 games that got a ten but they are also on PS3 Sp they are not exclusives and the PS3 Has 4 Tens but only 1 of them is exclusive to PS3(Metal Gear Solid 4) so the way I See It is:

#1: Nintendo Wii(3)
#2: Sony Playstation 3(1)
#3: Microsoft Xbox 360(0)
#4: Zeebo Inc. Zeebo Entertainment System(0)

Also this thread is now irrelivant cause Wii U is coming out so who gives a Monkey....
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07-08-11 05:14 PM
pi0x is Offline
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The Wii isn't half bad actually.. >_>, but it could A LOT better. Maybe the new Wii U thing will bump up the value of the Wii and make it better :P. Some of the newer games for the wii, the once that were announced, look pretty epic. so far :).
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07-08-11 05:15 PM
legacyme3 is Offline
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The Wii is obviously a scam.

Just look at how they rushed the WiiU out.

They know their first attempt was a bad idea.

Now they are kicking themselves, and are scrambling to get back in the race.
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07-08-11 05:20 PM
Vincent Swiftstrike is Offline
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The only reason I would honestly buy a Wii, is to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Maybe a Mario Kart game. Other then that, it would actually honestly only work as a substitute Gamecube, since mine is... Well, it doesn't close. It keeps opening by itself. I think something is jammed in the open button thingy because it doesn't want to come up.
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07-08-11 05:27 PM
icrazy is Offline
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I would buy a wii for the games (mostly virtual console) not the graphics or features
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07-08-11 05:29 PM
UserMike is Offline
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Lol I would have voted the same way 2 years ago as I did now, me dad bought the 60 gig PS3 in 07 for 600 dollars !!? USD lol. Still I love how it's a Blu-Ray player as well go HD gaming not mention everything it has now. PSMOve, 3D gaming, PS1 games are still being added to the PSN store library for your fav old games....
Looking back I could've waiting in getting my Wii, I mostly got it for exclusives, but still ended up shelling out money for PS3 games , and now a bit of Xbox360 games before I spend money on Wii stuff. I have SSBB, and nothing else of note really.
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