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01-17-22 12:59 AM
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EX Palen
Playstation Vita
SCEA San Diego Studios
UPC: 711719221746

Released: 4-01-14
Players: 1
Trophies: 22
1200 points

Game Genre:
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Genre Sport:

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $5.00
Complete:  $6.92
New:  $8.50
Rarity:  3/10

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MLB 14: The Show (PSVITA) - Playstation Vita

MLB 14: The Show is a Sports game developed by SCEA San Diego Studios and published by SCEA in 2014 for the Playstation Vita.

MLB 14: The Show

MLB 14: The Show Title ScreenMLB 14: The Show Screenshot 1
MLB 14: The Show Box Art FrontMLB 14: The Show Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.8 (1 votes)

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MLB 14: The Show (Playstation Vita) Screenshots

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MLB 14: The Show Featured Review

MLB 14: The Show Review by: zanderlex - 9.8/10

The Show 14

Just about 2 weeks ago, MLB The Show released the 9th game in the series for PS3 and Vita. Up until now, I have played every game in the series, and I did not see any reason to stop now, so the day it was released, I picked up a copy for both systems. I have played both, but I have played the Vita version the most and have seen a ton of improvements from the previous installments.

Up until now, the 2010 edition of the game was my favorite, but now, with all of these new features and such, this edition is now my favorite and I believe could keep its title of favorite for a couple of years.

There are literally dozens of new featured that litter the new game and change the overall feel of the game in a variety of ways. Two of the features though, have really made a giant impact on the way that I play the game. The first big feature is the save states of the game, which can now be carried over into future versions of the game. Sure, this does not have much of an effect right now, but as future games are released, everything that you have done in this years game could drastically change how you play the rest of the games. Of course, you don't have to use the feature, you might be the kind of player that likes to start fresh each year. In my opinion, the 2nd of these features takes a lot of stress out of the game. The 2nd feature is that Advancement goals will no longer be in use. Advancement goals have always proved to be a burden for me when I play the game because every once in a while, you will have a bad game that messes some stuff up.


The graphics are still as good as they can get. It’s not like a fighting game where you need explosions and stuff, you just need people, and the people that are in the game do not fail at looking like people. I know it sounds weird, but it’s right. The graphics make the game look realistic, and that’s really all you need if you are playing a sports game. All you see is a stadium full of fans, and the actual game. Because of this, and the very realistic looks, the game gets a perfect score for graphics.

SOUND 9/10

Aside from the sounds of the game such as screaming and commentary, there isn’t much music that I am fond of. There is a soundtrack that consists of about 10 or so songs, but the music is not really memorable. What causes this category to get such a high score is the commentary, which is just as good as that of the previous games, if not just a bit better.

STORY 9/10

The story is just about the same as the previous games, and can be summed up in four words, Road To The Show. That is pretty much the only story that the game has, and frankly I don’t care because that is the best possible storyline that any baseball game could ever have. I no longer want to play a season, or manage a team, now baseball games are about having a full career as a player and that is what this game does with RTTS. 9 out of 10 for story. In the previous titles, this didn’t really count much as a story, but with the new features that have been implemented, this couldn’t be any more of a story.


What is there not to like about a baseball game? We all love baseball, right? So baseball video games should not be any different then just watching the game on TV. First, let’s take RTTS, this is the kind of game mode that you can beat with one character and then start brand new with another character. Then of course, there is online mode where you can play various game modes against other users. Perfect score.

DEPTH 10/10

This game series was already perfect when it comes to depth, and in this particular game, it gets even deeper with all of the new features. As a matter of fact, it has been rumored that there are nearly 2 dozen new features scattered across the game. The new ability to save game states and use them in future games allows for even more depth and there is simply so much that you can do with each game mode offline and online. The possibilities are endless once you play online because you can play a limitless amount of games against random users from across the globe. Depth also gets a perfect score.


This game is no harder than the previous titles in the series and the previous titles weren’t hard at all. It’s a baseball game, there isn’t much that you need to learn aside from fielding, hitting, baserunning, and pitching. All you need to do is get used to the controls and everything will flow. Some sports games may be a bit hard to play because of the controls and depending on the sport, but this game is a walk in the park if you know what you are doing.


This is a wonderful game for anybody who likes baseball. If you are a baseball game fan, but you have been playing the 2K games, or even games from The Bigs, then you have been missing out on a lot. But, it’s never too late to start. You might be about 9 years late by now, but once you begin playing with The Show, your thoughts on what baseball games are like will be changed forever. Because of this, I believe that this game deserves a 9.8, the same grade as the previous game, but with a few new upgrades and improvements. All in all, this game is as exciting as it could ever be.

  Graphics 10   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Depth 10   Story 9   Difficulty 3

MLB 14: The Show Game Description

The highest rated sports franchise over the last 8 years is back with new ways to play, more realistic gameplay physics and the most authentic MLB gaming experience ever. From the booth to the field, MLB 14 The Show captures the most exciting moments in baseball.

Over 50 new features and gameplay enhancements, including:

• Take MLB 14 The Show with you and play anywhere on PS Vita.
• Play full games faster with two all new game modes. Quick Counts and Player Lock.
• A more evolved and immersive Road to The Show experience.

MLB 14: The Show Reviews

Overall 9.8    Graphics 10    Sound 9    Addictive 10    Story 9    Depth 10    Difficulty 3

The Show 14   zanderlex
Just about 2 weeks ago, MLB The Show released the 9th game in the series for PS3 and Vita. Up until ...
  Graphics 10   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Story 9   Depth 10   Difficulty 3

      Review Rating: 4/5     Submitted: 04-12-14     Review Replies: 1

MLB 14: The Show Cheat Codes


There are 8 Bronze Trophies, 7 Silver Trophies, 8 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy. To obtain each trophy (except ones directly involving Community Challenge): Excludes Community Challenge mode (unless stated otherwise), must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game against a CPU team, and cannot change teams during the game or use the Quick Counts feature.

"King" Felix Hernandez In any game mode with Felix Hernandez, allow no earned runs and strike out 9 while earning the win. Gold
Back-To-Back Hit back-to-back HRs in a game (excludes HRD, Practice, and RTTS modes). Bronze
Breaking the Ice Successfully create a Community Challenge. Bronze
Chris "Crush" Davis In any game mode with Chris Davis, have a 2 home run, 5 RBI performance in a single game. Silver
Consistency In any game mode, strike out the side with the same out pitch, with the same pitcher. Silver
Craig "Blitzcraig" Kimbrel In any game mode with Craig Kimbrel, strike out 3 batters and earn the save in a single game. Silver
David "Captain America" Wright In any game mode with David Wright, hit 2 doubles, a triple, and a home run in a single game. Gold
Done! Earn all of the MLB® 14 The Show™ Trophies. Platinum
Extras Win! In any game mode, win a game in extra innings. Bronze
Fence Posts Score a single run in every inning of a full 9 inning game (excludes RTTS mode). Silver
Frozen Strike out a batter looking in any game mode. Bronze
Getting a Piece In any mode, excluding RTTS (and including Community Challenge mode), play an entire 9 inning game without striking out. Gold
Grand Salami In any game mode, hit a grand slam. Bronze
Jose "Gigante" Altuve In any game mode with Jose Altuve, get 3 hits and steal 3 bases in a single game. Gold
Knock Out Punch In any game mode, knock out the opponent's starting pitcher before the end of the 3rd inning (excludes any All-Star game, includes Community Challenge Silver
Miguel "MC Hammer" Cabrera In any game mode with Miguel Cabrera, hit 3 home runs while having a perfect day at the plate in a single game. Gold
Mike "The Millville Meteor" Trout In any game mode with Mike Trout, hit for the cycle and steal a base in a single game. Gold
Patience is a Virtue In any single plate appearance, see 10 or more pitches (includes Community Challenge mode). Bronze
Paul "America's First Baseman" Goldschmidt In any game mode with Paul Goldschmidt, collect 4 hits, drive in 4 RBI, and score 4 runs in a single game. Silver
Socialite Successfully complete another user's posted Community Challenge. Bronze
Stephen "The Soul Crusher" Strasburg In any game mode with Stephen Strasburg, strike out 12 and allow no earned runs en route to the win. Gold
Walk Off In any game mode, win a game on a walk off hit. Bronze
Yasiel "The Wild Horse" Puig In any game mode with Yasiel Puig, hit a double, triple, and steal 2 bases in a single game. Gold
Yu "Brother Dal" Darvish In any game mode with Yu Darvish, throw 7 complete innings, strike out 14 en route to the win. Silver

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MLB 14: The Show Guides and Walkthroughs

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