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Play International Superstar Soccer '98 online - Nintendo 64
Rating: 8.1 (20 votes)
Plays: 4,560 M:99% F:1%
Viz Refund Today: /3
International Superstar Soccer International Superstar Soccer International Superstar Soccer
(Emu+Game has Graphic issues)
Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin using Mupen64Plus
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International Superstar Soccer '98 Description: ISS returns to the N64 with improvements to the six previous game modes found in ISS64. New scenarios and updated player rosters (although not FIFA licensed) are included, along with new stadiums from around the world (including three based on those used in the France World Cup '98), create-a-player options, multiple gaming strategies (offside traps, offensive plays, etc.), multiple weather conditions and under lights nightime play, plus commentary from Tony Gubba and surround sound.
International Superstar Soccer '98 Boxart

UPC: 83717180067

Country Origin:

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Genre Sport:

Loose Value: (beta)
Complete Value: (beta)
New Value: (beta)
Rarity: (beta)
5/10 Uncommon

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International Superstar Soccer '98 Cheats and Codes
International Superstar Soccer '98 Cheats, Codes and Tips:

When the words \'\'Press Start\'\' begin flashing on the screen:

C-Down, C-Down, C-Up, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, B, A, then hold the Z button and press Start Big Head Mode
Up, Up C, Up, Up C, Down, Down C, Down, Down C, Left, Left C, Right, Right C, Left, Left C, Right, Right C, B, A. Hold down the Z Button, and press start. Secret Teams

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International Superstar Soccer '98 Game Owners
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    Davideo7  Complete   Very Good             
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International Superstar Soccer '98 User Comments
Mariofan81 03-08-13 - 05:37 AM
 I won 10000000000 . 0
danistriker 01-18-13 - 09:45 AM
 10 goles en 2 juegos! Arriba COLOMBIA Carajo1!!!
danistriker 12-22-12 - 06:53 PM
 argentinos Hdptas.
Jeropka 11-07-12 - 05:40 PM
 Fix this game.
adzr 06-07-12 - 04:28 AM
 i won 31 . 0
jozianostyle 04-23-12 - 12:40 AM
 para configurar el joystik espere o jogo começar e pulsar 2 cliks
jozianostyle 04-23-12 - 12:38 AM
chucho 03-03-12 - 01:44 AM
 como se configura el joystick?
martoncito5 12-31-11 - 11:56 AM
 so you gonna hard the
martoncito5 12-31-11 - 11:55 AM
 go to the start i dont wanna die
martoncito5 12-31-11 - 11:55 AM
 jajajaaj colombia me la pela
budhi 05-27-11 - 11:38 PM
 asome ames 2222220.5 record
Jeropka 05-26-11 - 05:03 AM
budhi 05-22-11 - 07:40 AM
 50.9 record good for me??
Jeropka 05-18-11 - 05:58 PM
 One more best record. 29.8 m.
Jeropka 05-18-11 - 05:18 PM
 32.2 m! New world record! Cool!
Jeropka 05-18-11 - 05:42 AM
 Ha, ha. I make my own player team.
Bruh__ 05-13-11 - 06:52 PM
 Spam... me?No of course no
Bruh__ 05-07-11 - 12:37 PM
Bruh__ 04-24-11 - 11:59 AM
 jogo daora.
colombiano 02-26-11 - 11:07 PM
 viva colombia
Jeropka 01-11-11 - 12:13 PM
 This game is so cool! All is very great!
guga@campelo 11-25-10 - 02:38 PM
 e naum vii
guga@campelo 11-25-10 - 02:38 PM
 pq tava o login do meu irmão
guga@campelo 11-25-10 - 02:37 PM
 foi eu que disse isso

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