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Dauntez's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Brain Challenge
01-06-24 05:04 PM
Using my Brain for this review.
This time I'm making one on Brain Challenge! But Before you watch, here is the Main Theme: Brain Challenge Music- Theme

GRAPHICS - 7Clean Visual Presentation:The Graphics in the Training mode are good and clear, in Ninga the Ninga's look pretty good.
Vibrant Color Palette:The game has Mostly blue but in the different subjects there are different colors. I'll talk about the subjects later though.

SOUND - 6Variety of Sound Effects:Every game has noises that happen when you do something, like in Ninga, the Ninga's make noise when they move.
Background Music:Music plays in different subjects, so if I were to listen to the songs that play in Focus, I'd know. Here is the main song for Focus: Brain Challenge Music- Focus

ADDICTIVE - 7Challenges:The different puzzles are fun to play because you want to get new PB's, but sometimes it gets hard so you do it until you beat your PB.
How long you can you play:I can play for 1 hour, then I'd get bored, but if you were playing against someone, then 2-4 Hours.
STORY - N/AThe game doesn't have any story.
DEPTH - 8Quick Gameplay Sessions:You can do the quick Daily Training where you do whatever subject you want and select an activity to do.
Online Play - Playing with other people:The game used to have online play but sadly, it doesn't anymore. You can still play with people on the same Xbox though.
Subjects and activities:Logic: Brain Challenge Music- Logic Balance -Select the Heaviest Item.
Magic Rule - Choose the result.
Impression - Which shape is formed?
Combination - Complete the Equation.
Mathematics: Brain Challenge Music- Math Trout Route - Calculate the Route.
Arithmetic - Type the Answer.
Tick Tock - How much Time has Passed?
Matchsticks - How Many Matches?
Memory: Brain Challenge Music- Memory Traveling - WATCH! REPEAT.
Hocus Pocus - WATCH! Which Tile is Missing?
Order - WATCH What was the (1st-5th) Object?
Garage - WATCH!... Read the rest of this Review
Forza Horizon 4
01-03-24 05:32 PM
Forza 4 Review!
Graphics - 9Visual Fidelity: Forza Horizon 4 has the 4th most realistic graphics of an game I've played/seen. I think that 5 is number one but this is number 4.
Environmental Detail: There is detail in every little small thing in the game, you could see a car from far away and it'd look good.
Weather Effects and Dynamics: There is the four seasons in the game, each one how it normally is, when it snows, there is snow on the ground, although the snow does not get bigger.
Performance:The game surprisingly runs smoothly, I have not had the game laggy, only when I go in the menu, and that's just being slow, not laggy.
Sound - 9Audio Design: The engine of the car is like a normal car, not to loud, and not silent. I think that it's cool when you speed up it gets quite then loud, quite then loud.
Immersion: The sounds make the game way better, I don't like playing the game without the noise, I think that if the game had no audio I wouldn't car for it as much.
Addictiveness - 6Engagement: The thing that makes the game addictive is racing with people that you know, like, playing with people makes the game addicting/
Longevity: I could not play the game for more than 1 hours by myself, I could do it for 3+ hours with someone I know though.
Depth - 7Content Variety: There are so many cars in the game, and you can get perks as well, it's fun to get perks.
Exploration and Progression: You can explore a lot in the game, there is a lot of roads you can discover.
Difficulty - 7Accessibility: It's a very easy game to learn how to play, you could teach someone how to play the game in 2 or less hours, it's not hard.
Challenge:If you try to be a pro, that's where it is hard, like if you want to be level 100, that would be really hard to do, so that's why I'm saying this game is over a 5.

Rating - ?.?I like this game better than 5, that's just my opinion, so that's why I give this game a 8.5/10.

Joy Ride Turbo
01-03-24 12:18 PM
Welp, I had to make a Joy Ride Turbo review.
Okay, so this is a review on the game Joy Ride Turbo for the Xbox 360.

Graphics - 7Visual Style: The style is more realistic, but it also looks somewhat like a cartoon, but 3D. The Style of the game look is pretty interesting, and I think that if the game was really realistic, I wouldn't like as much.
Art Direction: The mood of the game is a sunny day that you would drive around in a lot. The game is for driving, so if it was raining 24/7 it would be boring, you don't want to drive in the rain.
Detail and Textures: The details of the game is good, there is reflection on the cars, when you drive on the red sand it leaves a mark for a few seconds. The game has some cool looks like the sky, that looks good.
Effects and Animations:You can get power ups, and some of them when you use them the car glows blue in one of them. I think that this game has some particles, but not to much.
Performance and Consistency:The game runs smoothly, but glitches when you break through the level. It's not a game that requires a lot of CPU, it's easy for the Xbox to play.
Comparison to Similar Games:If you are comparing to Forza, Forza wins for graphics, but the game is more glitchy than Joy Ride Turbo.

Sound - 7Soundtrack and Music:I love the sound track for the game, and the music totally fits the game 99%. In the music there is cars noises. It make the game better when you have the music playing.
Sound Effects: Every Power up makes a noise, like the Turbo Engine, that make like a high wind sound. The car engine is pretty good sounding, I think over exaggerated though. But if the car engines were not there it would be weird.
Ambient Sounds: If your just not moving you can hear bids like on any other nice sunny day in the summer. you can hear some wind.
Spatial Audio and Immersion:If there is a car getting closer to you, you can hear it like a train, you can hear your surroundings pretty good.
Consistency and Balance: The game audio i... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Scarlet
01-02-24 01:34 PM
Pokemon Scarlet Review

I'm amazed by the Graphics, here's why.
Because Everything Looks More SmoothBecause It's The Newest Pokémon GameBecause The Pokémon Have More DetailI don't know why they haven't added voice actors yet.

The sound is very good, all the Pokémon make noise once in a while, you can hear the rain. Not really sure how to explain the Sound.

I do Tera Raids, and it's addictive to do that because you want to win the raid so you can get the Pokémon. If you don't want to spend 50+ hours maxing out your Pokémon, then don't play this game.

STORY: 8/10
Your first goal is to beat the game, (Become Champion) then beat Team Star, (Team Star is the Team that is trying to take you down) and beat Titans (To get your Koraidon Better). So, at first you go to school, and you do a lot in the school, then you can beat the Gym leaders. Every time you are done fighting a gym leader Nemona (Your rival in the game) will fight you. Then You'll have to fight the Elite four. Then beat the Champion (Easiest battle in the game) Then to beat the whole game, you go to Area Zero. At Area Zero you fight Arven's mom, which turns out to be an AI. Yeah, the Story is crazy.

Depth: 6/10
After you beat the game, you just fight your friends, and you power up your Pokémon, to do that you fight tera raids.

Difficulty: 7/10
At first the game is easy until the Elite Four, each member was hard to beat, but the Champion was easy, so like????

Overall: 9/10
Overall, this game easily earns a 9/10. The Graphics, Sound, and the Story combined for an amazing experience.

01-01-24 10:48 AM
Fortnite Reveiw
This is my Fortnite review! (This is what my overall likeness of the game is)

The graphics used to be like a 6/10, but that was in Season 2 and 3, In 4 and 5 the graphics got way better, even the physics got better. My only problem about realistic graphics in Fortnite is, it's not really the same game anymore. (8/10)

Pretty good sound, the guns in the game sound real, the water sounds real, you even have constant sound like bird's, cars, water. The game sounds solid. I don't know how much the sounds has change since season 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. (9/10)

World most addictive game ever made! You play 1 round and that's 20 minutes, and your most likely going to play until you do good, and now that 1 hour down the drain, you just play over and over again! And when your done playing, the next day, you play again. (10/10)

Never done the story in the game, I just never got to it, and didn't wanna spend money.

Depth: Ehh, nothing really much to the game after you explore that map. (4/10)

The game is easy when you are under Level 20, but get's hard the higher level you are, but that was just for BR. Now if your doing parkour, it's easy, fighting zombies? Easy. But BR can get pretty hard. (6/10)

I gotta go with a solid 8.2 outta 10.

Dauntez's Last Game Guides
Minecraft: Switch Edition
01-02-24 03:33 PM
Minecraft Walk-Through - How to Beat the Game.
Starting Out:Gathering Resources Punch trees to get wood.After you get enough wood, build tools like a Pickaxe and Axe.With the Pickaxe you can get stone for a better Pickaxe or Axe.With the Axe you can get more wood faster to make a house.Once you get the Axe and Pickaxe, you should get a sword.Find sheep and kill them for wool, get 3 pieces for something upcoming.Get 8 Pieces of stone for something upcoming.

Building a shelter:Survival:After you get your wood, you want to build a house.When you make your House, you want a Crafting table to make a Furnace.After you get the furnace, place it down by your crafting table.Now make a door, place it in your doorway.Once it hits night, make your Bed with the wool you got.Now sleep. If you can't, you'll have to fight mobs with your sword.
Get ores:Mining:Once it's daytime again, go outside and Dig down to find stone and other valuable ores like coal and iron. Craft your Wood into sticks and make torches with the Coal.Craft better tools and weapons from these materials.After are done mining, go back home.
Do stuff:Farming:Make a farm by using a hoe.Put seeds on the hoed grass.You can get seeds from tall grass.Start gathering animals.Now start breeding the animals.The animals have food that you can cook.Exploration:Begin exploring to find different biomes, villages and resources.
Intermediate Objectives:Better Shelter:Make your shelter better by using more durable materials like cobblestone or brick.Mining and Crafting:Go deeper into the underground to mine for valuable resources such as diamonds and more iron.Use these ores for better tools and armor.Nether Portal:Get obsidian by mining it with a diamond pickaxe.Make a Nether Portal (10 Blocks of obsidian, and 4 dirt blocks on the edges, make it 5 tall and 4 wide) to access the Nether.Once you're in the nether, you want to make the spawn safe, build a structure around the portal.
Mid-Late Game:Nether Exploration:Explore the Nether for resources like... Read the rest of this Guide

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