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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 - Cobi I came back after a month to play this and this new plugin lost all my last saved data >_> i was at final boss too

Narcissistic's Last Game Reviews
09-25-11 06:59 PM
Jaws for your applause!
The Jaws NES has it's perks, but it has so many graphical quirks! As a shark you hit every wall, and never get anywhere at all! So i recommend the Jaws Unleashed for those who wish for a much better piece. Playing this could be the start of a game that is a little more than just the name. The NES has it's cons, but next to Unleashed it comes in as only bronze! This game is for the PlayStation so listen to this mighty inclination! You know you love to rampage and ravage so why not do it as a much better savage? :)

Pokemon Yellow
05-29-11 04:00 PM
Quit stalking me Pikachu!
This Role Playing Game is based off of the Pokemon manga series. It is the third out of the three original Pokemon RPG games. In the game the player starts out as Yellow (although not a girl for any of those who have read the manga)and the character has just reached the age to go out and attempt to become the Pokemon master. The basis of the game consists of the player catching and leveling different monsters represented by spirits called Pokemon. The player must catch and or obtain Pokemon and level them up in order to progress through the storyline. In order to level up the player must make opposing Pokemon faint and gain "experience" for the player's Pokemon. The Pokemon have a "Hit Point" system in which if the bar reaches "0" they are knocked out, but do not die. The Pokemon "faint" and can be revived through a Pokemon center,other characters,or items obtained in the game. The main noticeable difference between this game and Red/Blue versions is that the player is not able to choose his starting Pokemon. In stead he is given a Pikachu in which the Pokemon follows the player everywhere he goes throughout the game. The player can click on his Pokemon at different situations and receive a different facial expression and cry. The player can also choose to put the Pokemon in the box if he does not like the stalking attitude. Pikachu cannot be evolved until later into the game and if evolved into its bettered version it does not follow the player around anymore. This game from personal experience is a bit harder to play especially in the beginning as you do not get the choice of a water Pokemon to combat the first rock-type Gym. Pikachu does not begin as strong as some of the starter Pokemon in the former games. This can be a problem because the player's choices can be limited until later in the game and it can be a turn off if the game starts out too hard. I recommend this game to a die-hard Pokemon fan that has already had some Pokemon rpg experience.
Pokemon Gold
05-29-11 03:54 AM
A 90's addiction
The game itself consists of the player's character roaming the world in order to become a Pokemon master. However, the player gets tied up into all the different plots of other characters. The basis of the game revolves around catching and leveling up different monsters represented by spirits. One must catch them in order to level up and ultimately progress through the story. The monsters level up by battling other monsters and other character's monsters. The monster's "faint" when their "Hit Points" reach "0". By making the other monster "faint" the character's monster gains "experience" if gained enough and leveled up it can "Evolve" into a bettered form of itself. The spirits change and so do the statistics of the monsters. The monsters also have different attributes and playing the game will greater divulge these attributes. The attributes can be exploited by using moves or attacks that the monsters use to knock out other monsters and they learn by either leveling up or evolving. The moves cause effects such as "not very effective","super effective" or "no effect".I remember this game back from when I was ten years old. After playing it's predecessors and loving them it was impossible for me not to find this game attractive. I cant say it is much different than silver other than being able to catch Legendary Ho-oh instead of Legendary Lugia and the story line concerning the Legendarys changes a bit. The graphics were vastly improved over those in Red, Blue,and Yellow. The spirits were better drawn and the attacks were better animated. The storyline was longer than in R/B/Y and it also incorporated some of the storyline of R/B/Y in which the other Pokemon games seemed to have left out. The game is overall very well done and a very good RPG. I would suggest it for a younger child. It would make a great gift for a birth day or Christmas. although it is for the older systems it still is a really good game. As a gamer this game hits on my top ten as all around most ... Read the rest of this Review

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