OverClocked Remix: THE site for video game remixing. Others may claim to be the masters, but only DJP and his huge collection of remixes (by several hundred people, mind you) can take that prize. Besides, this project is for their site, so…clicky clicky!

Chrono Compendium: If there is a single site capable of taking Chrono Trigger as deep as it was designed to go, this is it. Check out their articles (some on this project, heh) and their forums, as well as their extensive library of information and files, to fulfill all your non-orchestral CT needs.

Chrono Trigger Remake Petition: Though I’m rather adamantly opposed to the idea of a Chrono Trigger movie (the irony…), a 3-D remake would be nice. And unlike all those crappy online petitions, this one aims to be a true endeavor, one we can all rally behind. Check it out.

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