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Layout FAQS / HELP
My Layouts FAQs

What are the layout statuses and the meaning behind them?
The layout statuses are used for describing the current state of your layout. Below is a list of all possible layout statuses and their meanings:

- Active
Active layout status means it is the layout you are using as your default.

- Active / For Sale
Active / For Sale layout status means it is the layout you are using as your default and is also being sold in the layout shop.

- For Sale
For Sale layout status means your layout is avaliable for sale in the layout shop.

- Inactive
Inactive layout status means it is not your default layout but it is still apart of your inventory.

- Deleted
Deleted layout status means you have permanently removed your layout.

If I delete a layout can I get it back?
Once you delete a layout you will NOT be able to get it back so be very cautious before you delete a layout.

What are the requirements to selling a layout?
- You must be a trusted member to sell a layout
- You cannot use any pornographic images in your layouts
- Your layout must not interfer with the display of the page in anyway
- You cannot resell other peoples layouts in the same condition as they were purchased in.
* Layouts that do not meet these requirements will be subject to deletion with or without your concent.

Buy Layouts FAQs

What are the requirements to buying a layout?
The only requirement to purchasing a layout is viz. Some layouts in the shop cost viz while others do not. So depending on how much viz you have and how much a layout costs is the only factor as far as purchasing a layout.

Can I buy a layout then resell it to others?
No, the main reason for that is people can ruin the profits from the original creator by offering it cheaper then them. So you will not be able to sell anyones layout except ones that are made from scratch by you. Even if you buy someones layout and edit it to where it looks completely different you still will not be able to sell that layout since it was originally made by someone other then you.

What if I need help making a layout?
If you need help making a layout or want someone to make you a custom layout please visit the "Hire A Specialist" page. From there you can hire trusted members from Vizzed who have skills in making graphics and coding layouts. They do charge a fee however you can select the one that best fits your budget since they all have their own pricing list.

Do I need to copy and paste code for my layout to work?
If you are using the layout maker all code is done automatically for you. Clicking on the "USE" button on your "My Layouts" page will automatically insert the code for you into your posts. You can also set your layout to default when you are making or editing a layout by selecting the "Use As Default" option before submitting a layout.

Send Layouts FAQs

What are the requirements to sending layouts to others?
- You must be a trusted member to send layouts to others.
- You cannot send purchased layouts to others.

How do I send layouts to other people?
To send layouts to other people go to the "Send Layouts" page. From there you can enter in a personal message along with the username of who you wish to send the layout to.

When I send a layout where do they go or where do I go to view received layouts?
The layouts you send are copied to the user who you're sending layouts to. All sent layouts will appear on the users "My Layouts" page. So anytime someone sends you a layout go check the "My Layouts" page and there you can do whatever with it.

When I send a layout does it get deleted from my inventory?
No, sending layouts basically is just a way of duplicating a layout of yours and giving it to another member for free.

Purchased Layouts FAQs

Where can I view my purchased layouts?
You can only find, edit, view, and use layouts you buy from the layout shop by going to the "Purchased Layouts" page.

How do I use a layout that I purchased?
Simply go to your "Purchased Layouts" page then click on the "USE" button to use the layout you purchased.

How do I transfer a purchased layout to the My Layouts page?
Simply go to your "Purchased Layouts" page then click on the "COPY" button and that purchased layout will be copied to your "My Layouts" page.

Can I delete, sell, or get a refund from purchased layouts?
You will NOT be able to delete, sell, or get refunds from purchased layouts. As mentioned above you can only sell layouts that are made by you not others. You cannot delete purchased layouts or get refunds from them because as a buyer you are given access to the layouts code and can easily duplicate it or refund it and cheat the system so that is not an option.

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