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Welcome to the official homepage of the OverClocked Remix Site Project, Chrono Symphonic. You may have heard of the project before; then again, you may have stumbled here by some other road. So let me give you a little synopsis, and tell you what this project is all about.

Chrono Symphonic is a project a long time in the making. Starting from the autumn days of October 2004, and ending in the wintry days of January 2006, it’s been a labor of love for everybody that has been a part of it. Initially designed to be the soundtrack for the long-desired Chrono Trigger movie (no, the movie doesn’t exist and probably never will), it encompasses 18 different artists' takes on the way such a film should sound in an orchestral setting, and many more on how it should look and feel. Never has such an abundance of talent been thrown into such a powerful calling, and never has the game Chrono Trigger, which many of us grew up playing, known so much love.

Basically, this is a project aimed at re-imagining Chrono Trigger the way it was imagined in its creators’ heads…a tale of love, and triumph, and struggling for the good of others while leaving your own inhibitions and fears behind. It’s the tale you’ve waited forever to hear…and now, you’re able to hear it.

Welcome to Chrono Symphonic, and enjoy your stay.

P.S. A special thanks goes to: StarZander for creating the Chrono Symphonic website; Compyfox for mastering the finished music; ZeaLitY and the Chrono Compendium for advertising and showing great faith in the project; Eon_Blue and LightningStrike for their wonderful album art; pixietricks for being more than just a performer in almost all respects of the project; VGDJ and Liontamer for super-pimping the project; DJP and the entire OCReMix community for listening and making this a worthwhile endeavor; and Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda, and Squaresoft for producing a game and a soundtrack that have wrought many great things in the lives of its audience. And lastly, special thanks to for hosting this site. Thanks.

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