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04-24-18 11:19 AM

Play SMB2 Pokemon Hack Online NES Rom Hack of Super Mario Bros 2 - SMB2 Pokemon Hack (NES)

Play SMB2 Pokemon Hack online with Nintendo NES browser emulation for free! SMB2 Pokemon Hack is a rom hack of Super Mario Bros 2 (NES). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

SMB2 Pokemon Hack

SMB2 Pokemon Hack Title ScreenSMB2 Pokemon Hack Screenshot 1SMB2 Pokemon Hack Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.3 (113 votes)
Plays: 12,686 M:98% F:2%
Filesize: 76kb

SMB2 Pokemon Hack Game Description

Graphic Mod of Super Mario Bros 2 (with Pokemon graphics)

SMB2 Pokemon Hack Screenshots

Videos of SMB2 Pokemon Hack Gameplay

05-05-13 05:57 AM
01:11:05  Views: 309
SMB2 Pokemon Hack - Play - User video5/5 Play
12-22-12 03:06 PM
00:02:51  Views: 354
SMB2 Pokemon Hack - Super Mario Bros 2 - Pokemon Hack (NES) - oddish - User video2/5
Super Mario Bros 2 - Pokemon Hack (NES) - oddish

SMB2 Pokemon Hack Reviews

There are no submitted reviews for this Game

SMB2 Pokemon Hack Highscores

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SMB2 Pokemon Hack Threads

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SMB2 Pokemon Hack Guides and Walkthroughs

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Users who own SMB2 Pokemon Hack

There are no users who own this Game

Game Characters in SMB2 Pokemon Hack

Comments for SMB2 Pokemon Hack

ruesen 09-13-14 - 01:08 AM
 Feels like there was so much that could have been done more to this hack, and yet it didn't. Different songs/sounds. Better choices in pokemon. (Chansey doesn't fly, jiggly isn't a fast and strong little guy. Oddish doesn't flutter jump)
republic8 01-17-13 - 06:31 PM
kingvictory 01-08-13 - 09:40 AM
 this is a really weird hack
chrisrex02 06-19-12 - 02:19 AM
 how do i chose a pokemon?
awsomeCCS 06-18-12 - 07:53 PM
 how do i use pow
IllusionZ09 06-03-12 - 08:00 AM
 Meh looks kinda' good..
Haxers 05-30-12 - 12:48 PM
 how do u pick the charecter
AshleyJade5 05-29-12 - 11:25 PM
wonderboy03 05-28-12 - 07:48 AM
 Elavator Grengar!
bigbrither 05-23-12 - 08:06 PM
johnathan101 05-23-12 - 11:16 AM
 Big Pikachu should be Raichu
flame5307 04-29-12 - 09:03 PM
 chansey can fly cuz chansey is a hacked Peach
Bravicade 04-28-12 - 02:06 AM
XHero111 04-21-12 - 07:58 PM
 kind of cool!
mrclement1972 04-18-12 - 07:16 PM
staddon 04-14-12 - 10:01 AM
 hallo ayone
staddon 04-14-12 - 09:52 AM
neopets2498 04-13-12 - 07:43 PM
happy_timothy 04-13-12 - 01:23 AM
 first chat eva o this game
happy_timothy 04-13-12 - 01:23 AM
Sephirothxxxxxx.. 03-06-12 - 11:59 AM
 Dude it's not seedot. It's pika oddish jiggly and chansey
zackefra 02-19-12 - 12:18 AM
marsongamer 02-17-12 - 01:30 PM
 chansy should have been charizard , seedot bulbasore , jigglely puff squrtal
marsongamer 02-17-12 - 01:15 PM
 nice game
marsongamer 02-17-12 - 11:34 AM
 i pick in this order: pikachu, chansy, seedot, and if im still alive jigglely puff