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sodaninja's Last Game Comments
SMB2 Pony Poki Panic wow some people are rude no one is forcing you to play hack mlp games can you keep your rudeness to your self some people like or love mlp -_-
Simpsons, The (4 Players World, set 1) why does the game not work?
Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis plugin version 1.95 and the game still does not work.
Castle Quest (english translation) the game is hard but fun.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers how do i unlock green ranger?

sodaninja's Last Game Reviews
Electrician (english translation)
10-15-12 10:57 PM
it is fun to bring back the power
I tried this game out and I found out this game is fun
story 1 the story is the storm made the city lose power and it is up to you as the electrician to bring power back to the city.
sound 10 very good I can hear it very well.
difficulty 5 it is 50/50 it starts off easy but than gets more harder on higher levels.
addictiveness 10 it is so fun I would play it again.
depth 5 it offers a lot
graphics 5 it is ok graphics

so overall I would give this game a 10 it is fun to see what the houses look like when the power is on.

sodaninja's Game History
Gauntlet II (nes),   Gauntlet (nes),   Paperboy (nes),   Pac-Man (Tengen) (nes),   Chip \'n Dale Rescue Rangers (nes),   Chip \'n Dale Rescue Rangers (nes),   Dr. Mario (nes),   Super Mario Bros 2 (nes),   Super Mario Bros 2 (nes),   Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (nes),   Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (nes),   Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (nes),   Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Super Mario Bros 3 (nes),   Pokemon Distorted Realms (gba),   Pokemon Sirius (English translation) (gba),   Pokemon Discovery (beta 1.1.7) (gba),   Pokemon Shining Opal (Beta 2 Redux) (gba),   Super Mario - Buried Treasure (snes),   Hack 3 (snes),   Mario's 100s Challenge (snes),   Wario Land SNES (snes),   Super Mario World Returns EX (snes),   Classic Mario World 2 - The Great Alliance (snes),   Mario, Luigi and the 7 Eggs of Peace (snes),   Mega Man X - Generation (snes),   Dr. Mario World Redrawn (snes),   Super Mario World Plus 3 - The New Home Hard (snes),   Super Mario World - A Haunted Christmas (snes),   Super Mario Story (snes),   Classic Mario World - The Magical Crystals (snes),   Super Mario World - Tales of Nean (snes),   Super Mario Bros. - The Castle (snes),   Super Mario Place (snes),   Super Mario World - The Senate (snes),   MarioX World 2nd Ed Returns (snes),   Evil Conquest (snes),   Evil Conquest (snes),   Legend of Zelda, The - Third Quest (snes),   Super Mario Starlight Remix (snes),   Mario Legends I - Elemental Quest (snes),   The 7th Annual VLDC Collaboration Hack (snes),   Mario & Luigi - Kola Kingdom Quest (snes),   Super Mario World Hack Special Edition 1.5 (snes),   Bean World Crisis (snes),   Super Mario World Expansion Deluxe (snes),  
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