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07-20-19 07:57 PM

Magma_Cube's Profile -

Magma_Cube is Offline

Real Name: The Unknown
Age: 16 (03-27-03)  Gender: Male
Registered: 04-07-13 02:51 PM (2295 days ago)
Posts: 810  Threads: 116
Post Words: 34,421 (42 word avg)
Viz: 6,984    Contribution Points: 1,949
Post Rating: 3   Trust Points: -4   Chat: 15
Level: 53    Experience: 1104431
Next Level: +52688 Exp    Per Post: 2045 Exp
Last Activity: 05-06-19 11:29 AM
Last Post: 04-17-19 08:21 AM
  TV Show Elimination


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Thanx for increasing
My Viz :

Your Viz: 8,357

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Milestones :

Be well known arround vizzed :
Beginning : Yes
Normal : Yes
Highly Known : Yes
Viz Earned :
100 : Yes
1000 : Yes
5000 : Yes
10000 : Yes
50000 : Yes
100000 : No
Ranks :
Newbie : Finished ( First 10 days )
Member : Earned.But in progress
Trusted : Will never be earned unless i got demoted
Trusted Member : No
Vizzed Elite : No
Site Staff : No
Global Mod : No
Local Mod : No
Admin : Never

Visitor areas :

Check My youtube channel!!!
Favourite Franchises&Game ( Listed on order )

Mega Man :
Mega Man Xtreme 2
Mega Man V
Mega Man IV
Mega Man 3
Mega Man III
Rock Man 4 minus infinity
Mega Man Zero 2
Mega Man Zero 3
Rock Man Exile
( Im the biggest mega man fan on vizzed )
Kirby Franchise :
Kirby&The amazing mirror
Kirby Adventure
Kirby Return to dream land
Grand theft auto :
Grand theft auto san andreas
Multi Theft Auto san andreas
Grand theft auto Liberty city
Starfox :
Starfox Assault
Starfox 2 ( Beta released )
Starfox 1
Pokemon :
Pokemon Red Rescue team
Pokemon emerald
Pokemon yellow
Sonic :
Sonic Chaos 3
Mario :
Super Mario Bros
Metroid :
Metroid 3
Metroid 2
Super Smash Bros :
Super Smash bros 1
Super Smash bros 2
super Smash bros 3
Super Smash Bros 4
Fire Emblem :
Fire Emblem Monshou No Nazo
Those were my favourites from every franchise.and those were the most favourite ones in total.i love a lot more franchises&games!
Check Out my planning to fill up every game i have in my profile.and upload every theme from it.And a level LP.And If you subscribe i will upload what you need ....So if you wanna enter my friends list.feel free to!Also I love the RGR&VGR.Also posting i love it 50/50 i mean half half. !And My profile is finished ( finally )

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