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06-12-11 09:47 PM
06-26-11 05:35 PM

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The HEAT LOSE in the NBA Finals


06-13-11 11:22 PM
supersonic1998 is Offline
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i aint even been keeping up with the playoffs n the finals. not really anyways. but i was rooting for the bulls to pummel the heat. but alas, they lost. but the mavs didnt! i was happy to hear that lebron, the very man that abandoned his home team for the heat, dwayne n company lost to the mavericks. and lebron blaming god?? hah! blame yourself loser. the guys in my class said the mav were gonna win n they were right o. it serves them right for beating MY team. ya know, i find it very funny that the team with a lot of good players looses to one with not as many. i guess that goes to show you dont have to have a whole bunch of awesome players to win the game. it takes determination, desire and want. as well as not just assuming you're gonna win. assumptions arent always correct. so next year, they better be ready or else they'll get beaten by the bulls! or maybe even the lakers. you never know till it winds down to the playoffs. then we can all squabble over who'll win the finals like brothers and sisters over a TV remote. =P
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06-26-11 05:35 PM
hl54322 is Offline
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I actually wanted Heat to win. I personally love the team, and even though Lebron shouldn't have abandoned the Cavaliers, I think he's an amazing player.

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