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Auto Backup Save Files - Your save files automatically backup and are recoverable - Created By: Davideo7 - Created On: 05-29-70
Controls dont work - Heres how to get the Controls to work
Crashing - What to do if your Game and Browser keep Crashing
Internet Browser Support - List of Supported Internet Browsers
Internet Explorer Protected Mode - How to add as a Trusted Site or How to disable it
Operating System Support - List of Supported Operating Systems
PC Controller - You can Play ANY of the RGR games using a PC Controller
Plugin Not Found - Heres what to do if the RGR Plugin isnt being detected
Retrieving Save Files - You currently cannot retrieve Save Files
Save File Manager - Lets you view, copy, backup or delete RGR Plugin save files - Created By: Davideo7 - Created On: 05-29-70
Save State Failed - Why a Save State may Fail to Load
Saving - Heres how you save
Screenshots - How to take them and retrieve them

Video Recording - Many systems with the RGR Plugin let you record gameplay
Many of the game systems within the Retro Game Room allow you to record your gameplay using the RGR Plugin.

Systems that support Video Recording:
-Atari 2600
-Atari 5200
-Atari 7800
-Atari Lynx
-Commodore 64
-Famicom Disk System
-Game Boy *
-Game Boy Advance *
-Game Boy Color *
-MSX 2
-Neo Geo Pocket
-Neo Geo Pocket Color
-Nintendo NES
-Sega Genesis *
-Sega Game Gear
-Sega Master System
-Super Nintendo *
-Turbo Grafx
-Wonderswan Color
*When played in Mednafen (link at top left of play window)
Information Updated On: 02-11-13

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