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11-15-19 01:33 AM

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03-16-13 01:37 PM
03-16-13 01:42 PM

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Kid Icarus High Score competetion


03-16-13 01:37 PM
SuperCrash64 is Offline
Link | ID: 756986 | 164 Words

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 Alright After Taking some suggestions. and Seeing no  rgr competetions for this game at all. I figure instead of speed runing this game. It would be great to do a High score competetion on here. 

 Alright. before i get started . theres gonna be some rules.  

Heres the link to the game

 1st Rule No Cheating the competetion . By using  in a jector. for example If anyone comes up with the maxium score in under 3 minutes i Will  dq that user from this competetion instantly because i ll know thats using a injector.. and they shall receive no viz 

2nd Rule As usual Ya Must Play this Under High Score Mode. then Sumbit your screenshot.  there fore no Save stating will be used 

Alright 1 more thing. theres only gonna be 1 winner since i got a short amount of Viz. I will Charge a 50 Viz fee for the sign ups. hold on this is a bad layout .

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A unique thread creator . Helped team trusted pull 300 points in the summer 2016 tdv competition.

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(edited by SuperCrash64 on 03-16-13 01:42 PM)    

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03-16-13 01:42 PM
earthwarrior is Offline
Link | ID: 756988 | 44 Words

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Two things. 
1) you need mod approval for competitions. 
2) You need to give away a minimum of 5000 Viz for a prize. I think that number is a little high, but rules are rules. 
Once you meet the criteria ill re-open this. 
Vizzed Elite
Vizzed's #1 Kid Icarus Uprising Fan! 2nd place in December 2012 VCS!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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