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04-26-19 07:26 AM

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World War 3
friday the 13th
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Ston Wall
04-14-18 01:39 PM
04-14-18 10:00 PM

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World War 3


04-14-18 01:39 PM
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Ston Wall
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World War 3 just started on friday the 13th. going into WW3 with bad luck does not look good.
World War 3 is about to happen. how many souls of Man dost of thee to think can so'eth be saved?

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04-14-18 06:18 PM
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At this point, I'm unconvinced WWIII will ever happen because the last two World Wars and the Cold War showed that no large-scale conflict, conventional or not, really has a winner. Everyone loses. Everyone involved knows that and so it'll just be a series of idle threats from the world's superpowers while there are proxy wars being fought in the civil conflicts of smaller nations.
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04-14-18 10:00 PM
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World War 3 has been in the minds of everyone on the planet since the end of World War 2, and they have been times that we were basically one gunshot away from World War 3 breaking out such as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

But agreeing with what Moss said, no matter what the outcome is, both sides will lose the war and they won't be a clear cut winner, like take World War 2 for an example, the losing side lost a lot of territory and their land was completely destroyed, and it's not just the losing side, but the winning side also got heavy damaged as well. Now especially with modern weapons and nuclear weapons, there will be no way that anyone will survive, and they will be no winners and both sides will end up being losing sides.

Also agreeing with Moss, I'm also unconvinced that World War 3 will break out because of what transpired in Syria with the airstrikes and the whole issue between Russia and NATO, and if this was the case, we probably would of started World War 6 by now.
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