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    Jake Colins
    Our House
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    27 / 11-10-94

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iSPY!'s Last Game Reviews
Pokemon Fire Red
10-10-12 05:16 AM
Pokemon Fire Red Review
Depth is amaing like any Pokemon game. Every Pokemon is different, in stats, moves, types... My Pikachu could be different from your Pikachu even! Natures, EV's, IV's, movesets.... The most dedicated Pokemon fan can spend days trying to mold the perfect Pokemon! Plus, there are 386 Pokemon to catch, 7 islands to explore, and powerful trainers to battle... If you think you've done it all, then there's the Battle Tower to challenge. Definitely a +100 hour game if you want to do everything. Hi this is iSPY! making his first review here in vizzed !. At first , I think that this site is only a gaming site where you can play pokemon , sonic , mario , zelda , and many more other games which you can play in many other different consoles too . But when i noticed the chat room section , the board , the forums , sub forums , threads , and posts , I knew that this was more than just a gaming site , this was a free community where you can share your ideas , share your feelings and even make good friend .. Now I am making this review so that i can help out vizzed retro game room to become a good , better and a safe site where kids , teens and even adults can play ..

The first time i played pokemon fire red was on my game boy advance , I  really own a physical copy of this game . But I really don't want to use it again because it was very easy .. I was like 9 or 10 year old when i played this game on my Game boy advance , but when i finished it I kept it in a safe and clean box .. And when my friend had his birthday I  decided to give hem my copy of pokemon fire red as a gift . He's reaction was like " WoW , really ? your giving me this ? " ..  I said that because i already finished and don't want to play this again , I am giving this to you as a gift for your birthday !! Then , of course  he said thank you to me ..! And at that time , I think that that was the last time i can play pokemon fire red .. But i was wrong , I think about after 4 years i st... Read the rest of this Review

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