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List of Video Game Characters in Transformers Franchise
Arcee [Transformers],
Artemis [Transformers],
Barricade [Transformers],
Blackout [Transformers],
Brawl [Transformers],
Breakaway [Transformers],
Bulkhead [Transformers],
Bumblebee [Transformers],
Cliffjumper [Transformers],
Cyclonus [Transformers],
Frenzy [Transformers],
Galvatron [Transformers],
Grimlock [Transformers],
Guiledart [Transformers],
Inferno [Transformers],
Ironhide [Transformers],
Jazz [Transformers],
Jetfire [Transformers],
Knockout [Transformers],
Laserbeak [Transformers],
Leo Prime [Transformers],
Lockdown [Transformers],
Megastorm [Transformers],
Megatron [Transformers],
Megatron [Transformers],
Metroplex [Transformers],
Moon [Transformers],
Onslaught [Transformers],
Optimus Primal [Transformers],
Optimus Prime [Transformers],
Perceptor [Transformers],
Prowl [Transformers],
Rattrap [Transformers],
Rhinox [Transformers],
Rumble [Transformers],
Scorponok [Transformers],
Scuba [Transformers],
Shockwave [Transformers],
Sideswipe [Transformers],
Skywarp [Transformers],
Slag [Transformers],
Sludge [Transformers],
Snarl [Transformers],
Soundwave [Transformers],
Star Upper [Transformers],
Starscream [Transformers],
Warpath [Transformers],
Waspinator [Transformers],

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