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05-20-18 08:30 PM

Play Pokemon Diamond Online GBC Rom Hack of Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Power Version - Pokemon Diamond (GBC)

Play Pokemon Diamond online with Game Boy Color browser emulation for free! Pokemon Diamond is a rom hack of Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Power Version (GBC). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Diamond Title ScreenPokemon Diamond Screenshot 1Pokemon Diamond Box Art FrontPokemon Diamond Screenthot 2
Rating: 6.8 (218 votes)
Plays: 47,703 M:98% F:2%
Filesize: 626kb

Pokemon Diamond Game Description

This is a hack of the game "Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Power Version".

This is the most common hack of this game. It is a badly translated English version dubbed "Pokemon Diamond" to attract more buyers. There was also a "Pokemon Jade" to go along with it, a hack of the original game's Speed version.

English translation - A proper English translation is very slowly being worked on. It is hacked from the Power version, and is remade from scratch.

Pokemon Diamond Screenshots

07-09-12 09:03 PM
Pokemon Diamond - I Lost!!! - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
I Lost!!!
12-24-11 03:17 PM
Pokemon Diamond - ... - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
03-17-10 08:36 PM
Pokemon Diamond -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
09-30-14 04:57 AM
Pokemon Diamond - Character Profile  - Kuribute5/5 Edit Screenshot
Character Profile:
Kuribute's first appearance and phone number
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Videos of Pokemon Diamond Gameplay

01-04-16 10:43 AM
00:00:55  Views: 592
Pokemon Diamond - GamePlay (rom hack) - User video3/5 GamePlay (rom hack)

Pokemon Diamond Featured Review

Pokemon Diamond Review by: NovemberJoy - 3/10

Would be good, but glitches stop it cold.
Pokémon Diamond Review

Well, this obviously isn't the real Diamond version. Instead, they took a game called Telefang, made a few changes, translated it very, very poorly, and slapped the Pokémon Diamond logo on it. So, now let's look into the game.

You get some very poor voice acting, which I THINK is supposed to be saying "Pokémon Diamond!". After you press start, you get the intro,and this is the first you will see of the poor translation. Here's the intro, word for word:
Guy with glasses:I've heard that one can reach the electric monster's world by walking straight along this big tree. I'm eager to go there...
*Baseball comes from offscreen and almost hits him*
Guy with glasses:Oh, it's dangerous... Up here, only one man can fly over.
Mr.Bek(main character) :You go ahead to pick up the ball!
*Man walks in from offscreen*
Found it!
Man:It's such a surprise that you know how to play baseball?
Mr.Bek:This is nothing special, Miyor.
Mr.Bek:It is said that there are kids who have never had a chance to live in the electric monster's world. Is that you and Sungki? If you feel sorry, please come over to the electric monster's world
*Miyor walks offscreen*
Mr.Bek: D*** it! He's nothing! He just took the chance to make trouble! If he just shuts up, he may be a cute guy as well... (Notice the profanity?) Come on, let's go to see the ball. Hey! Sungki, what are you doing up here?
Sungki:Mr.Bek Is that you who hit the ball here? Oh! It must be sedge! (What does sedge have to do with anything?) If you go a little further, you will knock into each other. Mr.Bek:We will be careful next time. Well, could you play the baseball with us?
Sungki:Mr.Bek, are you not interested in electric monster's world? I hope to make friends with all of you!!
The electric monster's world can't work without D shoot. Electric monsters would never be my friends any more?
*Mr.Bek's phone starts ringing*
Mr.Bek:Well? The phone is ringing. Is the call from that under the tree?
Sungki:You have portable phone with you and it is that D shoot... Mr.Bek, give me your phone.
Mr.Bek:What...What's wrong, I..
Sungki:Come on!!!
Mr.Bek:I see, I see. Hello.....?
Phone call:We contact each other at last...
*Earthquake happens, and they fall in*
*Mr.Bek lands in electric monster's world*
Mr.Bek:...Well, well,...Ouch, what shall I do ...
Mr.Bek:What's up, stop shouting! I've even got a headache.
Sungki:Why did you scold me like this? Something terrible has happened here!
Mr.Bek:What's the matter..?
Sungki:Well, listen carefully! This is the electric monster's world! (big surprise)
Mr.Bek:What!! It's electric monster's world!?
Sungki: Show me the antenna from D. It should be 4 antennas, isn't it? Usually, the portable has 3 antennas only. It's a portable phone which can catch the electric wave from the electric monster's world! Well then, we can call the electric monster's world by using D shoot. Generally, D shoot is a hard won portable. How can you have this?
*Electric monster comes from offscreen*
Electric monster:This is Tulunk Village, isn't it? Well, is that a cute kid? Are you a selected one? You move slowly towards the house over there, ok?
Well then. If we can approach this man, we may find out something. (That's not a man, that's an electric monster. Are you blind?)
Electric monster:You must bring me something back, Will you go to the electric monster's world or not? (I'm already in the electric monster's world. How can I decide not to go there?)
*Answer yes*
Electric monster:Well, I'll tell you why I asked you to come here. (I didn't come here, there was an earthquake and I fell in.) Near the fountain of the village lives a guy named NETARO. He takes care of carrying water to the whole village, but recently, we haven't got him for many times. The village runs out of water and everyone looks very worried. We then want to see what has happened to him. But NETARO's brother is NEJIRO. And he is also a guy always making trouble. That's why I asked you to bring an electric monster with you. (You didn't ask me.) Let it to be the first friend of you in the electric monster's world.
Kuribute:My name is KURIBUTE and this is my number. Thanks! (Electric monsters have phones?)
Then, the intro is pretty much over. The translation also has such gems as "Some points of X lost!" for damage.
The visuals don't look ugly, but they're not absolutely amazing, either. They just do their job. The sound is decent, for the most part. I can't rate the story fairly, because of one fatal glitch in the game.

The gameplay is kinda like Pokémon, but with a few big differences. Like the fact that money is cheap, because you get some after every single battle, the fact that you have a random chance of getting an electric monster's phone number, there are many major differences. But one of the big problems this game has that no Pokémon game has is the glitches. The game crashes if you try to load your save file, it crashes after the game over screen, it crashes if you try to OPEN THE ITEM MENU WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING, the game just has a bad habit of glitching. Also, you may be confused at some things if you try to play this game through, because of the translation.
The difficulty is hard, mostly because you can't lose a battle, or you get a Game Over, or you will get a game over from the lack of electric monsters, because whenever you lose a battle, any electric monsters that participated leave, and you lose their phone number. You get a Game Over if you have no electric monsters left to call.

Overall, this game would actually be pretty good, if it wasn't for the translation, and the glitches. I give this game a 3/10, because glitches and translation problems can ruin any game, and this game is a victim of that.

  Graphics 6   Sound 7   Addictive 5   Depth 7   Difficulty 6

Pokemon Diamond Reviews

Overall 6.8    Graphics 6.6    Sound 6.2    Addictive 6    Story 6    Depth 6    Difficulty 5.2

Pokemon Jade   DemonMoogle
This game is a hack of Telefang, and renamed with Pokémon Jade. Now this game has nothing wh...
  Graphics 8   Sound 5   Addictive 9   Story 6   Depth 6   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 4.3/5     Submitted: 07-10-12     Updated: 07-10-12     Review Replies: 1

Would be good, but glitches stop it cold.   NovemberJoy
Pokémon Diamond Review Well, this obviously isn't the real Diamond version. Instead, they to...
  Graphics 6   Sound 7   Addictive 5   Depth 7   Difficulty 6

      Review Rating: 3.3/5     Submitted: 08-18-11     Updated: 08-18-11     Review Replies: 0

A pirated, horribly translated game   RioluFan4000
NOTE: This is my first review, please don't hate. Pokémon has been around since 1995 (1998 in ...
  Graphics 4   Sound 3   Addictive 2   Story 5   Depth 4   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 04-14-14     Review Replies: 7

Pokemon Diamond Highscores

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Pokemon Diamond Guides and Walkthroughs

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Comments for Pokemon Diamond

sjp2 12-13-15 - 11:03 AM
 this game should be rated M for violence and strong language
Axew13 05-02-14 - 03:05 PM
 this is the best pokemanz eva
nakina 04-14-14 - 06:31 PM
 Technically this game isn't really fake. It was a real game in japan called keitai denjuu telefang (mobile phone beast telefang). Pokemon diamond and jade versions on the gameboy color are just bootlegged versions of the telefang rpg's.
Yamikaizer 03-18-14 - 04:01 PM
 @awesomeCCS no, this isn't real pokemon, its a stupid bootleg hack
Yamikaizer 03-18-14 - 04:00 PM
 TJI1234 You must be thinking of the REAL pokemon diamond, not this bootleg. This really shouldn't have been released because kids would think it real then see the curse word in the intro.
wisekirby 11-18-13 - 03:19 PM
 this game is 100% fake
Ryroe 07-07-13 - 07:53 AM
 I remember seeing this game on a flea market. I just thought, it's the worst fake I've ever seen. :p
cooldude101sunny 06-04-13 - 10:36 AM
 I wanna be a pie.
kyriakosasteriou 05-27-13 - 11:38 AM
yoshirulez! 04-13-13 - 01:51 PM
 lol i like it
sumofur 01-13-13 - 08:14 PM
McChickenNugget.. 11-04-12 - 04:50 AM
 this is a ripoff pokemon game.
omegamanx2 10-20-12 - 08:08 PM
 its not pokemon its Keitai Denjū Telefang....
spookyhomer 09-02-12 - 01:58 PM
 wont work
lucario878 07-06-12 - 09:37 AM
 this shyte stupid as fck
awsomeCCS 06-13-12 - 11:06 AM
 can u catch arcues in this
tntdyno1 06-02-12 - 03:18 AM
 ugh, what the crap am i playing????? it isnt pokemon
keilyn 05-29-12 - 06:28 AM
 how can i play this?
keilyn 05-29-12 - 06:28 AM
naty1605 05-09-12 - 10:06 AM
runjayrun 05-09-12 - 10:06 AM
coolguyhaha 04-30-12 - 04:35 AM
 @leaderproxima That's an illegal copy of the game, it was only legally released in Japan.
TJI1234 04-11-12 - 11:24 PM
 this is probably the best pokemon game that came out. considering that i am the number one fan, needless to say that i have the credibility, this game rocks my socks off.
CrazySpartan 04-08-12 - 01:51 PM
 This game has sucky grammar
markgames 04-07-12 - 02:04 AM