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Play Pokemon Gold online for free! - Game Boy Color game rom
Filesize: 749kb
Rating: 9.5 (1142 votes)
Plays: 312,632 M:97% F:3%
Viz Refund Today: /3
Pokemon Gold Title Screen Pokemon Gold Screenshot 2 Pokemon Gold Screenshot 3
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Recommended: Using VizzedAEPgb Java Emulator
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Pokemon Gold Review by: Redrunelord - 8/10

Pokemon Gold
The original Pokémon games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color literally took the video game markets by storm, and have left a significant impression on he populace. As popular as the games were, and as much demand as there was for a continuation, a lot of the demand was to fix the plethora of issues that plagued the original game. Nintendo's answer to the various requests was the second generation: Pokémon Silver, and Pokémon Gold (later accompanied by Pokémon Crystal in the same way Pokémon Yellow did in the first generation).

Now Pokémon Silver and Gold are nearly identical, with the only differences being very minor wild Pokémon placements and a few minor text differences. Thus, if someone has played Pokémon Silver, then they also played this game, so they can judge accordingly. However, if looking for additional information on Silver, then the following information is also applicable. Pokémon Crystal is generally recommended for second generation Pokémon, but if between Silver or Gold, then the differences are minuet.

The first notable upgrade is on the visual level. Overall, they are more colorful than the original trilogy, and a lot of the textures are more detailed in general. Since it did come later, and the coding oriented around the Game Boy Color rather than the original Game Boy (though the coding is largely similar). It is very subjective whether or not the visuals are superior to the first generation, but they are more colorful, and more complete. One thing that has been lost from Pokémon Yellow was that all the towns got the same general hue now, whereas in yellow different areas had different lens colorization, which would have been an interesting option as now there is more of a sense of repetition than yellow. However, animations of attacks are more fluent (for good reason) and the sprites are more colorful, if a bit monotonous. That's this game's biggest problem visually: at times, the visuals are not unique enough for different areas, and as this is the second generation one would expect things to be less so. Otherwise, the visuals can actually rival many Game Boy Advance titles, including "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" as far as detail goes. 

On the Auditory level, the music is high calibre for the Game Boy Color. Most of the songs follow similar styles to the first generation, and for good reason. However, what has been improved off was the placement of audio, and how it transitions from area to area. For example, there are a few spots in the game it goes silent before an epic battle, and this more effective than a steady beat the whole time then slightly speeding it up. The audio chosen for each Pokémon, each action, and each area with care, and it shows. However, like all video game soundtracks, it is immensely subjective, and may be a bit too upbeat for some people (with the exception of a few scattered tracks).

The story line picks up approximately three years after the first generation in the Johto Region, which neighbors Kanto, with a new trainer in a small town similar to Pallet town. This is actually a fairly strong way to continue their adventures and keep the original spirit and charm as there could be continuations from kanto. In all Actuality...there are continuations from certain aspects of the Kanto story line, but it is still left relatively vague which means it retains the same advantages and disadvantages the original generation contained: you can build your own story how you want, but people looking for a pre-destined detailed story will be somewhat disappointed. What storyline aspects there are, however, are well put together and should satisfy the average fan.

The core game-play remains primarily the same as earlier games: gain a starter Pokémon, build a team and work your way through the gyms. The concept of capturing Pokémon in the wild, and building a team of Pokémon is still there, the movement between places are still the same, and the style is virtually identical. The single biggest difference between the game play is more to do with layout of the various text-based systems from the first generations and making them more user-friendly. For instance, TMs and HMs now has the number AND the name given on the spot, which is a huge advantage over the previous TM system. As well, the inventory has been improved to have separate "pockets" where different types of items can be stored. This not only helps resolve the clutter from the original inventory, but also immensely helps increase overall storage by several fold. Whereas one would have their home computer cluttered, it is possible to go the entire game without using it once as TMs and special "quest" items will no longer take up the entire inventory. The PC, speaking of which, had some minor improvements as well as there is now a limited visual feedback provided, yet one minor disappointing factor is that there isn't more space considering the influx of new Pokémon.

Yet in many ways that is simply visual enhancements, so what actually impacts the core game play? The first, noticeable difference is that there is now a day/night cycle based on the real world clocks, and actual seven-day weeks. This has a major impact on what Pokémon can be caught (certain ones can only come out at certain times of day as well as in certain areas) and what can be used. For instance, one form of transportation can only be used on two specific days and only once on those days.
The obvious inclusions of a plethora of new Pokémon and techniques are evident as soon as the game starts. The starter Pokémon follows the tradition that was to be set in the first generation and offer a grass, fire and water Pokémon. This is a good tradition because it offers a limited replay value in trying to beat the game with wildly different teams on different difficulty levels (the starter will determine the difficulty based on gym leaders, building the rest of a balanced team, etc). There is a lot more flexibility for building a late-game team, but early in the game is heavily limited (much like in its predecessors). Certain moves has been nerfed or boosted in power based on necessity, such as wrap (which given to a fast Pokémon was overpowered) which has been a welcome change. The biggest change in how the moves and Pokémon are presented is that there is now a way to delete HMs. Yes, a move deleter who will remove HMs free now exists, and immensely helps make the game less frustrating.
In some respects, the game is easier than the first generation counterparts, but it is also harder at the same time. It is easier in that the average levels of trainer’s Pokémon are lower and less base power is necessary. It is harder in the respect that the player much be prepared for a much wider range of potential attacks and strategies, especially on a first play through. Overall, though, it isn’t a hard game to pick up and play but a bit difficult to truly master every single minuet detail.

This game do contain two of the same flaws as it’s predecessors: trading and repetition. Like the previous titles, trading is an absolute necessity to acquire certain Pokémon whether because they are game specific or because they are some of those that requires a trade to reach their final form. This is exceptionally frustrating for people who do not have a friend willing to trade with them frequently or multiple systems and games from the generation. One major upgrade with the trade system, though, is the inclusion of a means to trade with the previous generation. That is right: it is now possible to trade with the older games in the series. How is this possible? Apparently, the developers decided to defenestrate the laws of physics, and create a time machine. The player can trade or battle their “elders” but the catch is no Pokémon or moves that are indigenous to the second generation can be brought into the room. Imagine a HO-OH at the elite four in Pokémon Yellow. Regardless, it is interesting how the developers took the time to make this addition but left the problem for solo gamers.

The other “problem” that still rings true is repetition. The game play stays largely the same throughout, and while there is a lot more to do it does not help quench the repetitive nature of training. The environments, especially early in the game, will blend a lot and it will give off a feeling of saying one is going on an adventure but in reality walks across their garden. This depends on the player’’s definition of an adventure, of course, and the game is legitimately large for what it is. Whether or not it is truly “repetitive” is a matter of opinion, but in many ways it is more of the same. If that’s bad or not depends heavily on the player.

Amidst these words, what is the final verdict? If looking at a second-generation Pokémon game, then crystal is usually the first recommendation closely followed by silver or gold tied dead even. Yet is going to the second generation even worthwhile? If a fan of turn based strategy games and/or other Pokémon games, then yes, it is well worth it. In some ways, it is the dividing line between the old and the new for Pokémon, and is worth looking at just to see the transition between Generations one and three. As a standalone game, it is an excellent single player game, but the full experience will be lost without friends to play with. In the end, one's Pokémon's adventure will only end when the trainer hangs up their poke balls for the last time, and it does not have to end with Pokémon Gold.

  Graphics 8   Sound 9   Addictive 4   Depth 10   Story 7   Difficulty 5

Pokemon Gold Box Description:
Enter a whole new world, with new Pokemon to train, capture, and battle! Meet Professor Elm and get the all-new Poke Gear, including map, radio, cell phone, and clock. Set the clock and then watch as day turns to night and events take place in real time - and be sure to keep an eye out for Pokemon that only come out at night!


Pokemon Gold Description: Pokemon Gold takes place several years after Red, Blue and Yellow, and puts the user into a brand new world, Johto. The gameplay is very similar to the previous games, but with several improvements. These include new functions for the player's PokeGear, a Pokedex that can now be sorted by evolution type, and, of course, new Pokemon. Once again, the objective of the game is to become the champion trainer, and try to complete the Pokedex. To become the champion, the player battles Gym Leaders to obtain various badges. Completing the Pokedex requires a different set of actions, and involves capturing wild Pokemon, battling various trainers to obtain money, and trading Pokemon with NPC's and other owners of Pokemon games.
Pokemon Gold Boxart

UPC: 45496731212

Release Date:
Country Origin:

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:

Loose Value: (beta)
Complete Value: (beta)
New Value: (beta)
Rarity: (beta)
3/10 Common

Characters in Game:
Croconaw (4)
Drowzee (3)
Ekans (3)
Pikachu (3)
Quilava (3)
Spinarak (3)
Zubat (3)

Abra (1)
Aerodactyl (1)
Aipom (1)
Alakazam (1)
Arbok (1)
Arcanine (1)
Ariados (1)
Beedrill (2)
Bellossom (1)
Bellsprout (2)
Blaine (1)
Blastoise (1)
Blue (1)
Brock (1)
Bruno (1)
Bugsy (2)
Bulbasaur (1)
Butterfree (1)
Caterpie (2)
Charizard (1)
Charmander (1)
Charmeleon (1)
Chuck (2)
Clair (2)
Clefairy (2)
Cloyster (1)
Crobat (1)
Cubone (1)
Cyndaquil (2)
Delibird (1)
Dewgong (1)
Diglett (1)
Ditto (1)
Dodrio (1)
Doduo (1)
Dragonair (1)
Dragonite (1)
Dratini (1)
Dugtrio (1)
Eevee (1)
Electabuzz (1)
Electrode (1)
Entei (1)
Erika (1)
Espeon (1)
Ethan (2)
Exeggcute (1)
Exeggutor (1)
Falkner (2)
Farfetch'd (1)
Fearow (1)
Feraligatr (1)
Flaaffy (1)
Flareon (1)
Forretress (2)
Furret (1)
Gastly (2)
Gengar (1)
Geodude (2)
Girafarig (2)
Gloom (1)
Golbat (2)
Goldeen (1)
Golduck (1)
Golem (1)
Granbull (1)
Graveler (1)
Grimer (1)
Growlithe (2)
Gyarados (1)
Haunter (1)
Hitmonchan (1)
Hitmonlee (1)
Hitmontop (1)
Ho-Oh (1)
Hoothoot (2)
Hoppip (2)
Horsea (1)
Houndoom (1)
Houndour (1)
Hypno (1)
Ivysaur (1)
Janine (1)
Jasmine (2)
Jigglypuff (1)
Jolteon (1)
Jumpluff (1)
Jynx (1)
Kabutops (1)
Kadabra (1)
Kakuna (2)
Karen (1)
Kingdra (1)
Kingler (1)
Koffing (2)
Koga (1)
Krabby (1)
Lance (1)
Lapras (1)
Larvitar (1)
Ledyba (2)
Lickitung (1)
Lt. Surge (1)
Lugia (1)
Machamp (1)
Machoke (1)
Machop (2)
Magcargo (1)
Magikarp (1)
Magmar (1)
Magnemite (1)
Magneton (1)
Mankey (1)
Mantine (1)
Mareep (2)
Marill (2)
Meowth (1)
Metapod (2)
Miltank (1)
Misty (1)
Morty (2)
Mr. Mime (1)
Muk (1)
Murkrow (1)
Natu (1)
Nidoking (1)
Nidoqueen (1)
Nidoran (Female) (1)
Nidoran (Male) (2)
Nidorina (2)
Nidorino (1)
Noctowl (1)
Octillery (1)
Oddish (1)
Omastar (1)
Onix (2)
Paras (2)
Parasect (1)
Phanpy (1)
Pidgeot (1)
Pidgeotto (2)
Pidgey (2)
Piloswine (1)
Poliwag (2)
Poliwhirl (1)
Poliwrath (1)
Ponyta (1)
Porygon (1)
Primeape (1)
Professor Elm (2)
Professor Oak (1)
Pryce (2)
Psyduck (1)
Quagsire (1)
Qwilfish (1)
Raichu (1)
Raikou (1)
Rapidash (1)
Raticate (1)
Rattata (2)
Red (1)
Remoraid (1)
Rhydon (1)
Rhyhorn (1)
Sabrina (1)
Sandshrew (2)
Sandslash (1)
Scyther (2)
Seadra (1)
Seaking (1)
Seel (1)
Sentret (2)
Shellder (1)
Silver (1)
Skiploom (2)
Slowbro (1)
Slowking (1)
Slowpoke (1)
Slugma (1)
Sneasel (1)
Snorlax (2)
Snubbull (1)
Spearow (2)
Squirtle (1)
Starmie (1)
Staryu (1)
Steelix (1)
Sudowoodo (1)
Suicune (1)
Sunkern (2)
Swinub (1)
Tangela (1)
Teddiursa (1)
Tentacool (1)
Tentacruel (1)
Togepi (1)
Totodile (2)
Typhlosion (1)
Umbreon (1)
Ursaring (1)
Vaporeon (2)
Venomoth (1)
Venonat (1)
Venusaur (1)
Victreebel (2)
Vileplume (1)
Voltorb (1)
Vulpix (2)
Wartortle (1)
Weedle (2)
Weepinbell (1)
Weezing (2)
Whitney (2)
Wigglytuff (1)
Will (1)
Wooper (1)
Xatu (1)

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Pokemon Gold Highscores Table
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9.5    Graphics 8.7    Sound 8.8    Addictive 8.5    Story 7.5    Depth 8.4    Difficulty 5.6

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  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Story 6   Depth 10   Difficulty 6
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I'm sure we all loved the Johto series, even almost as much as we loved the Indigo Plateau series. And Pokémon Gold was the...
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9.8 - Pokemon Gold Review - zanderlex
Pokémon Gold, along with Pokémon Silver both came out in the year 2000 and was the last of the Pokémon games to b...
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10 - Is It Gold Or Not? - supercool22
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    4444alex  Loose   Like New             
    Aether121  Loose   Acceptable      •   15.57    
    alexanyways  Loose   Good             
    Aurora Lancy  Complete                
    Bineks  Loose   Good             
    Black Bot  Loose   Acceptable             
    CaptainGoode  Loose   Very Good             
    Clare749  Loose   Good             
    claudevandog  Loose   Good             
    Clayton 2  Loose   Good             
    crashkid11  Loose   Good             
    Davideo7  Complete   Very Good             
    dodgers3000ruben  Loose   Acceptable             
    Exodiac47  Loose   Good             
    Gamin'Gal  Loose   Very Good             
    Hidden Phantom  Loose   Good             
    ignite444  Loose   Good             
    IgorBird122  Loose   Very Good             
    iN008  Loose   Good             
    Jcs1  Loose   Good             
    katie.rae  Loose   Very Good             
    L1ghtn1ng_St0rm7  Loose   Very Good             
    LunarDarkness2  Loose   Acceptable             
    MechaMento  Loose   Good             
    painlessmango  Loose   Good             
    patar4097  Loose   Acceptable             
    pikatdawg     Acceptable   •          
    poke-fan-1900  Loose   Like New             
    Popeye116  Loose   Acceptable             
    RichardMAuchamp..  Loose                
    satanos  Complete   Acceptable             
    satanos  Loose   Good             
    Sephirothxxxxxx..  Loose   Very Good             
    shyboyx777  Loose                
    simbaleek  Loose   Acceptable             
    subhogue  Loose   Acceptable             
    Superstar7  Loose   Good             
    TagGamer  Loose   Like New             
    TheReaper7290  Loose   Good             
    TornadoMudkip  Complete   Good             
    uberkoopa  Loose                
B = Borrow --- T = Trade --- S = Sell

Pokemon Gold User Comments
zebstriker12345 09-15-14 - 07:38 PM
 love the game beat it 3 times
Razor-987 03-23-14 - 09:42 PM
 Definitely going to start playing this game sometime!
TinWyitcyciy 01-18-14 - 11:41 PM
 save befor getting a starter pokemn then get wild pokemn, put starter in pc, switch boxes, at saving please dont turn off the power, exist the game, then turn it back on, u shold be at picking a starter, and there will be another starter in the pc, repeat
Killer90 01-04-14 - 02:47 AM
patrone.thomas@.. 07-21-13 - 10:17 AM
 How do you save and load game.
hamsterman 07-08-13 - 09:17 PM
 anyone on???
shadowscynthe 06-29-13 - 08:29 AM
 also, missingno might, again be in this because "Dude" becomes you for a moment.
shadowscynthe 06-29-13 - 08:04 AM
 so wait...Heartgold? That was from 2 systems back!
Raichu53 05-24-13 - 12:18 PM
  I really like this game!
jda14 05-03-13 - 04:41 PM
 how do you load a saved game?
Rookie1221 04-06-13 - 10:47 AM
 how do you hatch the eggs?
patar4097 04-04-13 - 08:22 PM
 Quick review of this game. IT IS AWESOME!
iN008 03-27-13 - 08:29 PM
 Prefer this over crystal any-day.
camie9398 03-21-13 - 06:08 PM
 I can't select "new game"
greenrangersean 03-21-13 - 10:27 AM
 i have all three starters
OpenT01 02-27-13 - 05:25 AM
 can someone explain me why the game keep saying: YOUR GAME IS LOADING for hours?
PokeTranier22 02-25-13 - 01:37 PM
 how do you trade with red/blue and how do you trade with others
dr4t3g0 02-10-13 - 06:27 AM
 f2 and f4 are the save state and load state respectively. Just press them and they work, even though you can't tell anything happened. a good way to check if you saved is to listen to the music as you hit f4
SuperEpicness789 02-03-13 - 10:54 PM
 How do you make your game load from the last time you saved. Also, are there any shortcuts to saving and loading?
ericsparrow22 02-01-13 - 02:46 PM
 is anyone elses in game clock not changing? i want to catch a ghastly but since nighttime never comes i cant =/
killdareapers 01-20-13 - 11:07 AM
 How do you take screenshots on the Vizzed AEPg
jack0902 01-04-13 - 08:40 AM
 And no trading sadly
Pharoh Meto 12-25-12 - 06:12 PM
 can you chose a female trainer
matt_1944 12-17-12 - 03:10 PM
 is there a way to trade?
AC3 12-13-12 - 11:29 PM
 how do I load my game

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