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Play Batman Returns Online
Frigid winter winds swept over an already chilled Gotham City. Random street crimes were running at an all-time high, despite the holidays. Down below, in the city's frozen sewers, Oswald Cobblepot, known as The Penguin, planned more mayhem and schemed the take over of the fightened metropolis. His loyal army of missle-packing Penguin Commandos and the bizarre Red Triangle Circus Gang are energized by the evil genius of the web-footed orphan. A desperate call to Batman goes up. Partner with Batman to salvage Gotham City from The Penguin's cold-hearted plot. Guide him in swift, life-like moves from dark alleys to rooftops in vivid scenes based on the hit movie, "Batman Returns." Control his combat style, and help conduct relentless interrogations of The Penguins many allies. Use the Batcave computer to input clues, analyze evidence, and review enemy bios. You're in charge of weapons, too. Stock Batman's Utility belt with enough heat to match the diverse fighting styles of The Penguin and cold-blooded, sewer-dwelling minions. Gotham City is in trouble. System: snes
Spirit of Discovery
Konami, Inc.
Rating: 8.7
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Batman Returns

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Batman Returns: Batman Returns
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Posted on 02-20-12 05:23 PM Totts is Offline     Post: 430 words - Spell checked - (ID: 544445) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link | Post's Words Ignored |
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A Christmas game with a twist, you get to play as Batman, in a Gotham City full of ghouls and other evil henchmen. Batman Returns follows the same story as the movie Batman Returns. You play the role of the best superhero ever, Batman. You are trying to stop the Penguin and Catwoman's evil plans to frame Batman. So now Batman, or you, have to defeat Penguin to clear your name. Catwoman is also helping the Penguin with his evil plans. Destroy them Batman! From the start however, the frustration levels start to rise as you realise that the life of a super crime fighter is not a happy one, it involves lots and I do mean lots of repetitive bashing, just think of Double Dragon, Final Fight, or TMNT arcade game and you will know exactly what I mean. You basically just go around beating up people. The controls are easy to learn. If you have trouble playing this, something is definitely wrong.

Batman uses many gadgets throughout this game to help you get through the levels. Speaking of levels, this game is long. It probably only seems long because there was no such thing as a memory card back then but oh well. It might be long, but you won't mind putting in the hours after trying it once because you will definitely be hooked.

You are fighting Catwoman and Penguin's thugs and you will eventually face Catwoman and Penguin. You get to drive the Batmobile in one level and it is fairly easy to control. Batman Returns is a beat'em up side scroller game. You can throw people through glass which is fun too. You also get to beat up clowns which is great fun. I mean, who doesn't like to beat up clowns?!

The graphics are great for a Super Nintendo game. The sound is also good. It feels like you really are in the movie. This game is in 2D and great 2D at that. The enemy skins look great. The graphics are overall good, the saying ‘SNES does it best’ aptly applies here. You go around fighting the thugs in the streets of Gotham City.

The music is pretty good I guess, but I never really paid attention to it. It sounds ok when you hit people and when crap explodes. Pretty good sound overall.

This game has great replayability. I bet I have beaten it millions of times. Just over and over and over. I'm sure you will too if you play this. It really is great fun. Did I mention the clowns?

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Batman Returns: Batman Returns
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