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05-30-24 05:34 AM
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You know what? I wasn't that bad. Just a dumb kid that took longer to grow up because of something I didn't know about that I couldn't control. I didn't say all that much that was too wild. When you're in a bad place in life and you remember a bad time before it, it it always makes everything seem worse in totality. I'm doing a lot better now and think that I have grown a lot. Nearing my 30s shortly at least I hope so. This website has meant a lot to me, and I had always feared that towards the end I was making the wrong impression on people, but I don't think that was the case. I just didn't really understand others and I'm a lot better at it now. I've been coming back here every couple of years to see if I could stand being in a community, and after just having read Legacyme3's goodbye, it put a lot into perspective for me on my own path involving this website. I grew up with it. I always feared that I left out of being too cringe or finding something new that I'd immediately share with the board, whether or not I thought too hard on it or maybe it was something indecent that you wouldn't want to be archived publicly. Those fears are gone and I feel free. Everybody has dumb opinions, especially teens that are trying to impress other members by being such an active poster and trying to be funny by being random. My teenage years are documented through my posts. I don't know if there's anything meaningful in them, truly, but I do know that it's something that most people grow up with given the circumstances I grew up with. This is where I think my life really begun, and the volunteer job I had at another site made me really feel like I was a good writer, and that I had a wealth of thoughts to share and hoped some would agree or want to discuss their disagreement with me. I don't think I was toxic in that environment, or even this one for longer than a month as a teenager. Those posts I was mentioning earlier are benign threads asking for opinions. Doesn't even look like I took those things seriously. Besides, I was younger than 16 when my activity here really happened. This place has been a dumping ground for my thoughts both smart and dumb while I was bouncing off the walls with undiagnosed ADHD, and not even remembering a single thing I've posted here knowing it's all been archived has been a massive source of anxiety for me for over a decade, but I'm at peace with it now. You can't take me down for things I can readily discuss, and like I said, nothing here was harmful. Just dumb.

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supercool22 - 03-04-23 12:54 AM
Happy Birthday
kcosgrovelakers - 02-25-23 10:51 AM
I'll be 25 in a few weeks from now (March 13). Boy, guess we're getting older. Happy Pisces sZn! And thank you!
TheFadedWarrior - 08-01-16 01:20 PM
how are you
TheFadedWarrior - 08-01-16 01:20 PM
wow you still exist