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    Sir Drew, Knight of the Order of the Vizzards
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    17 / 08-18-97

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*witty remark*: paper luigi,

A+ Online Friend: pacman1755, Light Knight, pokemon x, Singelli,

All hail: tRIUNE,

Bestie4lyfe: A user of this, EideticMemory, Pokefreak219,

CP friend: gmx0,

Granddaughter: Eniitan,

ImagineUnderdog: Eirinn, GenesisJunkie, Sword legion, yoshirulez!,

obv bestie duh: cnw64,

Online Friend: play4fun, patar4097, Juliet, SoL@R, Davideo7, thephantombrain, supernerd117, IgorBird122, Jordanv78, vanelan, SUX2BU, Bintsy, Sakura Pryde, FunnyFurret, Galacta, Laian, Darkpower508, lilwildwolf21, jack3604, legacyme3,

Sir Manic: manicman66,

Sister: Terrina,

That guy I know: geeogree,

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tRIUNE, nintdsking, Frodlex, jzrozzn8706, Beastmode64, MechaRam, jasonkelli, geeogree, austipokedude, MrHappy1344, Jordanv78, soxfan849, mitchelw, fire emblem10604, panther1, metroidhunter72, TheTrueUlti, darthyoda, PokemonMaster121, roxasgirl, PokemonNuzlocke, Popeye116, Mother3fan5, AuraBlaze, james44028, play4fun, Seishiro Leonhart, earthwarrior, DwarvenKnuckleBuster, Konekodemon, Xenthou, Pokefreak219, YourMajestyKen, lijahboy, thetruemasterofgames, catastrophicize, korra, EvilAlu, hyperknuckles, puma, ender44, Infomaniac, wasqe2435, patar4097, AgnarLotbrok, bvd1022, skippercapt, IgorBird122, SoL@R, Juliet, GameBoy1023, Dean2k13, CANVgamer, GuardianZack, Divine Aurora, lilwildwolf21, Frisbee rules, Tails the Fox, coltstrong13, TornadoMudkip, Treason990, Singelli, gmx0, 4mn3s7y, nzip, manicman66, tronexe98, Pokemon33472, armydrknss01, thephantombrain, Eniitan, rcarter2, DK64Master, Fallman7, plantkingman, goodboy, Sorinkun, J-BenZ420, supernerd117, TidusFFX1997, SoulZ0, tgags123, Mistress, vanelan, CatLady, zanderlex, TheNintendo777, SUX2BU, Davideo7, greenluigi, sonic23, pacman1755, Marcmoney, Light Knight, Terrina, dvkbuddy10623, GenesisJunkie, Gamer_KTX, HEYHEYHEYHEYHEYH, DenzGamer135,

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mrfe's Photo Album Pictures (100)


I like!

Cross pic

You ain\'t gonna get a warning shot! LOL!!!!



hope in Jesus

hope in Jesus


Cross pic

Jesus to the rescue!

We need Jesus




better sonic

best sonic yet

pic for servbot

yep, another layout pic










color... XD





Yes, I took this pic

Red XD



not me, someone else...

another other person







better cross


canucks fan 4 life!



cross layout pic





















Mah layout pic, no stealin.















OC v2: name undecided


mrfe and david watching the sunrise

poor em

then snow

It\'s been a good night 3/3

Yeah play has a pwning bow

play with arrow in tree

play threatens merf

then threatened iggy

iggy hugs play to calm him down

Great balls of cobble, it\'s a ball of cobble!


Will the real Davideo7 step up?

mrfe's Profile Comments (Show 100 Comments)
A user of this
(10-21-2014 8:36 AM)
XD Well, life has been okay-ish. My sleep issue is kinda fixed. I have to go to a funeral in a few days though, so that's put a sad spin on everything. But, overall I'm fine.
(10-20-2014 11:31 PM)
That's good :D How are those North Dakotan girls treating you? ;)
Sword legion
(10-20-2014 11:25 PM)
whao! somebody's a big man! ;) you like your work? and how did you get there?
Sword legion
(10-19-2014 9:52 PM)
you enjoying yourself this fall? :)
(10-16-2014 8:44 PM)
How's sunbathing going?
A user of this
(10-16-2014 8:50 AM)
Merf! Did you escape North Dakota?
(10-14-2014 11:29 AM)
It's been pretty busy / crazy. Lol my profile got raged on.
(10-12-2014 10:37 PM)
Merfy Derpy
Mega Mewtwo X
(10-11-2014 2:30 PM)
we need you to come to chat
paper luigi
(10-11-2014 11:35 AM)
I'm Batman
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mrfe's Biography
[3:18 PM] Galacta: You all should put "galacta was here" in your biography

If you've been taken off my friends list with no warning or for no apparent reason, don't take it personally. I like to keep my friends list up to date, and only friend the people I really enjoy chatting with. If you were taken off for no apparent reason, chances are we just haven't chatted in a while.


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Become RGR Staff - Minecraft Server Manager (7/15/2014-present)


As of 10/1/14 at 11:36pm server time, I have spent 1818.8 hrs in chat. If I spent 3 viz for each of those minutes, I would have spent 327,384 viz in chat.

Quote wall:

[1:32 AM] A user of this: wALL'D MYNERD

[5:17 PM] ender44: If we live in a world where singelli smokes, then half of us would be in Federal prison
[6:58 PM] The Planned Accident: I speak english AND American
[1:49 PM] Annette: pandora doesn't work for me, because it's racist against canadians

[2:04 PM] GreenTurtle: Gangnam style how did that hit over a billion anyway?
[2:05 PM] MechaMento: I really dont know, maybe they had some guy in korea reloading the page

[12:57 PM] Davideo7: I like urine more than beer

Yeah... this happened: Link

Also, James scares me... O.O

[2:41 AM] mrfe: Katooshkie
[2:41 AM] mrfe: Means rear
[2:41 AM] Eirinn: Wazoo
[2:41 AM] Eirinn: Fanny
[2:41 AM] mrfe: lolol
[2:41 AM] mrfe: Go to bed
[2:41 AM] Eirinn: Bootishkamiss
[2:41 AM] mrfe: Before I kick you in all those

[4:55 PM] cheesepatrol: calm your secret areas

[11:29 PM] A user of this: Leggy will reincarnate as a spider.
[11:29 PM] A user of this: That I will squish
[11:29 PM] mrfe: I reincarnated as a Chinese Llama
[11:29 PM] A user of this: then he will become a pony
[11:29 PM] patar4097: I wanted to squish spider leggy :V
[11:29 PM] A user of this: And then my son
[11:29 PM] mrfe: Singelli somehow used her magic to make me a Chinese Llama
[11:29 PM] mrfe: And then she decided I wasn't fun
[11:30 PM] mrfe: So she made me a Silly Chinese Llama

[11:33 PM] Classic_gamer001: I'm sniffin crack and i'm hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[11:34 PM] mrfe: I'm sniffin POWAH and I'm trippin!

[11:35 PM] Classic_gamer001: I'm a super satin >
[11:35 PM] mrfe: You are super satin?
[11:36 PM] mrfe: Why the devil face?
[11:36 PM] mrfe: IS IT FAKE SATIN

[9:53 PM] Mecha Leo: i would post on his profile if it didnt give me an eargasm

[11:17 PM] SUX2BU: I'm female. I can be illogical if I want.

[11:18 PM] zeross121: Well screw this i'm gonna go make out with sponegbob

[10:45 PM] mrfe: [10:44 PM] A user of this: Sun sun Mr golden sun, kill my enemies~! ? But... but... I'm an ork... USER HATES MERF
[10:46 PM] A user of this: Mrfe is an orc
[10:46 PM] mrfe: Hmm
[10:47 PM] mrfe: This complicates things
[10:47 PM] mrfe: Now I'm a silly chinese llama-orc
[10:47 PM] A user of this: That is also a white justin beiber
[10:47 PM] mrfe: LOLOL
[10:47 PM] camkunimura: that is complex....
[10:47 PM] A user of this: TOP LEL
[10:47 PM] mrfe: OH GOSH
[10:47 PM] mrfe: LOL
[10:48 PM] mrfe: So quoting that

[9:53 PM] A user of this: I AM CHILL DANGIT!!!1! *eye twitch*

[8:03 PM] patar4097: Drew, I already told you, stop playing around in the trash!

[4:31 PM] play4fun: awww, yoshi boshi, are you in need of a lovey dovey huggy?

[7:26 PM] Eirinn: I'm pretty sure as a Mod, I have to warn you not to kill any more members, sux

[5:12 PM] A user of this: Does this mean I never died?
[5:12 PM] A user of this: And I'm not a princess?

[2:22 AM] Eirinn: Speak up! I can't hear you. I gots oil in my ear

[2:36 AM] Eniitan: But...its not the same without bacon...

[2:59 PM] Annette: SHHH, go to sleep little baby *smothers cat in blanket*

[1:03 AM] manicman66: true. with great power comes great....BLAme the poWerFUL guY

[11:16 PM] A user of this: The secret to sexiness is a second dose of uterus fluids.

[10:48 PM] yoshirulez!: I am wear blue underwear, black sweatpants with a huge crotch hole, a black shirt and a grey sweater
[10:49 PM] A user of this: I ship Tom the Cactus with Yoshi's crotch hole
[10:49 PM] A user of this: I mean whut
[10:49 PM] mrfe: YUS
[10:49 PM] yoshirulez!: I am supposed to be a happy hamster from rainbow land, and i wear colorless things besides the underwear

[2:29 AM] Eirinn: I KNOW NOTHING!
[2:29 AM] Eirinn: Quick...
[2:29 AM] Eirinn: Someone quote me on that

[9:33 PM] soldierboi159: I see my baby making blob is not fit to make good children.

[2:19 AM] A user of this: Kimmy is half sux and half merf?
[2:20 AM] SUX2BU: Omg! Kimmy is the daughter I never knew I had with merf before he jumped off a bridge that was actually a plane, fell to his death and came back as a teenage rap star like lecrae only white!

[2:46 AM] sux2bu: But actually I should give the computer to yoshi so he doesn't kill me with idk like a sharpened sunflowerseed or something

[4:29 AM] sux2bu: [12:50 AM] A user of this: I frafed so hard I choled.
[4:29 AM] mrfe: XD
[4:30 AM] Annette: i cant
[4:30 AM] Annette: frafed....
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: I laughed so hard when he said that XD
[4:30 AM] Annette: i dont even want to know what that is
[4:30 AM] mrfe: XD
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: It's a yushee word
[4:30 AM] mrfe: That was amusing
[4:30 AM] Annette: yoshi is a special boy
[4:30 AM] mrfe: The truth has been spoken
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: Yuss, special
[4:30 AM] Annette: he's going places
[4:30 AM] mrfe: and sugar drunk merf finds it amusing
[4:31 AM] Annette: in his hamster ball
Cactuar left the room

Eirinn: Good, because if you didn't, I would have to t*zzzz*
Me: *slaps the table*
Me: Don't sleep on the table, young man!
Eirinn: *wakes with a start* IT'S NOT MY PENGUIN!
Eirinn: Oh...wait...what?

[10:15 AM] A user of this: #310FreezeIt

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