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11-17-19 06:57 AM

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06-09-13 02:59 AM
01-07-14 01:45 PM

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How old is Mario? (Not according to the anniversary)


12-03-13 04:39 PM
plantkingman is Offline
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Mario has got to be at least 25 years old. I remember playing the original for the first NES when I was about six years old!

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12-10-13 01:15 PM
sonicmania6 is Offline
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According the short comic series in the old issues of Nintendo Power, Mario is 25 yrs. old, plus Nintendo somewhere down the line officially stated that Mario and Peach are the same age. So he can't be that old, unless Peach gets some plastic surgery occasionally.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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(edited by sonicmania6 on 12-10-13 01:17 PM)    

01-04-14 02:03 AM
DenzGamer135 is Offline
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   I do know that the video game character of Mario is older of age than the video game character of Luigi. I do believe the age of Mario ranges between the numeral of forty and the numeral of fifty.
Twenty-Four Escapes of Extinction

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01-04-14 05:51 PM
brock270 is Offline
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Well according to Nintendo, Mario was originally going to be called ossan which in Japanese means old man. This could hint at Mario in his first game being either very old, or middle aged, depending on how you see the term.

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01-04-14 07:33 PM
EideticMemory is Offline
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I always imagined him at 27 or 28, having been a plumber for life. If I'm going all out, I'd say he was 32 or 33 by the time he beats all nine worlds and 34 by the time he rescues Peach. And that's being very conservative in my estimate. For all his trouble, he gets one kiss from Peach. How does that sound?
Vizzed Elite

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01-06-14 09:00 AM
Barathemos is Offline
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I think of him as about 25 - 30. He isn't that old as he is still very fast and can jump really high, and he still looks pretty young. I don't think he is much older then 25 if he is.
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01-07-14 01:45 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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Just based on the way Mario looks and sounds, I would guess that he would be somewhere in his late 30’s, like 37 or 38 years old.

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