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12-14-18 08:53 AM

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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a very welcoming family-friendly environment.

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guido222 - 12-13-18 10:53 PM
congrats to all windows
Gingercream1 - 12-13-18 10:49 PM
what was the point of voting for mods if david pick and chooses them anyways
guido222 - 12-13-18 10:34 PM
wow theres mods again
guido222 - 12-13-18 12:12 AM
call of duty swallop
becerra95 - 12-11-18 11:30 AM
Minuano - 12-11-18 12:26 AM
becerra95 - 12-09-18 12:59 PM
patar4097 - 12-09-18 12:32 PM
Okay, this is epic
becerra95 - 12-09-18 11:19 AM
I’m not your lover
Furret - 12-09-18 10:53 AM
becerra it's been a while how are you doing? < 3
Minuano - 12-08-18 06:38 PM
guido morning
guido222 - 12-08-18 12:35 AM
guido morning
guido222 - 12-07-18 07:27 PM
good morning
Lexatom - 12-06-18 11:16 AM
becerra95 - 12-05-18 11:30 PM
Whoa whoa whoa repetitive
Minuano - 12-05-18 11:27 PM
Whoa whoa whoa. I’m trying to avoid conflict here by changing the subject to drawings. I repeated many times I won’t insult way too petty
becerra95 - 12-05-18 11:19 PM
Whoa whoa whoa. I’m trying to avoid conflict here by changing the subject to drawings. I repeated many times I won’t insult way too petty
Minuano - 12-05-18 11:06 PM
becerra95 u better stop talkin vro. I can go destroy everything you enjoy but I’m too classy
becerra95 - 12-05-18 10:47 PM
I don’t insult. Tell me about your drawings my dear friend
Gingercream1 - 12-05-18 10:41 PM
ill pass on that, since i know youre just going to insult me lol
becerra95 - 12-05-18 10:13 PM
I don’t intimidate. I could give the special treatment for a dollar. Tell me about your drawings my friend
Gingercream1 - 12-05-18 09:53 PM
also i dont wonder, watching you try to be intimidating is hilarious
Gingercream1 - 12-05-18 09:53 PM
youre a jerk to everyone lol, i dont get special treatment
becerra95 - 12-05-18 09:49 PM
And you wonder why I’m such a jerk to you ginger. I can go destroy everything you enjoy but I’m too classy
Gingercream1 - 12-05-18 09:47 PM
synchtune isnt a rereg he's a real life friend of mine, but keep telling yourself that
Sword Legion - 12-05-18 08:27 PM
When the light is running low, and the shadows start to grow, and the places that you know, seem like fantasy. . . There's a light inside your soul, that's still shining in the cold. With the truth--the promise in our hearts. Don't forget. . . I'm with you in the dark. . .
becerra95 - 12-05-18 08:19 PM
So much reregs
guido222 - 12-05-18 06:05 PM
together we can show the world what we can do you are next to me and i'm next to you pushing on through until the battle's won no one’s gonna give a thing to us into each other we put our trust standing united, after the fight
SynchTune - 12-05-18 11:38 AM
You WOULD like to be a hero, wouldn't you?
becerra95 - 12-05-18 04:48 AM
Is that better for sarcasm?
becerra95 - 12-05-18 04:48 AM
“Well I am that street wise Hercules. I am that white knight out of that fiery steed“
SynchTune - 12-04-18 11:40 PM
*Implying that he isnt*
Gingercream1 - 12-04-18 11:20 PM
you'd make a great white knight
Lexatom - 12-04-18 11:15 PM
this is so sad alexa play harlem shake
becerra95 - 12-04-18 10:18 PM
I don’t think of them as clever. They’re facts and I can be more heartless and personal but that’s not my intentions. Man of my class knows the boundaries unlike your rereg friend
becerra95 - 12-04-18 10:16 PM
They come to me naturally. Negativity is easier than positivity
Gingercream1 - 12-04-18 09:36 PM
yet you have the time to come up with "clever" rebuttals? are you sure youre not a hermit
becerra95 - 12-04-18 08:16 PM
I don’t know how to put it where sarcasm can be interpreted in messages. I know it’s an illness (one of eight or nine?) SORRY that I don’t dwell online every day like a hermit. Next time I’ll put in quotations so you... people will understand. Can’t see this it’s all emojis with the eyes rolling over
Gingercream1 - 12-04-18 07:21 PM
narcissism is a mental disorder, confidence is actually a good thing
becerra95 - 12-04-18 07:15 PM
There is but they compliment so well with each other. How can someone be narcissistic without confidence? Where’s the pride without those?
Gingercream1 - 12-04-18 07:05 PM
Gingercream1 - 12-04-18 07:04 PM
theres a different between confidence and narcissism lol
becerra95 - 12-04-18 04:54 PM
I don’t act or think I’m high and mighty. I know I am, this site doesn’t dictate how successful I am. Got questions message me on phone, email, discord or Snapchat I’ll oblige with content
becerra95 - 12-04-18 04:48 PM
I’m not saying you’re uninvited to the message but you butt in the conversation with an unnecessary message. You try to butt in make it at least coherent and relatable to the topic you’re trying to enter
Gingercream1 - 12-04-18 04:01 PM
you can't be "uninvited"
Gingercream1 - 12-04-18 04:01 PM
lol its a public comment section you moron
becerra95 - 12-04-18 01:38 PM
It’s not that they can’t put their input but rather make sure it’s relevant to the conversation you’re trying to butt in to
Lexatom - 12-04-18 11:22 AM
lol this conversation. i never knew a vizzed member could be uninvited from the vizzed comments section. here's a tip for you becerra, stop acting high and mighty because you arebt the top dog that you think you are
Lexatom - 12-04-18 11:21 AM
becerra95 - 12-04-18 08:55 AM
I like how the uninvited guest has no useful input on this. You can usurp anything you want I’m above silly taunts and flaming
Gingercream1 - 12-03-18 11:26 PM
guido222 - 12-03-18 11:15 PM
usurp ur mom last night
becerra95 - 12-03-18 09:19 PM
Not saying word choice is superior. There’s responsibility, accountability and authority. Granted the punishment is too harsh (I would’ve given a month or two ban) but everyone was responsible for that mess, you were accountable for your actions, authority was unruly. There are better ways to show creativity without bending the laws. Don’t look at me like I break rules that’s only on chat not on the site itself I’m a saint. A man of my status shouldn’t... misbehaved on the main site itself. What happened about leaving the past behind why trying to usurp my dominance?
guido222 - 12-03-18 06:20 PM
ah yes, word choice is representative of superiority, thank you for this most interesting revelation
becerra95 - 12-03-18 10:05 AM
A man of your.... lowly class wouldn’t care as much with a simple mind. No human should use the R word to begin with, knowing how well that word is frowned upon as society is changing. Not even I, a man with cold words, would ever say such a dastardly word knowing it would offend some users here.
guido222 - 12-03-18 05:35 AM
pretty big word for such a small amount of care i give, might wanna tone it down so you don't tire yourself out
becerra95 - 12-03-18 02:21 AM
A man of my class uses superior rather than “epic”
guido222 - 12-02-18 11:58 PM
okay this is epic
guido222 - 12-02-18 06:21 PM
if they weren't it's their own fault
becerra95 - 12-02-18 07:46 AM
They weren’t happy one bit
guido222 - 12-02-18 02:00 AM
let's call it a happy accident
becerra95 - 12-01-18 07:56 PM
Call you a mistake
guido222 - 12-01-18 06:00 PM
call me ishmael
becerra95 - 12-01-18 10:45 AM
Call me supervillian. A killer who loves children; one who is well skilled in destruction as well as buiildin'
gamerforlifeforever - 12-01-18 10:27 AM
I might do that at some point.
guido222 - 12-01-18 12:47 AM
yoooo gamer hows it hangin, drop by the discord someitme
gamerforlifeforever - 12-01-18 12:22 AM
Hell o Vizzed! It's been awhile
Lexatom - 11-30-18 08:37 PM
becerra95 - 11-30-18 06:20 PM
Snochu. Why
supernerd117 - 11-30-18 03:14 PM
You know what they say: THere's no death like Snowdeath. Whassup?
Snowdeath - 11-30-18 12:14 PM
guido222 - 11-30-18 02:02 AM
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 11:35 PM
takes one to know one am i right gamers
becerra95 - 11-29-18 11:33 PM
/līf/ : noun- a particular type or aspect of people's existence.
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 11:25 PM
sub·jec·tive /səbˈjektiv/Submit adjective 1. based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.
becerra95 - 11-29-18 11:23 PM
becerra95 - 11-29-18 11:23 PM
Story wasn’t interesting. Characters was unlikakable
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 11:05 PM
They never finished the story, so never, my guy
guido222 - 11-29-18 11:05 PM
sorry no spoilers gotta read ahead to find out
becerra95 - 11-29-18 11:03 PM
Good story, when’s the chapter you stay quiet?
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 10:58 PM
Don't be so hard on yourself
guido222 - 11-29-18 10:56 PM
give us ur iq big boy
becerra95 - 11-29-18 10:56 PM
Sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re unintelligent than open it and remove all doubt
becerra95 - 11-29-18 10:56 PM
Sigh... why?
guido222 - 11-29-18 10:54 PM
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 10:51 PM
well it ain't a talent or a skill so good thing its not, im sure employers wouldnt like to see it on a resumé
becerra95 - 11-29-18 10:48 PM
Bullying isn’t in my resumé
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 10:41 PM
then you wont have to look at the page
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 10:41 PM
press the home button
becerra95 - 11-29-18 10:33 PM
Plot twist, I’m on my phone. Don’t say anything if you don’t know what I’m on. Why don’t you do it then since you know so well how to navigate?
GameBoy1023 - 11-29-18 10:30 PM
At the top of your browser window, you'll see the Vizzed front page tab. You can mouse over it and click the tiny x, or press your middle mouse button. This will close you out of the tab, and you'll never have to see us again! Now how does that sound, eh?
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 10:24 PM
no u
becerra95 - 11-29-18 10:19 PM
becerra95 - 11-29-18 10:19 PM
Gingercream1 - 11-29-18 05:14 PM
lol rip mods
GameBoy1023 - 11-29-18 04:42 PM
it's a bonfire, turn the lights out. i'm burnin everythin you mofos talk about
becerra95 - 11-29-18 11:48 AM
Also the whole clean slate of mod applications tho
becerra95 - 11-29-18 11:37 AM
Well 2/10 I’m trying to at least revive this comment page single handed
Frodlex - 11-29-18 04:25 AM
On a scale of 1/10 how dead is this place?
aux1printer - 11-28-18 09:41 PM
to all you guys i used to talk to on here i sure hope you're doing well wow its been a long time

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