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ThanatosUnraveld's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Mortal Kombat
09-24-20 10:10 AM
Enter: Nicolas Cage and Jakie Chan
So Mortal Kombat, we all know of it and we all love it, from the not so great movies to the amazing video games, to the creation of the ESRB rating system as we know it! But that was years ago for the game we are talking about today, did time do this masterpeice well, or did it finish it off with a kiss of death? Next time on AMC's Mortal Kombat.

So as this is a port of a oversized gaming controler with a screen that had a never ending addiction to coins of all sizes (not really just quarters) the graphics arent as good as the machines as they had to shrink it down to a 16-bit size. But they still did an amazing job of it, just think of all the old ports that promised one thing on the back cover but showed another on thee tv, you see mortal kombat and you get mortal kombat. The game uses sprites that was made of stop motion models of real life people doing the ridicoulus moves you see on screen (I sure hope they got paid good money for the cosplay they did) and it works out surprisingly well, it might be a bit choppy and rough around the edges (in more ways then one) but this game just oozes the feel/look of the original Mortal Kombat trilogy. The locations look pretty good to, they range from a tornument arena to fights above a spiked pit of death and reptile-like ninjas (ok you got me on that one) my favorite is a toss up between the Pit one and the Shang Thungs throne room, just watching him lifelessly,, almost-as-if-he-was-just-part-of-the-background-like, watch us fight just makes my day. If your playing the SNES version then a good right hook to anywhere on your opponent will cause them to spew out blo........ sweat (them sweaty kneecaps man!) but if your playing the Sega version and you put in the A.B.A.C.A.B. code (named after an album title from the old band named Genesis) then the sweat turns to BLOOD!! I hear some soccer moms didnt really take kindly to the blood but hey who knows maybe they should play some Dead Space or some... Read the rest of this Review
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
05-15-15 02:23 PM
BUT ENOUGH TALK, time fur dinner
A long time ago in a castle far, far away there once lived a big nosed man named Alucard, he was bored of sitting around and drinking tap water so what did he do? Well he stared in Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse of course, but that wasn't enough but he wasted his 'free trip every 300 years' card for that time so he went back to the tap water life. But now he finally has a chance to go on a trip so he decided to go home and visit good old daddy poo Dracula (YES MY FAN FICTION IS NOW COMPLETED) but ya its Castlevania Symphony of the Night. I'm not gonna lie it wasn't until the good ol summer of 2013 that I got this game on Playstation Network along with Parasite Eve man good times.................... so I didn't have a childhood to look back on for this game so I think I can give this game a bit more 'truthful' look at as I wont over look the stuff that people who enjoyed this game as a child can, nor will I pick every little thing apart. But enough of talking about this game and me (new sit com) lets get on with it, YES GET ON WITH IT (if you get that reference.............. then you are one with the stars).

So this is a Playstation 1 game so its gotta have 3D Graphics right, welp guess what this game is all in 2D (well there is some sudo 3D parts like the that one bookshelf in the Long Library and I know that stuff along with the scrolling backgrounds have a name for it but I cant remember #GOOGLE), and you know this was a game system known for 3D so if it does 2D then it must do it amazingly and you know what? It does and it does it so greatly every sprite looks really really good and Alucard himself moves better then any Belmont/ his NES sprite could ever dream of moving. So Alucard looks smexy like he always does (he really needs to call me back I asked him to dinner last week) and the enemies look great too (but not as good as my Alucard) there is a nice large handful of enemies that roam in and out of the castle and ALOT of them look different so you ne... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario Bros
05-01-15 10:17 PM
Its a me a Luigi
Mario everyone knows Mario but some people don't know the first game he was in (which wasn't Super Mario Bros its Donkey Kong) but we ant talking bout that game, we are talking about the game that actually made the Italian 'plumber' who is known for today A.K.A the one and only (LOLZ!) Super Mario Bro(s). Way back in the year of 1683 there was a video game crash and not one gamer knew what was gonna happen after that then the NES came along and changed the date by 200 years! Oh and it also gave us video games one of which was Super Mario Bros. which was one of the launch titles on the system and it is considered to be one of the games that helped the video game economy become what it is today (75% of what I said was true.) So this game was the shiz back then but over 20 years later............. does it still hold up or has time and fame gotten to it, well lets find out shall we?As this was one of the games that launched on the NES there Graphics for the game could be a bit bad and people wouldn't give that much hate because some developers might not know how powerful the system is, but the game was made by the people who made the system so of course the game is gonna look good and it does. It kind of seemed like some other games before it had the same graphic feel (what I mean is that the area might be different but if felt and kind of looked the same) but Mario Bros proves its the big bro by making each new area you go to feel new and different. Not only does each area feel different the areas are also nice and colorful the color is varied from brown to green to blue to whatever you can think of cept purple (I think), and the colors don't clash with each other so theirs no 'wow that's distracting' points in the game. And Mario himself looks......... decent to me he looks a bit too small but its nothing ill lose eye sight over, he looks nice and plump (ooooooooooooooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaa) not only that but he can also change colors (ooooh, aaaah, eeeeh) when he gets a fi... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic the Hedgehog
04-24-15 05:25 PM
GOTTA GO FAST GOTTA GO FAST oh wait hit athe side of a spring
Its sanic the hoghedge and  its his very first game all the way back on the Sega Genesis, so we all know modern day sonic games are ehh (well depending on if you think sonic 06 is a good game or not.) And we all know that every gamer is always talking about who is better is it Mario is it Sonic NO ITS ALEX KIDD then there is a awkward silence and that person is quietly walked out of the room, but I shall keep all my bias at the door the awkward person just walked out of.  but what about the pre jump into 3d you know the good old timely 2d games you don't know what I'm talking bout (that awkward young person again -,,-), well guess wheat's its time to find out.

Its time to find out if all that blast processing really means anything for this games Graphics (no it doesn't) if there is one thing I can say about the graphics is that they are really good everything is nice and bright and colorful that's for sure. Be it the grassy green um well grass of the green hill zone or all the brown rocks and blocks that is in Labyrinth zone every zone in the game has its own kind of new design and color that isn't in the last zone. I also think how good the game looks give it a good sense of speed (and that's the point of this game series) which everything so smooth and so 'natural' it makes it seem like you are rolling around at the speed of sound. The character and enemy designs also look really good which is great because well it is, Sonic is blue (derrrrrrrrrrrrr) and a bit pudgy (so how does he move so fast then?)  Sonic is also well designed in terms of animation Sonic himself is very smooth he goes from his normal 'running' animation to his running animations very smoothly so you can really feel like he is really getting faster which helps you get into the game he also have a nice jump (said no one ever to anyone in real life.) Which might just be me but its looks a bit floaty it doesn't feel floating but it looks it (that probably only made sense in... Read the rest of this Review
Metroid - Zero Mission
04-17-15 08:42 PM
So if its the FIRST mission how is it zero........... oh well MYSTERY
A long long time ago (wow I just started this review and I already lied to you guys this can only go up from here right?)  In a not so far far away galaxy lived a young man by the name Metroid, or so everyone thought until we found a shocker by the name of Samus Arran and time in the gaming world was not the same sense. But that was back on the NES and sadly the original Metroid has not aged well at all (one day ill do a review on it but not now, now imma do Zero Mission, you know for y'all who didn't know that) so what do they do with classic old games? They re release them and they did that with Metroid under the name of Metroid Zero Mission, so now we shall take a look into what this game does and bask in all of its glory.

So this game was released on the Gameboy Advance which of course looks WAY better then the NES so you would expect that Zero Mission would look a crap ton better then the original Metroid and GASP it looks a crap ton better then the original Metroid no only did Samus and the textures get a face lift that could only be done with spazers and duct tape but they also added backgrounds to well the background (so I guess that Ansem has to find a new place to take a cat nap at?) and they do a really good job at it too each area that you visit has its own different backgrounds and they are all drawn really good which is always a plus in my handy dandy notebook. And the floor and wall textures are also really well done they all have a vibrant and lush look to them you walk into Brinstar its looks different then Crateria but they all look very well done they also done it in such a way that the game doesn't look aged at all and that is also another good thing in my book. And Samus herself looks really good to she has her own distinct look and really pops out in the environment, not to much to be annoying and also not to little to get lost in the environment itself (as if that would ever be a problem in this game.) All the baddies be it the e... Read the rest of this Review

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