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Beastmode64's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Chrono Trigger I hope to have the game beat by Saturday. And have a review out by next Monday.
Chrono Trigger About half way through the game and wow this is a incredible experience!
Classic NES Series - Zelda II - The Adventure of Link this game doesn't even dissirve to be called a zelda game.
Final Fantasy - A Heroes Quest this game is better than the regular one in my opinion
Tony Hawk\'s Pro Skater 4 I love this game
Final Fantasy Anthology - Final Fantasy VI Great game!
Final Fantasy VI Advance this is the best final fantasy ever.
Final Fantasy VII great game.
Final Fantasy 7 - NES Remake (4-25-12 Update) Great game. I give it a 9.
Final Fantasy II (english translation) This game is great.

Beastmode64's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Tony Hawk\'s Pro Skater 4
03-10-14 03:50 PM
Play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
I love this game. Its a very addictive game. In fact I'm a skater and I love every thing skateboard. Well here is a review for this amazing and addictive skateboarding game.

   The graphics, I thought where good. I don't really play psx games that much but it seems like these are one of the better graphics psx games. They could have used some more work like on the character, the deck, and the ramps and rails. Other than that I think they're good so I give it an 8.

    I liked the sound. Had great quality and sound affects. Though I thought it could have better music the rest was great. I give it a an 8.

   I don't know whats the deal with sports games. They are so freaking addictive especially skateboarding games. I can play this games for hours after hours, day after day only to say impressive work on this game. It is super addictive so I give it a 10.

Depth: 8
   In the game you can do quit a lot for a skateboarding game. You can make your own skater witch is cool. You can put what ever gear skin tone hair and board you want on your guy. You can also edit skate parks, free skate and do a career mode. This game has quit a bit you can do so I give the depth an 7.

   This game is not so hard. Some missions are hard to beat but other than that its really easy and fun. A for sure 4

Overall: 9
   Overall I loved this game so much. It is not the best skateboarding game out there but its one of the top ones. With great graphics, sound, and addictiveness this game deserves a 9. I recommend this game. You should try it. 

Terminator 2
12-21-12 08:56 PM
Terminator 2 review
I didn't like this game at all. It was horrible. And very hard. Hear is my review though.

               Graphics 9/10
   I liked the graphics. They are great for the nes. The detail is very good for a side scrolling game. The back ground was good to it was really good for an nes and that is why I am rating the graphics a 9/10.

               Sound 9/10
   the sound is full of action. It is really good. It had a nice flow and a nice bass to it. I though the sound is very good that is why I am rating it a 9/10.

               Addictiveness 3/10
   I Thought this game is very boring. It is not addictive at all there is nothing much to it that is why I am rating it a 3/10.

               Story: 1/10
   I didn't get this story it just gave some entries witch doesn't really tell you what is going on. All it is about is this unite that has to go on missions that is it and that is why it deserves a 1/10

               Depth 2/10
   this game takes about 30 minutes to beat. It doesn't have much to offer that is why it deserves a 2/10.

               Difficulty 9/10
   This game was way to hard. It was to difficult and challenging for me. I hated this difficulty level and that is why it deserves a 9/10.

               Overall 6.6/1... Read the rest of this Review
Final Fantasy II
12-21-12 02:51 PM
Final Fantasy 2 snes review
I loved final fantasy. It was a great RPG. This game has a lot of pros and little cons to it. Well how about I start my review.

                            Graphics 8/10
   The graphics are really good. Especially at there time. The scenery Has great amount of detail to it. And in battles the monsters have a lot of detail also. And I also liked the in battle backgrounds and characters. The graphics are at a high quality rate that is why it deserves a 8/10 :).

                            Sound 10/10
   OMG the sound is incredible. I just love the over world theme song it is very great. And the in-battle song gives you a rush of excitement. I love the sound so much that is why it deserves a 10/10.

                           Addictiveness 10/10
   THIS GAME IS VERY ADDICTIVE. I can play it for many  hours. I pulled an all nighter playing this game it is that addictive. This games addictiveness is a major perk to this game and that is why it deserves a 10/10

                           Story 9/10
   The story is great. It is about a dark knight that becomes a paladin and is on an adventure to save all the crystals from Golbez. But he doesn... Read the rest of this Review
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past & Four Swords
12-21-12 12:41 PM
Zelda a link to the past review
Link to the past was an OK game. It is about this boy that travels to two dimensions in search of all the sages And beat the evil dark lord ganondorf. Lets start this review.

                                                    Graphics: 8/10
   the graphics in this game where OK. I wasn't to thrilled about the graphics. They need more detail put into it. It might of been good at its time but I don't know. There for the graphics an 8/10 stars.

                                                   Sound: 9/10
   I thought the sound was great. Cap-com made the sound very swell. It is nice perk for this game. I thought it was good so it deserves a 9/10

                                                   Addictiveness 8/10
   when I was 7 I used to play this game all the time it was so fun. I thought the game was magnificent. But know that I have more experience with Zelda after I beat the game at the age of 11 I thought it wasn't so great anymore. This game was addictive so that's why I rated it a 8/10.

 &n... Read the rest of this Review
Mario Kart 64
12-20-12 02:54 PM
Mario kart review
This game is a very classic game. It was a great racing game. It was one of the best at its time. There are 16 courses and 4 difficulty modes you can play it on. First off before I start my review I would like to say this game was a great one and you should give it a try. Now here is my review. 
                                                          Graphics 10/10 
       the graphics on this game where great for the n64. I really liked them because they where very classic. They added very nice scenery to every course on this game which makes it nice. They also added detail on the ground and sky. The graphics had great quality that's why I rated it a 10/10 stars.
                                                          Sound 10/10
        I loved this sound. It made me calm and every time I would get mad at something I would play this game and just listen to the sound. It was great. Nintendo really worked hard on the sound. The sound was just out standing and that's why it deserves a 10/10 stars 
                                                          Addictiveness 9/10
        This game was addictive. I can play it for hours it is that good. It is fun to play balloon battles with friends. I can do that for hours. It is always fun. The game was addictive but once you loose you just want to quit that is why it deserves a 9/10 stars
                         ... Read the rest of this Review

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