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Shiny Pokemon in ROM's

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Shiny Pokemon in ROM's
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Posted on 08-16-10 02:47 PM youhey is Offline     Post: 90 words - (ID: 224636) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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I was just wondering, in he pokemon crystal rom can you find shiny pokemon?

I've never seen one (because unfortunatley my parents didnt like me having videogames so I got minimal play time, other than that I was never into pokemon anyway) and was wondering is is possible to see one in the roms?

Another thing, although I think this is for head admin:

I heard rumors about there being a pokemon crystal hack with only shiny pokemon. Jut curious if itsa myth or is it legitimate.

Thank you all.

Bite Bug
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Posted on 08-16-10 02:50 PM Videogamegod is Offline     Post: 16 words - (ID: 224637) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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They sure are, playing a Rom is like playing the real game, but on your computer

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Posted on 08-16-10 03:28 PM ignavusd is Offline     Post: 28 words - (ID: 224664) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link
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Yea its possible ive encountered tons of shinies in the ROMs on here. So buckle down and get to searching since its like a 1/8500 chance or something

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Shiny Pokemon in ROM's
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