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12-12-19 03:26 PM

dragon111's Profile -

dragon111 is Offline

  I am dragon111 ball z lol
Perma Banned
Real Name: Roxora
Location: Twilight Town
Age: 18 (12-14-00)  Gender: Male
Registered: 12-17-12 03:29 PM (2550 days ago)
Posts: 690  Threads: 93
Post Words: 27,454 (40 word avg)
Viz: 3,696    Contribution Points: 1,039
Post Rating: 1   Trust Points: 1   Chat: 1
Level: 50    Experience: 915437
Next Level: +31880 Exp    Per Post: 1990 Exp


These are my favorite series.

Dragon Ball Z:

I love to post and make threads. So far I am doing a really good job of it.

One of all me favorite games out of the series in the Retro Game Room.

Pokemon Emerald:
Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury:
The Legend of Zelda The Minish cap:
Naruto Ninja Council 1 and 2:
Super Mario World:
Kirby and The amazing Mirror:
MegaMan Zero 4 and Battle Network 3 Blue and White:

I have about 5 best friends.

1st. marcushoward:
2nd. Eirinn:
3rd. EvilAlu:
4th. Varaddude630:
5th. geeogree

That's about it hope you enjoy this lol.

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