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05-27-19 02:45 AM

Play Gauntlet 4 Online GEN Game Rom - Sega Genesis Emulation - Playable on Gauntlet 4 (GEN)

Play Gauntlet 4 online with Sega Genesis browser emulation for free! Gauntlet 4 (GEN) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Gauntlet 4

Gauntlet 4 Title ScreenGauntlet 4 Screenshot 1Gauntlet 4 Box Art FrontGauntlet 4 Box Art BackGauntlet 4 Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.2 (26 votes)
Plays: 3,081 M:98% F:2%
Filesize: 532kb

Gauntlet 4 Box Description

The Greatest Adventure of all time is now the first game available for Sega Genesis' 4-player adaptor. Gauntlet IV lets you join forces with up to three other players in the Quest mode of this classic adventure!

Gauntlet 4 Screenshots

06-19-15 01:47 AM
Gauntlet 4 - Character Select  - Character Select - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Character Select:
Character Select
06-19-15 01:46 AM
Gauntlet 4 - Introduction  - Title Screen - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Title Screen
no 8120
06-29-15 09:41 AM
Gauntlet 4 - Level  -  level 1 - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
level 1
no 8120
06-29-15 09:41 AM
Gauntlet 4 - Introduction  -  introduction - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
no 8120
06-29-15 09:40 AM
Gauntlet 4 - Introduction  -  introduction - User Screenshot4/5 Edit Screenshot
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Videos of Gauntlet 4 Gameplay

03-13-14 04:22 PM
00:14:19  Views: 71
Gauntlet 4 - Gameplay - User video5/5

Joinable Netplay Multiplayer Sessions for Gauntlet 4 

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Gauntlet 4 Featured Review

Gauntlet 4 Review by: Marcmoney - 8.5/10

Gauntlet 4 Review
Overall - 8.5

Gauntlet 4 is a good game to play.  I have played the first three and I did not seem to like it because it was so hard.  On this game, it is a lot easier and fun since you can play up to 4 players.  I enjoyed it, but not as much as the one on the Nintendo 64 and up.  It is different compared to the Nintendo 64 game.  It has its good interests and bad interests.  I saw this game at my friend's house and he did not seem to have the console working anymore, so I thought of trying it out on here and it was not that bad.

Graphics - 8

The graphics are a lot improved from the previous games.  It was a lot cooler and it was so interesting.  The effects were not that good, but it was something.  When using the potion, it would just flash the screen for a millisecond and that is it.  At least it is something than nothing.

Sound - 7

The sound is good.  Has the music playing and the sound effects were okay.  What surprises me was that the hearing of your character saying something when getting hit.  It would sound like a high toned child being hit or a Japanese girl.  I used the Elf, so it may be different on the other characters.

Addictiveness - 6

I would play this some of the time, but not all the time.  It is an okay game, I would just prefer playing the ones that I grown up with (Gauntlet Legends).

Story - N/A

There was no story in this game, but there should be an explanation about the game or the plot of it.  There are four heroes and you go to a lot of places and try to get to the end and beat someone.

Depth - 6

The game does not have much to offer, but has some good qualities that seemed to be interesting.  For instance, you can choose one of the four heroes and you can play with a friend or friends to work together and beat the game.  Another thing is that you can choose your difficulty and how many continues you want.  It is really helpful in the game.  Not much to say, like I said, but it still is quite fun to play.

Difficulty - 5

The game is not that hard, but the levels are so confusing.  When I got far into the game, some were so messed up and that the enemies can move diagonal through walls.  Another thing that I hated the most is that when you want to open the door and there are enemies on the other side, you would get hit every time you opened an area where enemies are really close to you.  Other than that, the game plays fairly good.

Wrap Things Up...

Gauntlet 4 is not that bad of a game.  I kind of enjoyed it and seeing how different it was from the other games that were made after this one.  I recommend trying this game out if you have not already.  It is pretty good and more fun to play with friends. :)

  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 6   Depth 6   Difficulty 5

Gauntlet 4 Game Description

This port of the arcade original has some extra modes available. Choose again from Thor the Warrior, Thyra the Valkyrie, Merlin the Wizard and Questor the Elf (each with their own advantages/disadvantages) and 1 to 4 players(supports Sega's four-player adapter).

Alongside the standard arcade mode, there are the Quest, Battle and Record modes.
Quest Mode: Defeat the four towers and solve the mystery of the ancient castle; weapons can be bought with collected gold from merchants in the main hub area, where you can also choose which tower to take on next. Experience points are good for increasing your stats.

Battle Mode: Fight your fellows to the death. Maps can include teleporters/monsters/items etc. Avoid exits(or you'll be out of the round).

Record Mode: Arcade mode with some variations such as a password continue, also you can't die - although points will be lost for every 500 health lost.

Gauntlet 4 Reviews

Overall 8.2    Graphics 8    Sound 7    Addictive 6    Depth 6    Difficulty 5

Gauntlet 4 Review   Marcmoney
Overall - 8.5 Gauntlet 4 is a good game to play.  I have played the first three and I did not ...
  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 6   Depth 6   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 10-30-11     Review Replies: 0

Gauntlet 4 Highscores

1. 229,004
TimeTrial: 01:20:27
11-02-14 01:35 PM
Gauntlet 4 - lvl 39... ^_^ - User Screenshot
lvl 39... ^_^
2. 171,760
TimeTrial: 00:39:23
03-30-14 05:17 PM
Gauntlet 4 - arcdemodehard - User Screenshot
3. 110,057
TimeTrial: 00:26:47
03-31-14 09:11 AM
Gauntlet 4 -  - User Screenshot

Gauntlet 4 Cheat Codes

Quest Mode Password
Enter the password at the QUEST MODE Continue screen.
(NOTE - Be sure to enter your name as AETHER-K; or the password won't work.)

Get More Health 5:8tpyc76xao:5ljl3d846teo63coa

Play as Questor 9fywr mp7:9 9oju- xp+5x +kdp= -c3rh

Play as Thor ylog: j4e97 x-te8 68xop wo9+w 3+cx1

Play as Thyra :ectm l-fu9 f9994 =135g -8+ot x4m:y

Start New Quest Mode with Max.Gold & EP (65535)/Max.Health (99900)/Max.Abilities (20)/Optimum Equipment/All Inventory. 50365 W=J-8 +E-2M 8RLF6 3XC:+ WPF6-

Start Quest Mode with Max.Gold & EP (65535)/Max.Health (99900)/Max.Abilities (20)/Optimum Equipment/All Inventory/All Coat of Arms.
50325 W=J-8 +E-2M 8RLF6 3XC:+ WPFAU

Gauntlet 4 Threads

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Gauntlet 4 Guides and Walkthroughs

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Comments for Gauntlet 4

TriXdios 11-02-14 - 01:40 PM
 First place in high score :) was so close to getting to level 40 though lol
hydrowha 05-10-12 - 12:21 AM
 how do i play with other comps?
KateWhitt 04-09-12 - 11:37 AM
 I'm not playing with anyone, Claudio, but my husband is also on his computer playing pacman!
KateWhitt 04-09-12 - 11:34 AM
 Too many Easter eggs, wine and retro games... awesome.
KateWhitt 04-09-12 - 11:28 AM
 total flashback to having a break from physical violence with my brother to play this game!
claudio armstro.. 02-07-11 - 08:49 AM
 I'm still a virgin, I would never do incestuous behavior and I'm not gay.
mrskaterninja 02-06-11 - 10:09 PM
mrskaterninja 02-06-11 - 09:23 PM
fromhell999 02-05-11 - 05:06 PM
 claudio is playing this while getting pounded by his old man
sunku 02-02-11 - 09:38 PM
leemark 01-31-11 - 07:21 AM
piwnooki2 01-28-11 - 02:30 PM
claudio armstro.. 01-20-11 - 07:57 PM
 i'm enjoying playing this childhood game with my old man anybody else have somebody special they're playing this game with?
claudio armstro.. 01-19-11 - 02:42 PM
 is it possible to have mutliple save states or just one?
claudio armstro.. 01-18-11 - 03:46 PM
Clayton 2 08-07-10 - 02:49 PM
 Great Game, the arcade was just like this.
Stupidguy525 07-19-10 - 07:59 PM
Svart 06-19-10 - 06:32 PM
Kinglion99 06-16-10 - 04:20 PM