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06-24-18 07:52 AM

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04-24-10 03:11 PM
03-12-11 09:40 AM

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The Death Penalty for Minors


06-02-10 10:50 PM
hoguan is Offline
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Bobbynibbles : I didn't know much about the death penalty. Is that good for you(not try to sound mean).
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06-02-10 10:52 PM
Bobbynibbles is Offline
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hoguan : What? I don't understand?
Who are you to wave your finger? So full of it Eye balls deep in muddy waters F**kin' hypocrite

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06-02-10 10:57 PM
hoguan is Offline
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Bobbynibbles : It's true, but the death penalty should be used.
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06-04-10 11:50 AM
Michiko is Offline
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I don't agree with the death penalty in the first place. Really. It bothers me. Because, technically, whoever pulls the switch or administers the injection is themselves a killer. It's just a vicious circle.

I know it costs a ton of money to keep prisoners, blahblahblah, but really, the death penalty just bothers me and seems completely wrong.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-01-10
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06-04-10 04:26 PM
alexanyways is Offline
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I have double thoughts about this:
1. They are kids, they have a full life to live.
2. But they are criminals, and it's better to stop them for good instead of letting them roam the world and turn into something worse.

Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 02-24-10
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06-05-10 07:28 AM
Crawldragon is Offline
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Children are young and impressionable. It's my belief that there are no "evil" people, and that all of their sins and imperfections are merely the result of mistakes made by themselves and/or other people. As such, anyone can change. I think everyone should at least be given a chance. Fortunately, death row inmates are given a lot of time, but unfortunately by that time it's too late for forgiveness from the government. Because I believe in the preciousness of life, I have to object to the death penalty for minors.
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06-05-10 08:33 AM
Roxas941 is Offline
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No, there should not be a death penalty for children.
There just now understanding the concept of killing others.
Send them to a jail we're they do bad things to you.
That will teach them a lesson on killing others.
L00k aT Me Aw3s0mE BaBy EgG.

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(edited by bigNATE on 08-16-10 09:55 PM)    

07-31-10 06:38 AM
chugchu is Offline
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I've known from right and wrong since I was 4. I think all rapists and murderers should be killed. You know what you're doing even if you're a kid.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-04-10
Location: Arkansas
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07-31-10 08:51 PM
Hoochman is Offline
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My views depends on what age you are. If you're a teen than I say give it to him. He knows right from wrong to.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-25-10
Location: Minnesota
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08-16-10 09:47 PM
XxChaosxX is Offline
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I don't think there should be a death penalty period. But there definitely shouldn't be one for minors. There are so many flaws with the death penalty.

1.) It costs a heck of a lot more of my tax money to kill a criminal than it does to keep them locked up.

2.) What if a criminal gets the death penalty and then we find out a few years later that 'guess what!? They were innocent! Yay! Buuut we already killed them.....oh crap we're idiots'

3.) It's not for us to decide when someone else dies, no matter who they are. Unless they are threatening our lives we have no right to end theirs.
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09-29-10 05:49 PM
Kerubi is Offline
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Agreed with XxChaosxX, the death penalty is majorly flawed and needs to be abolished.
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10-02-10 06:55 PM
SilverMaestro is Offline
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I think that it completely depends on the circumstances. "I would never just say that a minor needs to die, give him the death penalty!" But if thye did something absolutely terrible,like go an a killing spree or something and go completely out of it, then it may be the best option. I see it as an "Eye for an Eye" sort of problem, but I know that youthful people can sometimes make really stupid mistakes, and are occasionally deserving of another chance.
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10-02-10 07:11 PM
jmc1097 is Offline
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No, I do not. For adults, fine. If they raped over 50 people and murdered 100 then fry them. But for minors? I don't think so, because who could really stand killing off a kid, and imagine how bad they would feel if the person they had executed was actually innocent.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-30-10
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10-17-10 04:14 AM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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If it's really necessary. Like....if a minor committed a horrible, gruesome, brutal act of killings...mass murders...sick stuff like that. but then again..who am I to decide what's necessary? LOL ... I'm not FOR it..nor am I AGAINST it...i'm indecisive.
Vizzed Elite
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10-24-10 08:30 PM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
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If the minor is obviously just gonna commit the crime that put them on trial as an adult rather than minor, why should they get a chance to? Not all minors are gonna be the kind to fix. If they find pleasure in killing their own kind, they will find pleasure everytime. If they find pleasure in raping. Will they get bored of it? Maybe. Crime can be an addiction, though. Not literally, but rather, it can become a pattern that never stops. I'll give my sister as an example.

My sister has been clean for a few months. She used to be one of the big felons of the state or county because she was so into drugs, and stealing. She never will give up her criminal actions. She almost joined the Cribs, for one. That was when she was a teenager. Luckily, the "hardcore" killas happened to be complete idiots when you bring in the mother of the person. My mom marched in. Marched out. No scratches to be found.

My sister is trying to redeem herself, but her habits will never truly be gone, because those were how she lived for years. If a minor knows what a gang is about, and wants to join them, that is already a warning sign of someone who isn't gonna be fixed.

I believe the Columbine kids could have been helped. These kids were being bullied, had serious psychological problems, and were not okay. The parents were the ones who never were smart enough to wonder if either of them were mentally ill. They were like parents of most killers that happen to be minors.

Most serial killers don't just pop up. They were that way all their lives.

This is a huge grey area for the most part, though.
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11-13-10 12:32 AM
Stikk is Offline
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Of course they should get the death penalty, in extreme circumstances. What, you hit 18 and magically know what you're doing? No way. If they're being tried as an adult, then of course!

One of the defining characteristics of psychopathy is that it's inherent from birth. Psychopaths don't think the same way a normal person does. They can't be rehabilitated. We shouldn't even try. Torch em!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-06-10
Location: Vancouver
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11-13-10 12:43 AM
LeoTheLion21 is Offline
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I do not agree with death penalty at all but for minors? Not a chance in hell would i want that. And to -JigSaw- (note i am not trying to offend you) but think of it this way you are sleeping in your home with your family and some murderer comes in and you wake up they run outside and your chase them on your yard and accidently kill them, then you are tried and sentenced to death. How would that feel like to know there is no choice in the matter because you tried to protect what you love. (again i am not trying to offend anyone.)
Leo The Lion

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11-23-10 03:27 AM
Ellert is Offline
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Humans are already overpopulating and prisoners are costy but I don´t think the death penalty is good for minors whose brains have not yet fully matured, and neither do I think the death penalty is harsh enough a penalty for people who break the law.

Call me cruel but I think that children who comming a crime worthy of a death penalty should instead be condemned to a lifetime of prison and grown ups that do the same should be condemned to a lifetime of slavery, it would be a lot more profitable if they could be used as a workforce rather than just being freeloaders, those that refuse to work could always get the death penalty though ofc.

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11-23-10 03:29 AM
legacyme3 is Offline
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Putting the death penalty on a minor makes about as much sense as allowing the sale of grenades on a full scale market.

Nobody under 18 should be killed for any reason ever. Rehab them first... death is an unallowable penalty as it is.
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11-24-10 10:58 AM
supernerd117 is Offline
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In my opinion, it's not so much the crime, but how much knowledge the individual that committed the crime had about the difference between right and wrong. In that sense, I say that the death penalty for minors is OK for those who fully knew the wrongness of their crime (if the crime is serious enough), as compared to those who only had a limited view of the wrongness of it.

However, it is often hard to determine whether the individual in question had developed a strong sense of morality before giving in to the crime in question. That has led to the system we have today, which relies too much upon the letter of the law instead of the spirit. In other words, people want a fixed set of laws to go on first, instead of the principles they are founded upon first.
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