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What's the best Zelda Item?

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What's the best Zelda Item?
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Posted on 02-03-11 07:07 PM bigNATE is Offline     Post: 44 words - (ID: 323232) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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The whip in Spirit Tracks :3. Not only is it handy for attacking enemies, but swinging across those gaps is so frikkin fun!
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Posted on 02-03-11 07:13 PM Annette is Offline     Post: 5 words - (ID: 323236) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 85

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Definitely Link's tights.

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Posted on 04-14-11 09:50 PM Nezumi is Offline     Post: 103 words - (ID: 368584) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 12

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I've always gotten a kick out of the Remote Bombs from Minish Cap. They work just like normal bombs, except it's almost impossible to blow yourself up! As an added bonus, you can just pick them up and throw them at your enemies! THEN DO IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN!!! You can throw a Remote Bomb at as many enemies as you want! I used one or two Remote Bombs to defeat all the Wizzrobes in the Tower of the Winds. That was probably the most fun I've ever had beating up enemies for the dungeon item. Now all we need are Remote Bomblings...

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Posted on 04-15-11 09:02 AM nintendomangaguy is Offline     Post: 134 words - (ID: 368762) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 28

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This is a hard one. There are a tons of items there are really too many to chose from for example there are the ones that are from every game like the boomrang to the more unique ones like the sand wand. There are some that I do not even know. So as you could guess this one is hard, but if I had to chose I would need to go with the Magnetic Gloves.

these things are really cool you can use them to pull darknuts into holes, move objects to kill enemies, cross gaps with stasionary objects and rotating objects, and if you are over a gap you hover for a moment to turn aroud and use them on some thing eles. I mean how cool is that!

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Posted on 04-15-11 12:50 PM Mouse611 is Offline     Post: 36 words - (ID: 368799) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I personally like the Red Candle. It was the Fire Rod before they ever thought of the Fire Rod! Also, people would either yell at you if you burnt down their "doors" or give you money.

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Posted on 04-15-11 03:04 PM dkmec20 is Offline     Post: 34 words - (ID: 368853) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 78

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The only Zelda game I've played is the original Legend Of Zelda game and I haven't played too much of it so I would have to say the Heart Capsule or whatever it's called.

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Posted on 04-15-11 03:08 PM epic-san is Offline     Post: 14 words - (ID: 368857) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 78

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My favorite is the Hookshot! it's always fun to Hookshot your way around places.

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Posted on 08-10-11 09:40 AM FFFighterDill is Offline     Post: 40 words - (ID: 437195) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 42

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so many i like the boomarang bow and arrow and hook shot but i cant deside im gonna go with the master sword its more pwerfull then your regular sword and its the sword thats  the staple of zelda games


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Posted on 08-10-11 03:53 PM Marcmoney is Offline     Post: 20 words - Spell checked - (ID: 437989) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 73

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My favorite is the Ocarina from Ocarina of Time.  I just love it, without it, the game is useless.

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Posted on 08-10-11 03:57 PM legacyme3 is Offline     Post: 30 words - (ID: 437996) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 210

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I'd have to say my favorite LoZ item would be the feather from one of the older games. I don't remember which, but it let you jump. I like jumping.


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Posted on 08-28-11 03:04 PM cooleo is Offline     Post: 10 words - (ID: 450055) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 55

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bomb arrows are awesome and the longshot was pretty helpful

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Posted on 01-03-12 02:41 PM vizwiz123 is Offline     Post: 25 words - (ID: 523799) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 141

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Fierce Diety Mask FTW. All that crap I went through to get it was well worth it. Now I can slaughter bosses almost instantly!

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Posted on 08-12-12 01:47 PM hoguan is Offline     Post: 17 words - Spell checked - (ID: 633659) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 49

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Magical boomerang, you can freeze enemies from all the way on the other side of the screen.


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Posted on 10-01-12 02:03 AM cnw64 is Offline     Post: 61 words - Spell checked - (ID: 660676) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 72

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I like the Gale Boomerang from Twilight Princess, you would throw it and it would fly around with a wind like tornado following it and it had a cool sound as well. I also liked the Wind Waker from Wind Waker ( lol ) the music was simply beautiful. I would play with the Wind Waker to create my own songs.
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Posted on 10-04-12 12:17 PM Markeith21 is Offline     Post: 27 words - (ID: 664294) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
Level: 82

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I like the Gale Boomerang and the Ball and Chain item from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Both of those items are very impressive to me.

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What's the best Zelda Item?
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