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List of Video Game Characters in Final Fantasy Franchise
Tellah [Final Fantasy],
Abyss Worm [Final Fantasy],
Ace [Final Fantasy],
Adelbert Steiner [Final Fantasy],
Adramelech [Final Fantasy],
Aerith Gainsborough [Final Fantasy],
Agrias Oaks [Final Fantasy],
Ahriman [Final Fantasy],
Air Elemental [Final Fantasy],
Aki Minahara [Final Fantasy],
Al-Cid Margrace [Final Fantasy],
Aleria [Final Fantasy],
Alexander [Final Fantasy],
Algus Sadalfas [Final Fantasy],
Alhanalem [Final Fantasy],
Aline [Final Fantasy],
Alisaie Leveilleur [Final Fantasy],
Alma Beoulve [Final Fantasy],
Alphinaud Leveilleur [Final Fantasy],
Amarant Coral [Final Fantasy],
Amenhart [Final Fantasy],
Angeal [Final Fantasy],
Anima [Final Fantasy],
Aranea Highwind [Final Fantasy],
Arc [Final Fantasy],
Ardyn Izunia [Final Fantasy],
Arecia Al-Rashia [Final Fantasy],
Aria Luricara [Final Fantasy],
Artania [Final Fantasy],
Artemicion [Final Fantasy],
Arylon [Final Fantasy],
Ashe [Final Fantasy],
Astos [Final Fantasy],
Auron [Final Fantasy],
Azul the Cerulean [Final Fantasy],
Bahamut [Final Fantasy],
Bahamut Fury [Final Fantasy],
Bahamut ZERO [Final Fantasy],
Baigan [Final Fantasy],
Bal Dat [Final Fantasy],
Balthier [Final Fantasy],
Banon [Final Fantasy],
Baralai [Final Fantasy],
Barbariccia [Final Fantasy],
Barret Wallace [Final Fantasy],
Bartz Klauser [Final Fantasy],
Basch [Final Fantasy],
Beclem [Final Fantasy],
Behemoth [Final Fantasy],
Beigan [Final Fantasy],
Belias [Final Fantasy],
Ben 'Smasher' Jackson [Final Fantasy],
Benjamin [Final Fantasy],
Biggs [Final Fantasy],
Bikke [Final Fantasy],
Biran Ronso [Final Fantasy],
Black Belt/Monk [Final Fantasy],
Black Chocobo [Final Fantasy],
Black Knight [Final Fantasy],
Black Mage [Final Fantasy],
Botta [Final Fantasy],
Braska [Final Fantasy],
Brother [Final Fantasy],
Brynhildr [Final Fantasy],
Cagnazzo [Final Fantasy],
Cait Sith [Final Fantasy],
Caius Ballad [Final Fantasy],
Carbuncle [Final Fantasy],
Cater [Final Fantasy],
Cecil Harvey [Final Fantasy],
Celes Chere [Final Fantasy],
Ceodore Harvey [Final Fantasy],
Cerberus [Final Fantasy],
Chaos [Final Fantasy],
Chappu [Final Fantasy],
Chime [Final Fantasy],
Chocobo [Final Fantasy],
Chocoboy [Final Fantasy],
Chocolina [Final Fantasy],
Chupon [Final Fantasy],
Cid [Final Fantasy],
Cid Alustyne [Final Fantasy],
Cid Highwind [Final Fantasy],
Cid Kramer [Final Fantasy],
Cid of the Lufaine [Final Fantasy],
Cid Pollendina [Final Fantasy],
Cid Raines [Final Fantasy],
Cid Sophiar [Final Fantasy],
Cidolfas Orlandu [Final Fantasy],
Cidolfus Demen Bunansa [Final Fantasy],
Cindy Aurum [Final Fantasy],
Cindy/Cindey [Final Fantasy],
Cinque [Final Fantasy],
Cissnei [Final Fantasy],
Clarus [Final Fantasy],
Cloud of Darkness [Final Fantasy],
Cloud Strife [Final Fantasy],
Cor Leonis [Final Fantasy],
Cosmos [Final Fantasy],
Crowe Altius [Final Fantasy],
Cu Chaspel [Final Fantasy],
Cyan Garamonde [Final Fantasy],
Dajh Katzroy [Final Fantasy],
Datto [Final Fantasy],
Dave [Final Fantasy],
Del Dee [Final Fantasy],
Delita [Final Fantasy],
Denzel [Final Fantasy],
Desch [Final Fantasy],
Deuce [Final Fantasy],
Diablos [Final Fantasy],
Diva [Final Fantasy],
Doctor Tot [Final Fantasy],
Dr. Unne [Final Fantasy],
Dycedarg Beoulve [Final Fantasy],
Dyne [Final Fantasy],
Edea Kramer [Final Fantasy],
Edgar Roni Figaro [Final Fantasy],
Edge [Final Fantasy],
Edward Chris von Muir [Final Fantasy],
Eight [Final Fantasy],
Eiko Carol [Final Fantasy],
Elen Dok [Final Fantasy],
Elena [Final Fantasy],
Elza [Final Fantasy],
Emperor Mateus Palamecia [Final Fantasy],
Enkidu [Final Fantasy],
Enna Kros [Final Fantasy],
Eryll [Final Fantasy],
Exdeath [Final Fantasy],
Ezma [Final Fantasy],
F'lhaminn [Final Fantasy],
Faris Scherwiz [Final Fantasy],
Fat Chocobo [Final Fantasy],
Feral Chaos [Final Fantasy],
Fighter/Warrior [Final Fantasy],
Firion [Final Fantasy],
Fran [Final Fantasy],
Freya Crescent [Final Fantasy],
Fujin [Final Fantasy],
Furfur [Final Fantasy],
FuSoYa [Final Fantasy],
Gabranth [Final Fantasy],
Galdes [Final Fantasy],
Galka [Final Fantasy],
Galuf Halm Baldesion [Final Fantasy],
Garland [Final Fantasy],
Garnet Til Alexandros XVII [Final Fantasy],
Garula [Final Fantasy],
Gau [Final Fantasy],
General Glauca [Final Fantasy],
Genesis Rhapsodos [Final Fantasy],
Gentiana [Final Fantasy],
Gerald [Final Fantasy],
Gestahl [Final Fantasy],
Giant of Babil [Final Fantasy],
Gilgamesh [Final Fantasy],
Gillian Hewley [Final Fantasy],
Gippal [Final Fantasy],
Gladiolus Amicitia [Final Fantasy],
Glasya-Labolas [Final Fantasy],
Gnash [Final Fantasy],
Goblin [Final Fantasy],
GODHAND [Final Fantasy],
Goffard Gaffgarion [Final Fantasy],
Golbez [Final Fantasy],
Golem [Final Fantasy],
Gordon [Final Fantasy],
Guy [Final Fantasy],
Hades [Final Fantasy],
Han Daehan [Final Fantasy],
Hauyn [Final Fantasy],
Hecatoncheir [Final Fantasy],
Heidegger [Final Fantasy],
Hildagarde Fabool [Final Fantasy],
Hojo [Final Fantasy],
Hollander [Final Fantasy],
Holly [Final Fantasy],
Hope Estheim [Final Fantasy],
Hydaelyn [Final Fantasy],
Iedolas Aldercapt [Final Fantasy],
Ifrit [Final Fantasy],
Ignis Stupeo Scientia [Final Fantasy],
Imperial Soldier [Final Fantasy],
Ingus [Final Fantasy],
Inoba [Final Fantasy],
Iris Amicita [Final Fantasy],
Irvine Kinneas [Final Fantasy],
Isaaru [Final Fantasy],
Ixion [Final Fantasy],
Izana Kunagiri [Final Fantasy],
Jack [Final Fantasy],
Jayne [Final Fantasy],
Jecht [Final Fantasy],
Jenova [Final Fantasy],
Jenova [Final Fantasy],
Jihl Nabaat [Final Fantasy],
Jo [Final Fantasy],
Josef [Final Fantasy],
Jote [Final Fantasy],
Julia Heartilly [Final Fantasy],
Jyscal Guado [Final Fantasy],
Kadaj [Final Fantasy],
Kain Highwind [Final Fantasy],
Keepa [Final Fantasy],
Kefka [Final Fantasy],
Kelk Ronso [Final Fantasy],
Kelke Ronso [Final Fantasy],
Khalia Chival VI [Final Fantasy],
Kimahri [Final Fantasy],
King [Final Fantasy],
King Regis [Final Fantasy],
Kinoc [Final Fantasy],
Knight In Golden Mask [Final Fantasy],
Kolka Tawantyn [Final Fantasy],
Koo El [Final Fantasy],
Koppe [Final Fantasy],
Kraken [Final Fantasy],
Krile Mayer Baldesion [Final Fantasy],
Kuja [Final Fantasy],
Kujata [Final Fantasy],
Kurasame Susaya [Final Fantasy],
Laguna Loire [Final Fantasy],
Lakeicius [Final Fantasy],
Lann [Final Fantasy],
Larsa [Final Fantasy],
Latov [Final Fantasy],
Lazard [Final Fantasy],
Lee Shuwen [Final Fantasy],
Leila [Final Fantasy],
Lenna Charlotte Tycoon [Final Fantasy],
Lenne [Final Fantasy],
Leo [Final Fantasy],
Leon [Final Fantasy],
Leonora [Final Fantasy],
Letty [Final Fantasy],
Leviathan [Final Fantasy],
Libertus Ostium [Final Fantasy],
Lich [Final Fantasy],
Lightning [Final Fantasy],
Locke Cole [Final Fantasy],
Logos [Final Fantasy],
Louisoix [Final Fantasy],
Loz [Final Fantasy],
Luche Lazarus [Final Fantasy],
Lucrecia Crescent [Final Fantasy],
Lukahn [Final Fantasy],
Lulu [Final Fantasy],
Luna [Final Fantasy],
Luneth [Final Fantasy],
Luso [Final Fantasy],
Ma Dincht [Final Fantasy],
Machina Kunagiri [Final Fantasy],
Maechen [Final Fantasy],
Maenad [Final Fantasy],
Magitek Soldier [Final Fantasy],
Magus Sisters [Final Fantasy],
Marche [Final Fantasy],
Maria [Final Fantasy],
Marilith [Final Fantasy],
Marlene Wallace [Final Fantasy],
Maroda [Final Fantasy],
Masked Woman [Final Fantasy],
Matoya [Final Fantasy],
Mayor Dobe [Final Fantasy],
Meeth Crym [Final Fantasy],
Meliadoul Tengille [Final Fantasy],
Mewt [Final Fantasy],
Mid Previa [Final Fantasy],
Migelo [Final Fantasy],
Mika [Final Fantasy],
Mikoto [Final Fantasy],
Minerva [Final Fantasy],
Minfilia [Final Fantasy],
Minotaur [Final Fantasy],
Minwu [Final Fantasy],
Mjrn [Final Fantasy],
Moenbryda [Final Fantasy],
Mog [Final Fantasy],
Mog [Final Fantasy],
Moglin [Final Fantasy],
Monica [Final Fantasy],
Montblanc [Final Fantasy],
Moogle [Final Fantasy],
Namingway [Final Fantasy],
Navyth [Final Fantasy],
Nemesis [Final Fantasy],
Neo Bahamut [Final Fantasy],
Nero the Sable [Final Fantasy],
Nerrick [Final Fantasy],
Nimbus [Final Fantasy],
Nine [Final Fantasy],
Nix [Final Fantasy],
Noctis Lucis Caelum [Final Fantasy],
Noel Kreiss [Final Fantasy],
Nono [Final Fantasy],
Nooj [Final Fantasy],
Norschtalen [Final Fantasy],
Nyx Ulric [Final Fantasy],
Odin [Final Fantasy],
Oerba Dia Vanille [Final Fantasy],
Oerba Yun Fang [Final Fantasy],
Omega Weapon [Final Fantasy],
Onion Knight [Final Fantasy],
Ormi [Final Fantasy],
Ovelia Atkashka [Final Fantasy],
Pacce [Final Fantasy],
Paine [Final Fantasy],
Palom [Final Fantasy],
Papalymo [Final Fantasy],
Paragon [Final Fantasy],
Paul [Final Fantasy],
Phoenix [Final Fantasy],
Plume Knight [Final Fantasy],
Porom [Final Fantasy],
Prince Doza [Final Fantasy],
Prince Larg [Final Fantasy],
Princess Hilda [Final Fantasy],
Princess Sarah [Final Fantasy],
Prishe [Final Fantasy],
Prompto Argentum [Final Fantasy],
Pryna [Final Fantasy],
Puck [Final Fantasy],
Qator Bashtar [Final Fantasy],
Quale [Final Fantasy],
Queen [Final Fantasy],
Queen of Cards [Final Fantasy],
Quetzalcoatl [Final Fantasy],
Quina Quen [Final Fantasy],
Quistis Trepe [Final Fantasy],
Qun'mi Tru'e [Final Fantasy],
Rabite [Final Fantasy],
Raijin [Final Fantasy],
Rain Loire [Final Fantasy],
Ramuh [Final Fantasy],
Ramza [Final Fantasy],
Ravus Nox Fleuret [Final Fantasy],
Raz [Final Fantasy],
Red Mage [Final Fantasy],
Red XIII [Final Fantasy],
Reeve Tuesti [Final Fantasy],
Refia [Final Fantasy],
Relm Arrowny [Final Fantasy],
Rem Tokimiya [Final Fantasy],
Reno [Final Fantasy],
Reynn [Final Fantasy],
Ricard Highwind [Final Fantasy],
Rid Dek [Final Fantasy],
Rikken [Final Fantasy],
Rikku [Final Fantasy],
Rinoa Heartilly [Final Fantasy],
Ritz [Final Fantasy],
Rosa Farrell [Final Fantasy],
Rosso the Crimson [Final Fantasy],
Rubicante [Final Fantasy],
Ruby [Final Fantasy],
Rude [Final Fantasy],
Rufus Shinra [Final Fantasy],
Rydia [Final Fantasy],
Sabin Rene Figaro [Final Fantasy],
Sadda [Final Fantasy],
Sant' Angelo di Roma [Final Fantasy],
Sasuke [Final Fantasy],
Sazh Katzroy [Final Fantasy],
Scarlet [Final Fantasy],
Scarmiglione [Final Fantasy],
Scott [Final Fantasy],
Selphie Tilmitt [Final Fantasy],
Sephiroth [Final Fantasy],
Serafie [Final Fantasy],
Serah Farron [Final Fantasy],
Seto [Final Fantasy],
Setzer Gabbiani [Final Fantasy],
Seven [Final Fantasy],
Seymour Guado [Final Fantasy],
Shadow [Final Fantasy],
Shalua Rui [Final Fantasy],
Shantotto [Final Fantasy],
Sheila [Final Fantasy],
Shelinda [Final Fantasy],
Shelke Rui [Final Fantasy],
Sherlotta [Final Fantasy],
Shirma [Final Fantasy],
Shiva [Final Fantasy],
Shuyin [Final Fantasy],
Sice [Final Fantasy],
Sin [Final Fantasy],
Sir Tonberry [Final Fantasy],
Siren [Final Fantasy],
Skeleton [Final Fantasy],
Smyth [Final Fantasy],
Snow Villiers [Final Fantasy],
Sonitus Bellum [Final Fantasy],
Squall Leonhart [Final Fantasy],
Squall Leonhart [Final Fantasy],
Stiltzkin [Final Fantasy],
Stiria [Final Fantasy],
Strago Magus [Final Fantasy],
Tama [Final Fantasy],
Tataru [Final Fantasy],
Tellah [Final Fantasy],
Terra Branford [Final Fantasy],
Thancred [Final Fantasy],
Thief [Final Fantasy],
Tiamat [Final Fantasy],
Tidus [Final Fantasy],
Tifa Lockhart [Final Fantasy],
Tilika Tawantyn [Final Fantasy],
Titan [Final Fantasy],
Titus Drautos [Final Fantasy],
Tobli [Final Fantasy],
Tredd Furia [Final Fantasy],
Trema [Final Fantasy],
Trey [Final Fantasy],
Tseng [Final Fantasy],
Typhon [Final Fantasy],
Ultima Weapon [Final Fantasy],
Ultimecia [Final Fantasy],
Ultros [Final Fantasy],
Umaro [Final Fantasy],
Urianger [Final Fantasy],
Ursula [Final Fantasy],
Uruha [Final Fantasy],
Vaan [Final Fantasy],
Valefor [Final Fantasy],
Vampire [Final Fantasy],
Vassago [Final Fantasy],
Vayne Solidor [Final Fantasy],
Vegnagun [Final Fantasy],
Veriaulde [Final Fantasy],
Vidina [Final Fantasy],
Vilucha [Final Fantasy],
Vincent Valentine [Final Fantasy],
Vivi Orunitia [Final Fantasy],
Vossler [Final Fantasy],
Vyv [Final Fantasy],
Wakka [Final Fantasy],
Wantz [Final Fantasy],
Warrior of Light [Final Fantasy],
Watts [Final Fantasy],
Wedge [Final Fantasy],
Weiss the Immaculate [Final Fantasy],
Wen Kinoc [Final Fantasy],
Weskham [Final Fantasy],
White Mage [Final Fantasy],
Wiz [Final Fantasy],
Xande [Final Fantasy],
Y'shtola [Final Fantasy],
Yang Fang Leiden [Final Fantasy],
Yazoo [Final Fantasy],
Yda [Final Fantasy],
Yenke Ronso [Final Fantasy],
Yeul [Final Fantasy],
Yiazmat [Final Fantasy],
Yojimbo [Final Fantasy],
Yoyo Yoko [Final Fantasy],
Yu Yevon [Final Fantasy],
Yuffie Kisaragi [Final Fantasy],
Yuna [Final Fantasy],
Yunalesca [Final Fantasy],
Yuri [Final Fantasy],
Zack Fair [Final Fantasy],
Zaon [Final Fantasy],
Zell Dincht [Final Fantasy],
Zeromus [Final Fantasy],
Zidane Tribal [Final Fantasy],
Zone [Final Fantasy],

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